Thursday, March 30, 2006

So what if THEY think I'm ugly?

Hah! Lack of blogging = improvement of social health :) as they are both inversely proportional!


Unfortunately, my improving social health has already suffered side effects - the increase of guys in my life seems threatening esp when LDR is in the equation.

In fact, what's even more threatening is that ALL my friends seem to be guys!

Yes, I know I might not be the best girlfriend in this sense.. coz for some reason, I have much much much more guy friends than girl friends.. the ratio is like 20:1 or something..

Not good, not good..I can imagine Mel waggin her finger at me, saying that, trying not to laugh coz I look so frantic, troubled..

Any normal girl/guy will feel extremely insecure if their partner is always hanging out with ppl of the opposite sex.

And I have failed to acknowledge that..

till he dropped the bomb.. and I sat there listening, with my tail between my legs, fingers tugging my ears while I'm doing jumping jacks..

I'm SOWEEE....

I'm not very sensitive.. That's good and bad, I guess..depending on how you look at it..

Good because..
Image hosting by Photobucket
-I don't care if my bf ogles at other girls.. as long as I think they're hot as well.. otherwise I'd be pissed at how bad my bf's taste is!

-When someone says something bad about me in a long-winded, in-between-the-lines way, I'll still be happily sipping on my ice lemon tea listening sympathetically at what a bitch the friend is..hahaha.. OK, OK, no..that's not true.. but I'd be just sitting there nonchalantly..

-I'm totally oblivious to 'tension' between ppl, and so will still be skipping along, expecting them to chat happily with me and each other..

-I'm usually the last to know if any guy likes me/makes a move on me..

Bad because...Image hosting by Photobucket

-I'm oblivious to what I do and wont know if I've offended someone. (REALLY bad!)

-I am unusually cheerful when everyone's sombre and tensed.

-I don't get *hints* very well. Just tell me up front man!

-I'm usually the last to know if any guy likes me/makes a move on me..

Yes, I know that's no excuse to be a bad girlfriend, or friend for that matter..

To everyone I've hurt before in the past, I'm REALLY sorry..

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
Sorry, sorry..*hand salute*

Will try my best not to hang out with my guy friends that much..

But, hopefully, with the exception of Alex, Dan and Jon?? Coz, really, they're more like my bros..

They're my stabilisers.. to make sure my reigns don't come off.. and that I don't run wild..

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping with Alex and Jon. As we were on the bus back to SUV, Alex and I were standing at the front of the bus. Jon was sitting around the middle of the bus, right in front of the disabled area.

When we got off, Jon said to me..

The 2 girls sitting behind me at the disabled area were talking about you. They said you were UGLY

uh..ok.. thanks for telling me?? I replied.. I mean, what was I supposed to say, right?

Well, I just think they were pretty ugly themselves, and they were jealous of you.

That's not a very nice thing to say about them. And jealous?? WHY?!? For being UGLIER??

NO! For being better looking! Well, actually, they were talking rather softly and I heard the word 'UGLY' and they were looking in your direction.. They might be talking about your hair or something else..

Oh, ok..its alrite, I don't really care. They're entitled to whatever their opinion is. Hmmm, but, weren't there were like a gazillion other girls on the bus, why ME?

Coz they were probably jealous, Alex butted in.

You know, you guys don't have to console me.. Their comment doesn't really bother me.. I was just wondering, why of all girls on the bus, ME?

And that was a question left unanswered, which slipped my mind and flew off somewhere into the horizon after that discussion..till now, when I'm writing about this.

Image hosting by Photobucket
My ugly face and a REALLY HUGE fist.. scared-a-not?

Honestly, I don't really care if a couple of girls thought I was ugly. Beauty is subjective. I don't think I'm a vision of beauty myself.

I know I'm not the most beautiful person on earth, but I don't consider myself utterly ugly as well. How my face looks, I can't change. So, why not be at peace with it??

Without ugliness, there would be no beauty.

I am comfortable enough with how I look.

If I'm not satisfied with a certain part of my body, I just see if there is any way to make it look better to MY standards or play with optical illusion.

I do it for MYSELF, to make MYSELF feel good.

NOT for anyone else.

And to know that I'm not bothered by the comments made by the 2 girls on the bus makes me feel good...

Why waste my time, effort and energy?

I wouldn't even blog about this if not to try and make a change to all other girls who might feel really insecure about their bodies and how they look.


When you feel good,
you're happy.

When you're happy,
you smile more.

When you smile more,
you attract more friends.

When you attract more friends,
your confidence is boosted.

When your confidence goes up,
you feel happy again.

See how it works?? So..


Damn, I feel like a motivational speaker! hahaa..

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Yesterday, I had a HUGE omelette for breakfast at Hoochie Mama's before I went to uni. I was soo full..

Then,I bumped into DAN..

We sat down for a drink at BB's Cafe - he had hot choc and a blueberry bagel..

He offered me some of his bagel.. I took a tiny bite, coz I was full..

' I would take more...but I'm really full..!!' I said..
'*Sigh* You know that feeling..when you're FULL but still not SATISFIED??!!' I complained..

Dan burst out laughing his head off for a full minute!!!

It took me a while to understand why he lacked sympathy..


After which, I joined him, and laughed like a maniac as well!!


we went.. clutching our very painful stomachs! If only tummy crunches were half as fun..

Dan, Dan, Dan..

What would I do without you?

You just HAD to introduce the term DVDA to me, dont you?!?!

I didn't know what it was!!.. I wasn't kidding when I said I was innocent and naive..

Plus, you're the only one who calls me Skippy.. Grrr..

Sighz..but I still like my weekly huggies..so

I forgive you!!


Capoiera and Shuen

definitely should NOT appear in the same sentence.

What was Winnie thinking when she persuaded me to join CapSoc?

Well, I went to watch the class in motion today.. and boy, in a class of about 20 ppl, there were only 4-5 girls..

*rubs hands with glee*

I suppose I shall start going for Capoiera classes!!

Apart from free perv on hot muscular sweaty flexible guys *drools*, I get to tone my muscles and increase my flexibility..

Maybe, just maybe, in the near future, I might be able to do the PRETZEL!!! After I learn what the 'pretzel' is!

Well, being flexible anyway wouldnt hurt, would it? I mean, it always goes a long waaay...

Havana Pix

Image hosting by Photobucket
Alan, Me and Gen.. My eye was really really bad that night.. was EXTRA sensitive to light!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Me and GEN!! Love her top!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Now, isn't this pic just LOVELY!!! A Bevy of Beauties!!! Gen, Angela, Findi, Me and Reanne..

Gen's Open Hse

Image hosting by Photobucket
Can you see me?? Can you see me??

Image hosting by Photobucket
Remind me to teach you guys this game when I see you all!! Its FUN!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
I'm sorry Alex..I couldn't resist it!!! hahahahaa... !!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
A pic that Alan randomly took..he loves taking 'surprise' shots! grrr..

Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Melissa Darling!!!!!

I know you're not gonna read this post coz you dont read blogs..

but I'm gonna write this anyway.. not necessarily for you, but for everyone to know what a wonderful person you are..

Image hosting by Photobucket

A problem I had in Form 3 brought us together.
You lent me your ear,
your amazing patience and understanding,
to make sure that I'd see through everything alright.
You're still the same,
even through all these many years.
You are..

Still patient,
Still understanding,
Still helpful,
Still sympathetic,
Still compassionate.

And that's an understatement.

You've been to me
A confidante,
A playmate,
A study-mate.

College held sweet memories,
Thanks to you.

Image hosting by Photobucket
blurry pic!! at cafe opposite taylors college!

I remember the Mango Lo from that ex-Tijuana place,
Honeydew Sago from the man who always calls us (and every other girl) 'leng lui',
Foosball at that building where we always park our car,
Ice lemon tea, nasi lemak, and kaya toast from that cafe,
Waiting for you in the car park when I don't see your car,
And then going up the lift together,
The corner mamak shop where we had breakfast together once.

Image hosting by Photobucket
at chilli's 1-u

I remember the times that we ran everywhere,
Meeting up secretly,
to plan Krys' 18th bday party.
Remember how we made millions of trips to 1-U and MV,
Just to find the perfect dress for Krys?
We knew every single dress from every single store.
I still remembered how I could tell what almost every girl walking past was wearing,
thanks to the extensive research.
If we had an exsm on clothes of that season..
which shop sold them..
how much they cost..
We'd definitely ace it!

Remember how we got soaked in the rain,
looking for places to dine at in KL for that night?
We were drenched,
our clothes and feet specked with milllions of raindrops,
our dripping hair framed our faces,
No thanks to that stupid truck driver,
who 'puddled' us!!!
(You were wearing heels, poor you!)
We were positively sure that the ppl we talked to at rather fine restaurants,
were looking at us strangely,
some in disapproval,
some in humor.
I, for one, knew that WE found THAT funny!!

I remember how it was a joy for all of us,
that Krys' birthday and the few days before that,
was a success!
There was the 'picnic' and treasure hunt,
The party at your house,
while the set-up of rose petals, candles and flowers
took place in her room.
There was the actual day,
where Krys got her dress,
for her 'surprise' dinner at Scallini's,
and the after-party at Thai Club.

You were always one to give,
Never expecting ANYTHING in return.
it makes me feel really guilty,
when I don't feel like I've given back as much.

You've been there to listen to all my problems,
Always supportive,
always non-judgemental.
You'd be ever-ready to dish out useful advice,
or cheer me up when I was down.

You're always upbeat,
Always smiling,
I don't ever recall a day when you're not.

You're fun and funny,
with an extremely good sense of humour.
Sometimes I can't help but laugh at what you have to say.
We'd have fits of laughter,
that goes on,
and on,
and on..
til our sides split!
Those were times I've enjoyed tremendously!

You're one hell of a driver,
and I think I should stop at that phrase,
lest someone in your family reads this.

Image hosting by Photobucket
OK, I was the one driving when we took this pic..and no we din crash when I looked at the camera while driving..

Rarely I meet someone,
who has BEAUTY both on the OUTSIDE and INSIDE!
You have both, my dear.
And I feel extremely lucky to know you!

Now that we're apart,
You in UK,
Me in Aus,
I'm missing you like mad.

You mean a lot to me,
and I always always want you to be happy.

Please promise me,
You'll always be

LOVE YA BABE!!!!!!!!


Sunday, March 26, 2006


Ppl who know me know that I dont swear..

And so.. when I actually do, it means that something's really really wrong..

In this case..not just ONE thing.. but a COUPLE of things..


Don't you just hate it when there are so many things you wanna write but can't?

So many things you wanna say, but can never ever ever tell anyone about them?

I generally don't judge/bitch about other ppl when I don't know them that well, and especially when they havent done anything to harm me.

I mean, who the hell am I to judge them?

Yea, sure, I listen to others bitch about other ppl..but I generally don't give my opinion if I don't know the person or have no reason to say anything about that person..

Why can't other ppl be the same way too?


Maybe I should just be a really bitchy bitch. It seems so much easier that way.

So many other stuff has irked me this weekend, but..



Really sorry for the hostile entry.. I'm not usually like this. Its just that when things happen in a few consecutive days.. its not very easy..

Really sorry peeps..

Saturday, March 25, 2006


8 tequila shots baby!!

You know you're a blog-a-holic when you come home from clubbing and start posting ugly pics of yourself online..at 5.11am..

From the Malaysian Dance Party at Space.. which happens to play REALLY GOOD techno..& rnb!!

I look pretty drunk here..coz my freaking eye infection's back...and I sorta squint my eyes every single time the flash goes off..

resulting in the half-opened-eyes look...

Oh, and I'm having a SUPER BAD hairday too...

and 8 tequila shots!


5.47am..jus came out of shower..

Time for un-edited pics!!!

Chee Yoong..
Image hosting by Photobucket
I love this pic!! chee yoong looks so good in this one!! eh, my photography not bad right?? haha..

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Chee Yoong was wearing the Industrie shirt that I likey likey so much!!

Which ENG SOON BOUGHT FIRST!!! hahaha..

Luckily you guys dont live in the same state man!! hehe... otherwise you guys will be outfit clashers!!

Oh, to all ppl with testosterone out there!!!

INDUSTRIE is THE place to go to buy tops!!!

You know how its so hard for you guys to get nice clothes right??
INDUSTRIE has them!!

Mel and Wai King (Ee Mae's friend..from TAYLORS!!!)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Me at bar.

Me trying to *zap* the bartender with my sexy eyes..so that he'll take my drinks order!!!

But..sigh, I failed..

Me turn to left.. guy next to me moved backwards a little and then..



I screamed!!!!

But not only me..it was Melanie as well!!!!!

We were squealing together..more like, shouting!! but.. anyway, we were like little school girls!!! hahaa..

It's been soooo long since I saw her.. she's now moved on to 2nd yr of uni.. Me still 1 st year..

We met at Chem lecture (yes, once upon a time, when I actually did go!!) , and then I found out that her hometown was Kajang.. which is my MUMMY'S hometown!!!

As she said, how we met yesterday was..

'So movie-scripted!'

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
Better pic of him here with me and MEL! OMG!! what the HELL was I doing?!?!

Mel and Nic

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket


Image hosting by Photobucket
Yes, I know I'm delicious, Kien, but please.. DON'T CHEW ME!!


Image hosting by Photobucket
yes, finally!! the legendary ALEX!!! my best-est buddy here by far!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Eh, friend..no smoking lar.. :).. OK, maybe I shouldn't say that, coz you look kinda garang here..scared you bash me up..

*runs and hides behind..dennis!*

Image hosting by Photobucket
I mean, in front..

Joyce and Jon

Image hosting by Photobucket
such a sweet girl!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Korean New Zealander!

Crazy Macquarie ppl

Image hosting by Photobucket
doesnt that pic look so gay?

Image hosting by Photobucket
still a lil gay, but better... :)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
alrite, alrite..proper one

Group Photo!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Me LOVES this pic!!


Image hosting by Photobucket
with a rose

After party

Image hosting by Photobucket
random pic on the street

Image hosting by Photobucket
oooo..wat's clubbing without supper?? my sweet chicken kebab with bbq sauce..yummmm!!!

I'M DEAF!!!!!

OMG..birds are crowing and the sun's rising..damn i better sleep!! my ear's throbbing!!


NO, WAIT!!!!

I had 12 tequila shots!! not 8..oops!! haha..

yes, I'm up at 11.30am now when I slept at 7.. and you'd think I'd feel sooooooo tired and lethargic and hungover etc etc.. but I'm super hyper!!!!

My mind is the clearest in so many days!!

I feel the freshest in so many days!!!

I feel so energetic!!

I feel like studying!!!

OK, I dont know where the last comment came from..but what the heck!! hehee...

But..erm..yes, point is.. me feeling totally fresh with a clear mind..

Like, see..I know that 1 + 1 = WINDOW!!!!


P.S. Damn!! After looking at yesterday's pics I just realised my hair SUCKED balls! Well, not suck balls per se.. but you know.. like, suck, balls! ok, never mind, never mind.. point is.. it was such a bad hair day that I looked so bad in the pix.. sigh...

P.P.S. Tina : why the HELL are u so perky??like a cheerleader or something?OMG ur like the energiser bunny!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Its so gloomy today....

Alcohol makes Dan smarter.

Dance party at Space tonight. Go or not to go.

Pub-crawl with Mei Ling tomoro.

House warming party at Gen's tomoro.

The easiest way to reject a guy is tell him you have a boyfriend. Apparently.

I love my weekly huggies.

Two Weeks Notice, I like.

Whisper sux.

..its raining...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My favourite day, Thursday

has not been my favourite this week.

Why am I sitting at home, in front of my compuer, when I've been asked to :

(i) Go pub-crawling with the Frisbee peeps, which I've been looking forward to the whole week! (Dan)
(ii) Drink at Colitos with MESSY ppl (Alex)
(iii) Watch a movie and drink at Chris' apartment

Lemme tell you why..Its because...

Someone would rather me not come back late
lest I get kidnapped or raped.
Tho, honestly, who the hell would wanna kidnap/rape me??
Someone would rather me not get drunk
lest I make out with a random guy.
Someone would get mad
lest my phone battery dies when I'm out..AGAIN!
(hmm, i dont think the last sentence was grammatically correct, but I didn't wanna break my 'lest' sequence.. :P)
And that Someone is very important to me.

So, to make that Someone happy,
I've made a weighted, wise decision not to go.

But I guess my decision wasn't very wise after all,
Coz now that I'm not going,
That Someone feels bad.
Which defeats the whole purpose of making my Someone happy.



Funny how everything works!


Spent the whole enter day doing my physics assignment due tomoro..



What am I doing here studying Medical Science?
When I'm really more interested in Media/Communications/Design. But..

What if that's not what I'm supposed to do either?
What if I suck at it.
Because I dont have the talent for it.
Or because I'm just plain no good at it.
But I'll never know.

What am I good at then?
Most ppl have their talents/strong points.

Some ppl are good at writing fantastically awesome blogs.
Some ppl are good at designing.
Some ppl are good at talking their way into and out of anything.
Some ppl are good with numbers.
Some ppl are good with computers.
Some ppl are good at capturing the very essence of beauty in pictures.
Some ppl are good at piecing together the most random apparels and still look superbly fashionable.
Some ppl are good at telling an engaging story.
Some ppl are good at telling an engaging story through body movements and dance.
Some ppl are musically talented.
Some ppl are good at playing computer games.
Some ppl are good sportsmen/sportswomen.
Some ppl are good in their profession.
Some ppl are good socialisers (is there even such a word!) who make friends just like *snap* that

I am good at.....


Sigh..how depressing..cant help feeling ultra dejected

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Mr. Foo and I were chatting on MSN one day. He didn't get something I said til a long while later.

mr.foo says :
sorry la..i'm a bit slow
~shuen~ says :
haha..you wols!
mr.foo says :
what is WOLS?
mr.foo says:

~shuen~ says:
hahhahaa..you're really wols!!!
~shuen~ says:

~shuen~ says:
ok..i'll tell you wat wols is..
mr.foo says:
~shuen~ says:
dont tell anyone k???
mr.foo says:
ehs whats wols
mr.foo says:
mr.foo says:
~shuen~ says:
promise not to tell?
~shuen~ says:
mr.foo says:
mr.foo says:
~shuen~ says:
wols..if spelt backwards...
~shuen~ says:
~shuen~ says:
~shuen~ says:
~shuen~ says:
~shuen~ says:
~shuen~ says:
~shuen~ says:
mr.foo says:

haha..you guys were wondering what WOLS was as well, right?? :)..


I'M HOT !!!

Met up with a friend from Melbourne who's recently shifted to Sydney.

What he thinks about Sydney vs. Melbourne :

A : The chicks here in Sydney are so much HOTTER!!!
Me : I think Melbourne has more HOT Asian chicks though. Which probably is coz there are WAAAY more Asian ppl in Melb than Syd.
A : Yea, that's true, but in Sydney, the chicks are generally HOT!! Irregardless of race. The average 'hot-ness' of chicks here are higher than in Melb.
Me : Really?
A : Yea, but here, its not the Koreans/Japs/Hong Ki's that are hot. Its the MALAYSIANS / SINGAPOREANS/ INDONESIANS who are hot.

Conclusion :

Since I'm a MALAYSIAN who's in SYDNEY right now!!




OMG! Tina's doing WORK!! Any pigs flying in the sky today? hehee..
Damn, I should probably start studying too!

Monday, March 20, 2006


When you're in a foreign country, far far away from your family and friends..

What can beat learning on the same day that...

1) Your cousin sis gave birth to a baby girl..

And not JUST any baby girl.. but a baby girl who's gonna share the same name as one of your dearest girl friends???


2) Another cousin is gonna get married at the end of the year, if all things go well..

And not JUST any month at the end of the year..but the month that I'm gonna be back in Msia for my annual holiday!!!!

And this second news is a shock to me! A very pleasant surprise!!!


DAMN!! I'm SOOOO excited!!!



*hugs pillow to sleep, SMILING*

Ahhhh..what a WONDERFUL day!!

Are you sharing my joy??


If I were a superhero
I'd be..
(No, it doesn't involve the word 'shopping'.. -_-)

I've just saved Christina's baby pillow from the evil clutches of Pei Fei!

All just by seducing him over the phone!!

See, you didn't know that just the sound..
..could get a guy, who's so determined to kidnap Tina's baby pillow for the night, to give it up right??

HAH!! Beat that ppl!!

hhahahaaa... I still cant stop laughing from that!!!! GOSH!!

*rolls on floor laughing*

*tears streaming down my face*


Sunday, March 19, 2006


I can fly to Melbourne every weekend to club and hang out with Tina, ES and GANG!!

I can write a CV.

I had all the money in the world to shop.

I wasn't scared of waves so I can learn how to surf.


Certain recent events made me appreciate old guy friends back home in Msia a lot more.

I suddenly appreciate their manners and courtesy.

How they..

-Open the doors for girls. (Don't roll your eyes at me!)

-Make sure we female friends get home safely, usually not allowing us to take the cab ourselves.

-Walk behind us girls instead of in front just so they have an eye on us just in case some hooligans decide to harass us.

-See that other guys don't give us any problems when out clubbing.

-Basically take really good care of us when we go out.

Sure, they joke around a lot and tease us like mad.

But these subtle courtesy and manners, that have long been overlooked and taken for granted, are things I appreciate a lot more right now.

It might not be ALL guys back in Malaysia.

It might not even be MOST.

It might be just the guys from Sri Cempaka Damansara School.

But that's enough for me.

I must say that we've been pampered a lot.
C'mon. They usually didn't even let us take cabs alone. How pampered were we, right?
A certain girlfriend of mine still got a shock at the thought of taking the cab alone.

(I've been thrown into situations where I had learnt to take cabs myself, and thus, not think it a big deal anymore for quite a while now.)

Yes, we Cempaka-n girls were a bunch of pampered girls.

And I say that we've taken it for granted.

A long-overdue, big THANK YOU to all my CEMPAKAN guy friends.


Aussies start earning their own pocket money at a very very young age. Well, relatively. I've met some who wonder how I've been surviving without working.

I feel like a pampered kid.

And now that I wanna apply for some job, I have nothing to put in my CV. Which sux.


How am I gonna make my CV look impressive with no previous job experiences??

Another reason I don't like Havana.
Their chop stays on your skin no matter how hard you scrub it off with soap!!

CHAT TIL 6.30am

was what Alex and I did.

Alex is one hell of a funny guy to chat with in the wee hrs of the morning. He gave me a crash course in Modern Chinese History and international political relationships.

Quotes of the night:

-We were talking about the typical Asian stereotype in teen movies. Nerdy, small and puny.

'We (asians) were short and small. Then there was McDonald's.'

We're apparently getting taller and bigger.

-Then, we were talking about inter-racial relationships. And naturally, Russell Peters and his 'beige' joke came to mind.

'Its never gonna work. Coz generally, usually..
Asians stick with Asians,
Indians stick with Indians,
Blacks.. *ponders for a while*..yea, usually with Blacks.
Whites..OK, whites hump every other race.
OK, OK so it MIGHT work.'


Absolutely NO OFFENCE!!!

I mean, me of all ppl, least racist person on earth as evident from my, er, *cough* relationships.

He told me about his encounter with the prettiest cockroach he's ever seen.

' I was in Taiwan right, and I was going to bed.
Then suddenly, this cockroach came out from behind the bed.
It was the prettiest cockroach I've ever seen.
I don't think its an American cockroach, you know, like, the brown one.
It had yellow spots on it, and a red head.
It was the prettiest cockroach I've ever seen!
So I said to it, " I don't want to kill you coz you're so pretty. Just..go away.."
(At this point I was laughing so hard coz he sounded so gay!)
But then it flew on me.
And that was it.
I gave it a chance of life.
A chance to live.
But, no, it didn't appreciate it.
So, I took my shoe and squashed it.
It had like white stuff and all. Pure white. And, nothing else.
I delicately swept it up with much care and respect,
and flushed it down the toilet.'

Me : O_o Alex!!! Its just a freakin' cockroach!!!

'NO, it wasn't. It was a freaking PRETTY cockroach!'

It isn't even that funny reading it. You have to add the Alex hand gestures, as well as the Alex tone of voice.

We talked about relationships. Exchanged life stories. He told me 'bedtime stories'. He's just funny shit.

Oh, and he's SINGLE!!! So, girls who might be interested!! You can contact me!

We talked and talked til we made no sense anymore. Then we knew it was finally time to sleep.



is very important.

So, why don't they teach us stuff we actually should know??

Like, the Gulf War, Vietnam War etc etc and other international events that everyone else knows?

OK, maybe we did learn about them, I don't remember. But everything was in B.M., and all the names of events were in freakin B.M.

Not that B.M. is bad or anything!!!

But when ppl talk about a certain war or treaty, I have no idea what war or treaty it is til they tell me the geist of it.
Then it registers, and I'll be like, oh..that's the Perjanjian something something.
And to me, 'Perjanjian' always seemed like a 'promise' . I didnt know back then that it was a 'treaty'.

Wait, perjanjian IS treaty right?

Some of the things we learnt for SPM:

pendtadbiran yunani
perundangan yunani dan rom
sistem pendidikan yunani
zaman jahiliah
perjanjian hudaibiyah
wawasan 2020
maritim dan agraria
persekutuan 1948

And many many more.

I still never quite knew what 'Yunani' is. Were they the Greeks?And I don't know what 'Zaman Jahiliah' in English is. Or 'agraria' for that matter. And 'Persekutuan' (yes, even that, and I'm ashamed of it!).. and 'Hudaibiyah' .. and 'aqabah'..get the idea?

I'm terrible at translating B.M. history terms to English.

So, when Alex gave me the crash course about modern chinese history, it seemed so much more comprehendible. Coz it was in ENGLISH.

At least when I reproduce the same topic of conversation with someone else, they'll actually understand it, coz its in ENGLISH.

And so, I won't feel like a total idiot when friends delve into chats about history.

OK, I don't know if the above post just portrayed me a total bafoon who never learnt history well. But, this is, very well, my blog.



Met up with Manisha yesterday. Had heaps fun catching up and talking about nothing over 'Yum Cha' at Marigold, Chinatown.

The dim sums there were really good!!

YUm yum..

We were absolutely STUFFED after lunch!!

So we walked to the city and shopped.

Shopped I did.

Bought this BEAUTIFUL handbag!!
Image hosting by Photobucket

It looks much better up front.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


was terrible!!

And that explains why I'm back early from clubbing at about 2-ish!!

Why I didn't like it :

1) Lights were freaking BLINDING my eyes!
2) Music was terrible.
3) Didn't see any cute guy.
4) Didn't have anyone to dirty dance/slut with.
5) Jeigenmeister+Red Bull was freaking $ 14.00!!!

I think that I dance by choice. I only REALLY groove when:

1) I'm high.
2) I've got a girl/guy to dirty dance with/to.
3) Music's freakin' good!! With the right company.

Should probably change my mindset and just dance whenever, whatever.

I would put pics up if I had any. But I didnt bring a cam. Will get the pics off Gen when she sends them my way.

Or I could possibly check out the Siren website coz I was forced to take quite a few shots, since apparently, I was 'hot'. But I think the guy was just trying a really bad pick-up line!

I was really not supposed to go coz I was sick. Was down with a terrible cold+sore throat+headache. But the pills Dan gave me in the afternoon knocked me out for a solid 4 hrs!

They were supposed to be non-drowsy. So I don't know what went wrong. But I think it was a really good way to sleep.

Maybe I should like take those pills when I can't sleep but really want to. And maybe I won't get all my scary+weird+strange dreams!!

Damn, I sound like I'm addicted to that drug!!

I almost lost my phone.

Left it in the cab. But cab driver turned around after dropping his next passenger off. He put the meter running for driving my phone back to me.

Charge came up to $16.60 but I only had $6.00 with my then. Mr. Cab Driver was kind enough to accept just that though he was a little grumpy about it. Sorry Mr. Cab Driver!!

I'm hungry. I can smell the tempting aroma of instant noodles coming from god knows where. Sigh..if only I wasn't so lazy to whip something up for myself.

Alrite, gonna have to get up early tomoro.

Meeting up with Manisha in the city.
First time ever meeting up with her here in Aus.

*search for pills*

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm shedding!!!!!!

My sunburnt skin's peeling...

I just watched 'Sense & Sensibility' and I was thinking..

You know the whole 'theory' about the damsel-in-distress thing..and 'prince' in white horse coming to the rescue..bla bla bla..

I was thinking...

How can I ever find a guy THAT way if I'm NEVER EVER in distress??

I mean, is it my fault that I am perfectly capable of looking after myself?? That I am perfectly independent and able to attend to my own needs?

Is it my fault that I've never been hurt bad enough to need a guy's help? That I have brains to think of what to do? As well as arms and legs to take action for myself?

So when is it that any Prince Charming might ride by and get smitten by this particular damsel-NEVER-in-distress?

Well, I'm not exactly looking for a Prince Charming right now..but its just a thought!!

I just came from the toilet, and I saw a pube hair on the toilet seat!!




(Ok, I wrote the above entry last night but didn't post it up)


I didn't know Frisbee was a SPORT!!!

I joined the Frisbee club today! and I had fun throwing Frisbee around, going through drills of different techniques to throw the Frisbee. The game's very much like a mesh between netball+american football..

Who knew that??!!!

OK, I didnt..

Going for Frisbee training today's brought a whole new light to me.
A whole new experience.
A whole new world.
A whole new life!!!

Got my first Frisbee injury on my right hipbone. There's a cut there now. My sexy hipbone is now flawed!

Met a bunch of absolutely gorgeous girls. Never quite got around talking to the hot guys as yet.


there's always next THURSDAY!!!




I now declare Thursday the best day of the week!

Good game..
Hot girls..
Hot guys..
Compulsary socialising after game..

C'mon..what more can I ask for??

OK, shall go take a shower or something now. Been out for the past 12 hrs!

I think I'm coming down with a cold.

Played Frisbee for 2 hrs in the rain..


Already had a TERRIBLE sore throat before..

*rubs nose*

Nose hurts..!!

*sniffle sniffle*

Throat hurts..!!!


I wan a huggie huggie!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I've been having extremely scary, weird, strange dreams for a couple of months now.

Sometimes I wake up crying.
Sometimes I wake up trembling.
Sometimes I wake up shouting.

Last night was a rough night for me, before I slept, that is.

And then when I slept, I dreamt of/that..

1) Tim sleeping with a girl friend, Tracy. (I don't fancy sex dreams!!*whimper*)

2) Jay sent me presents, right to my door. There were SOOO many beautiful things.

3) I was at the Commonwealth Games with all the thinktanks, Sof, Smalls, Ming Wei, Tina, Eng Soon, Anthea, Pei Fei, Jern, and basically everyone else I've met during my trip to Melbourne.

We were out in the fields where they held the arrow-shooting game.

I was watching happily while I sipped on some drink.
And then I choked.
When I saw KENNY SIA!
Who was the target for the shooting game.
He had an apple on top of his head.
Standing in a long line with other ppl who had apples on their heads too.

I quickly ran over to thinktank R, dragged him out of his engaging conversation, and told him bout my wonderful observation.

We bounded happily over to Kenny and I helped snapped pictures for thinktank R+Kenny.

For the record, Kenny was friendly, very obliging when thinktank R wanted to take photos.



Who's that?

OK, so today after I made some Chem notes, I was bored and was playing around with my blog. It was one of the occasional time I decided to check my site hits and so I clicked on 'Site Meter'.

I saw a gazillion hits from 'Singapore' when I checked the Location.

I was puzzled.

I don't know that many ppl from Singapore. And I didn't think my blog is THAT popular.

So I continued clicking around, trying to check if I really won their hearts over.

I clicked on 'Entry Pages'. And there staring at my face was..


(goes a LONG way down)

I checked the 'Exit Pages' and it was the same thing.

I was wondering who that was. So I clicked on it, like how you just did.

Now, I don't know exactly what 'Entry Pages' or 'Exit Pages' are, but I THOUGHT that it was the url in which ppl enter your site and the last page before they leave your site.

Alas, my happy delusions that I'd won the hearts of so many Singaporeans went down the drain.

So is it possible that I'm sharing my 'Site Meter' with someone else?

Can SOMEONE explain to me what's happening???!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

12 A's!!!!!!!!!!

That's what my smart wonderful brother, JIAN got for his SPM!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
My brother and I!!!

Results were out today, and the sweet young thing gave me a call all the way from school just to tell me that!!!

I'm sooo proud of him!!! KUDOS, Jian!!

You deserve it!!!

After working so hard, going thru with Phsyics though you absolutely hate it, staying up late nights, juggling studies with your gazillion extra curricular activities+responsibilities.. etc etc,

YOU DID IT!!! You did it!!!


JIAN works hard to get what he wants.
Even when we were younger,
He'd complete his homework,
when I didnt.
He'd study for his tests+exams,
when I didnt.
He'd practise his piano pieces,
when I didnt.

He's SO disciplined,
most of the time he seems to me the older sibling.
He grounds me,
reprimands me.

Mind you, everyone can scold me,
or tell me I shouldn't do this or that,
but he's the only one I really listen to.

If he disapproves,
I listen.
If he tells me to go study,
I listen.
If he tells me I shouldn't be that crazy/wild/naughty,
I listen.

And yet, through all that,
he supplies me with endless laughter
from his silly antics and timely blur-ness.

He's got really good strong shoulders+chest,
As well as toned abs.
Another example of how disciplined he is.
Many think he's cute/handsome/good-looking.
I think it just runs in the family.

Haha..I just HAD to add the last line!! Hehehe..

Image hosting by Photobucket
The WTF look!!

I'm happy for you, Jian. No one deserved it more than you!

Hope you get that 18K!!! .. *wink* .. :D


and I'll tell you why..

I had a 2-hr break between lectures today, so Dan and I decided to go for a swim.

I am SO UNFIT I tell you!!

Just a few laps in the 50-meter pool drew huge struggling desperate gasps of air to fill my weak pathetic little lungs, which felt like they were on fire(not in a good way!!) !!


I should exercise more often!! After a year of not really exercising, my stamina's shit!

A couple of hrs after swimming, I met up with Alan to go rock-climbing for another couple of hrs.

Any guesses for how I'm gonna feel like tomorrow morning??

Why I should exercise more often..

It puts a smile on my face,
A little extra spring in my step,
A cheeky wink at that cute hottie,
A flirty glance at another,
Must be the endorphins!!


Yup, no cubicles.

No compartments.

No shields.

No nothing.

Just 6 shower heads in one big open space.
Where naked women shower in the presence of other naked women.
I've never seen so many boobies + privates in my life!

Being much of an exhibitionist myself on the beach, I was perfectly alright with the system.

But, there was still a tiny little thing that I was shy of.
Something unusual that I was born with.
Something that most ppl don't have.
A little bruise-like birthmark on my left butt cheek.

Alright, alright, now you guys know my greatest insecurity about my body!

Hope that wasn't too much info!


Sex and the City!

I can't believe I missed out on THAT!!!


My friends, you should've given me 2 tight slaps across my pweety face when I said I wasn't interested.

Damn! I'm just starting to watch it now that the show's ended! ..which is great actually..coz I've got all the dvds waiting for me..BUT STILL!!!That's besides the point!

Point is, I'm SO FAR BEHIND!! I didn't know what I was missing out on, man!

OK, ok, nuff said. I rented like 8 DVDS today. So far, I think I've got a knack for picking out pretty good movies!!


*pats myself on the back*

Kudos, Shuen. Kudos!

Have already watched 6 episodes of Sex and the City, Practical Magic and The Sweetest Thing in the past 6 hrs.


C'mon, its a SUNDAY!! Nothing better than to laze around in my undies and watch movies while eating chips + hazelnut choc ice-cream!!

Ultimate indulgences, BABY!!

Sex and the City + The Sweetest Thing propelled me into deep thoughts.

Thoughts of guys.
Thoughts of relationships.
Thoughts of how LDR is soo not easy.

Would like to say so many things right now, but I'm lazy.

And also coz I'm losing my bet with Jay in the Man United-Newcastle match.

DAMN!! Who scores 2 goals in the first 12 mins into the game man?? Damn you, Rooney!

Ok, I don't hate M.United, but the fact that Jay's a hardcore Man United fan meant that I graciously took Newcastle.

And now I'm losing. -_-

Nothing personal against Rooney or M. United!!!

There's hope still since the game's not even half over, but I wouldn't bank on it.

Oh, and I'd like to add that its a fun little personal bet Jay and I have, which doesn't involve money. I DO NOT encourage serious betting. AT ALL!! In fact, I'm rather against it!

OOOOoooooo... F1 season's started!!! YEAH, BABY!!!! Wheeee... Go Ferrari!! Go Schumacher!

More Melbourne Pics.

Toilet Edition

I love Melbourne toilets. They're an artform just by themselves!! I should've taken more pics of toilets in Melbourne.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Have you seen a totally PINK toilet??!!!
Image hosting by Photobucket
I have!!! Its amazing!!

And one of the reasons why I love Melbourne toilets so much..
Image hosting by Photobucket
Most toilets have huge-ass full length mirrors!!

Vanity, vanity!!

Now, where's MY Gucci sunglasses, Tina??


Sunday, March 12, 2006


in the middle of the night when you're sleeping like a baby is so not funny.

Especially when you've been having strange, weird, scary dreams most nights, and this is the one very rare night when you actually have..NO DREAMS!

Sighz..sometimes the time diff between Msia and Aus gets to me. Got a call from Jay to tell me he's going gaming.

Hehe.. nothing against you, Jay. Still, meh tumse pyar kerti hu!!!

A call that lasted 5 mins kept me up for the next 2 hrs.

And now, at 2.52 am, I'm like that..


So I shall list more life's simple pleasures that make me happy... (from previous entry)

6. Receiving long e-mails from friends. Getting international calls from friends far, far away in a different country.

7. A cold shower in summer.

8. A hot shower in winter.

9. Sitting around in cafes drinking hot chocolate, reading a good book/mag..or even studying!

10. Massages!!!!

11. Manicure+Pedicure+Facial+Spa..pampervista! hmm..this probably isnt very 'simple'

12. The hustle bustle of Chinese New Year.

13.Small genuine compliments.

14. Beautiful photography/art done by good photographers/artists.

15.Good food.

OK, shall stop here coz 15's a nice round number.

I would do the 'strange/random/weird things about myself' one..but, as I said, I'm normal, I'm not strange/random/weird.


OK, ok..shall attempt to go back to sleep now...

*hunts for my night shutter*


*opens my night shutter*

Attempt failed after 2 minutes.

Thought of putting up more pics from my Melbourne trip!


St. Kilda's on Sunday, 26th Feb.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Wonderfully fantastically fun good pals! Love you guys! Muakz!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Gay couple + Les couple = Hot pic! haha.. Sai Meng (poser gila here!!), Me, Tina and Sing!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Group Photo!!!
Tallest guy in yellow shirt, Ivan. Middle row l-r: Anthea, Tina, Sing, Me and Daren. Front row l-f: Sai Meng and Eng Soon.

Image hosting by Photobucket
The small little photo booth hypnotised us. REALLY!!!We didn't know what we were doing!


Image hosting by Photobucket
Midori. Isn't it so dazzling?

Image hosting by Photobucket
OK, this was taken and sent to me by Pei Fei. The bunch of em went to the beach the weekend after I came back to Sydney.

Put it up coz I like Tina's pose - very diva-ish. :) and Pei Fei looks so macho/frightening. Haha..Anthea's posing like her own sweet self!

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