Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Bday Darren!!!

Its been my privilege meeting you.

You're one of a kind,
Always loving, always caring, always giving.
I was happy I met you,
And I consider myself lucky to be someone who got the chance to know you better.

Have a wonderful bday, Darren.




I was studying Unit 7 of Medical Science, and it involved a lot of antibodies, cells, etc.. and there were like 20+ names I had to remember.

So, when I came up with an acronym for a group yesterday, I was so proud of myself!


as in 'pimp' & 'chee bye'

Now, if only I can remember wat they were and what they stood for.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Of all the things I could do tonight, I watched Troy.

Seeing Brad Pitt and Eric Bana with their buff bods on screen was enough to satisfy my 'hunk' quota for the week! I'm so in love with Brad Pitt now. Why don't they make all men like that? Hmm, but then again, most guys who have bods like that probably don't make very good lovers anyway.

Think about it, in the past, men with physiques like that were most probably warriors. I wouldn't wanna be together with a warrior. There was no certainty whether or not he would live to see the sun. Everyday might be the last day I have with him. Every kiss the last. And when he's dead, I'd be crushed, devastated, demolished.

Now, men with those physique are most probably bodybuilders, athletes, soldiers or models. Models are most probably metrosexual, and it would feel really weird if my guy looks at himself and admires himself in the mirror more than I do myself. Either that or he'd probably know that there are more demand than supply of hunks like him, and he'd most likely cheat on me.

In those guys, I want that raw heat, passion, strength that warriors possess. I want to have the feeling that a man so hard on the exterior could be so sweet, soft and passionate when it comes to matters of the heart. The feeling of a man that takes charge, but not empowering.

A man who knows exactly what he wants, and fights for them.
A man who's not a coward, who faces problems with utmost integrity and dignity.
A man who does not let pessimism get the best of him.
A man who looks in the face of challenge, and fights on bravely.

'A brave soldier, and a fierce lover.'

But on the other hand, I think it foolish sometimes that guys fight for girls. I say, let the girl choose. Girls are not objects, nor are they prizes. They are human beings, with feelings, and the right to choose what they want.

Women are strong creatures. Since the beginning of time, women were pillars of strength in the family. They had to continue fighting to live, with the drive to care for their young even after their husbands die in war. They had to deal with rape and murder in times of war.

That was a quick peek at what I was thinking while/after watching Troy.

Did I mention that I fell in love with Brad Pitt as Achilles in that movie?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Music : James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover
Mood : Peaceful.


Another Jack Johnson/James Blunt day.

But I started my day with a sunny disposition! Thanks to the lovely call I got from Tina!!!!! :)

I miss all my girlfriends.

To-do List :

1) PJ slumber party with SATC and bucketloads of our fav ice cream!
2) Clubbing! Getting dressed up, sexed up and hyped up! (damn lame -_-)
3) Chillout Pubbing
5) Nonsense jabber at whoever's house.
6) ROADTRIP!!!!!

On one hand, I don't want to plan anything, because plans usually don't work out, when spontaneous and the most impromptu outings turn out the best!

So, I shall leave things be. Wait and see what happens.

Man, I'm so in a mood to sit at a cafe, chill with a mocha by the window, and watch the world roll by.

And with this song playing in the background, it'll feel like a scene right out of a movie where the girl just strolls around, while everyone else is bustling about - cyclists, ppl walking at superspeeds, cars zooming by.. while she walks leisurely with no apparent worries.

OK, enough of virtual thoughts. I shall come back down to earth, and start on my Physics assignment.



Just about slightly more than a week ago, my room was neat. I packed evrything up nicely.

Now, its all a mess again. I really don't know why I even bother.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Why are we always addicted to something bad for us?

Too much of em is bad for us, but we're still addicted to them anyway.

Too much of alcohol makes us puke, but we still put ourselves through and through wid drinking anyway.

Once a smoker becomes a smoker, there's hardly any turning back.

We all know how hard it is for druggies to quit.

I know my addiction, and I don't know why I am putting myself through with it. I love it, and can't live without it, but at the same time, its not entirely the best thing for me at the moment.

Am I abusing myself? Do I get off the pain and hurt that comes with it? This so reminds me of one episode of SATC. Rings a bell, Tina??

Sigh, I dont know.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Festive Mood!

It was Diwali 3 days ago. On an impulsive spur of the moment thing, Varun, Paul and I got dressed up in our Indian garb and decided to head out for some good Indian food at Surry Hills while Eshan was on his 1-month anniversary date with Melissa.

Today's Hari Raya. There was a Msian Raya thing, but I missed it when I went to see Anan in the hospital. Was craving Msian the whole night after.

Didn't help that I was browsing through pics from the Facebook Group 'I miss Malaysian Food'

I'd love to be at home at this time, what with all the festive moods and all. That's really one thing I love about Msia - all the different cultures meshed in one.

I reckon that our generation is so hybridised that we're all becoming more and more Msians, and less and less watever original ethnicity we are.

Pics from Tan's bday..

Waiting for a call.. in the meantime..here are a few pics from Tan's bday..

Being that vainpot I am, and seeing I dont have much time to blog, I'm putting up pics featuring the lovely MOI!


OH, and some of other really hot girls as well..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Alrite, gotta run for lecture.. will post more later!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ming Room, 14th Feb 2005

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Went through some old pics on my comp, and stumbled upon the ones that the 8 of us took at Ming Room, BSC 14th February 2005.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I still remembered how we were saying it would be the last time we'd have a gathering of the total of 8 of us. At that time, I never thought it would be true.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

But now, after a year and a half, I'm seeing it. There might never be anymore times when it would be 8 of us.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It'd be 7, at most. Sigh.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Emo. Emo.

(Just realised that my entry was super long.. dividing them into sections)

Studying for my prac exam tomoro.. just taking a little while to write before going to take a shower, and subsequently more studying.

Sometimes I wonder what it is that inspires ppl. I want to study, but I'm not inspired, and I don't know where to fish for my inspiration. Same for my want to lose weight.


Listening to James Blunt, Jack Johnson and the likes. It was the perfect day yestrday for those songs - rainy, gloomy, chilly.. Perfect weather to sleep in, study and laze around..

But I ended up running around in the city under the rain with Eshan, trying to find a perfect dinner place for his 1-month anniversary with Melissa. Walked from The Rocks(where the Hyatt is) to the Opera House, checking in at every other restaurant that had a view and good ambience.

On the way, we saw HEAPS of newly-wed couples taking their wedding photos yesterday.

We saw this flock of white Rolls-Royce followed by another string of BMW 7 Series, all tinted and stuff..What a sight to behold!

As if that was not enough, later in the evening, we saw another flock of cars- Mustangs.. red ones, and there was one white one, which probably was the bridal car.

I want a Rolls-Royce wedding car!

Tan's Bday

Went through facebook, and saw pics from Tan's bday 2 nights ago. That night was filled with so many good looking ppl, I felt so tiny and insignificant. There was Ingga, Lauren, Celine(Tan's sis), Bianca, Melissa, Alina, Pinkie.. etc etc.. Yeah, you get the gist. They were like 2 whole leagues above me.

I think its official.. Thai girls are the bomb. And in Ingga's and Mel's cases, Filos too!

Super HOT-ness

I think I most identify with Ingga's fashion style. That girl has that natural flair for piecing together something and look good in whatever they are. She's not one who looks up to anyone for fashion ideas, she just pulls em out of her wardrobe. And she's blessed with such a hot bod that she can pull off anything! I bet she could be wearing a table cloth, and make it look uber sexy. That girl is something!

Wow, I haven't written like this in ages. Like, typing everything that streams through my brains without censoring it first. This is almost quite the closest you get to the inside works or Shuen.


OH, I finally talked to Justin Foo yesterday, after like, wat.. 10 months???? It was good to talk to an old friend again. :)

Hey, buddy.. msg me on MSN once in a while lar k..

Same message to all my other old friends everywhere around Msia, UK and Aus.. Miss you guys!

Alrite, I think I'm off to shower, and hopefully after that feel extra refreshed to start anew with my studies.

Wow, how symbolic! I surprise myself sometimes with how deep I can be.


Omg, I'm listening to classical music! Never have I ever..

hmm.. its actually quite soothing!

Man, I think I'm tapping into the more refine side of myself!

The other day, Paul gave me his room key, so that I could chill in his room and watch Foxtel while he was out.

I dont even know where to start about the wonders of Foxtel!

I got my dose of MTV, VH1, Channel V and additionally, fashion updates from FTV, and celeb goss from E!.

Man, Astro should have FTV and E! and the comedy channel.

Anyway, I was just bouncing back and forth those two channels. I was at the Milan fashion week one minute, and Hollywood the next. It was sooo good!

Wait, I had a point.. OH YEA! Me tapping into my more refined side!

Yea, so I was watching all those channels, and by chance, I flipped to this channel featuring some ballet thingie. And I was so fixated with the performance, I forgot all about the other channels.

I was watching that ballet for a good 20 mins! B4 I realised that the ads for the other channels were probably over.

I think I'm evolving.

Someone stop me b4 its too l8!

OK, OK.. really gonna go take a shower this time..

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Its not a good way to start your day when you pick out your skinny jeans that you bought 3 months ago, try to fit into them, and can't!

Its sooo depressing!

*boo hoo*

I could still fit into them 2 months ago!

Uber depressed..

And I dont know what can make me feel better.

I know I put on a considerable amount of weight during the mid-sem holidays.. and I never quite lost them.. SADDENING!!!

No one talk to me..

Friday, October 13, 2006

A few days bring much change

Its been a rollercoaster ride for me these past few days.

Some of you might ask why I did what I did, and its not something that I did because I WANTED to. There was just going to be too many problems ahead, and its not as practical as it sounds. It was not easy for me to make that decision, and was even harder to execute it. Post-incident is just as hard for me.

I just feel that if things are meant to be otherwise, there will be opportunities in future. If its meant to be, then there will be a day when it will be.

'Fragile' is what I feel right now.

And I guess only time will heal.


As the weeks draw nearer to the end of the semester, there is a marked increase in workload. Everyday, everyweek, I have something to rush off to hand up.

I have to work on a report this weekend, then start studying for my finals so I'll roughly get the gist of what's happening in the subjects.

Sometimes I feel like giving up. Sometimes I don't think I'm strong enough to walk the whole way through.

But I have to do it.

I think about my parents and how their faces would gleam when they see good results.

I think about how I'd feel such a great sense of accomplishment if I do really well in my exams given that I'm going to start teaching myself what's been taught in the whole sem less than a month b4 the exams. And not just for 1 subject, but for 5 heavyweighted ones.

I think about how I can party back in Msia without feeling guilty. I think about the 1st class honours I might be on my way to achieving.

Yes, everything makes more sense when there's a goal to look forward too.

I just tremble at the fact that my exam's goin to start in less than a month and I have no clue about what's going on.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Friday Night

Went to Lowenbrau, some random biker bar, Jackson's on George and Bar 333.

Nothing like Bar 333 to make up for a lousy night! :)

1 liter German beers..

All of us who went together

L-R : Anan, Eshan, Alina, Emily, Melissa, Divia

L-R : Zain, Tan, Paul, Varun, Zander, Julian, Anan

The New Couple - Melissa and Eshan

A tv pin-up. Think OTH. Think OC. Think Beverly Hills 90310

Tan with his shots

Anan, a ladies'+men's man..

Tan giving head. Bon Jovi song.


Julian the pop star, and Shuen the big fan. Dammit Julz.. you should've told me we were going for the pissy face!

EnergiserBunnyDivia and EmilyCanDrink

Thums up!(the drink)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Peanut Butter 'n' Chocolate!!!

That's the most divine ice-cream flavour EVER!

Its the combination of 2 of my fav stuff!

Went to Baskin Robbins yesterday and got a double scoop of PeanutButter 'n' Choc and Mad About Choc!! Was friggin' AWESOME!!!

I took my first lick, and was grinning so much that I my eyes weren't even really open anymore.. BLISS!!!

I enjoyed it sooo much that after finishing my Peanut Butter n Choc, I regretted getting Mad About Choc. Should've gotten a double scoop of P.B. n Choc instead! Dammit!

HAH!! I get Baskin Robbins here, Darren!!





Drove a car yesterday!!!!!




I really missed driving! Just gimme a car to drive anyday, and I'll be pleased as punch! Anyday I'm down, just let me drive, and I'll feel sooo much calmer..

Was kinda nervous at first driving Paul's car.

The pressure of giving a good performance plus the fact that I havent driven in about 9-10 months made my heart beat faster.

But once I got behind the wheel.. that feeling went away. Shuen is back in the game!

Paul said he's surprised that *I* like to drive. He apparently hadn't met many girls who actually like to take control of the car.

He's also surprised that my driving was not bad!

Right, Paul??? ;)

My friends of 8, I'm a safe driver. See, Chee Yoong, I can drive OK! :)


There are always ppl who seem flawless. Born with good genes, and therefore good looks+body, always looking good without much effort, have a great warm personality, good humour, good skills in everything from music to sports to art to studies. These ppl always make me feel small. Tiny. Miniscule. Inadequate. And that's how I feel right now.

I was being silly.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Disconnectd.. tuuuuuut..

After calling up with Krys, my Mom and Mellie from my room phone yesterday, my land line credit ran out.

After msging and calling Aussie ppl on from my hp, my mobile phone cdt ran out.

So now.. I'm broke and detached from the world.

Call me, ppl.

Or if you do find time, please do e-mail me.. *sob*


I think my lab partner's girlfriend doesn't like me.


I was introduced to her a about 4 weeks ago, and I was trying to be friendly! But I don't think we hit off.

She's pretty hot, even Alex thinks so. Alex who keeps reminding me that Fen is hotter than me, and so could get away with wearing thongs in lab when we BOTH wore thongs the other day.

Granted, I think my lab partner's pretty attractive, even ALEX thinks so! And that would seem like such a gay thing to say.. or so Alex would say.

But even if I think he's attractive, I'm not gonna do anything knowing he's got a girlfriend! C'mon.. that's not at all ethical! OK, I know I'm probably the last person to say anything about ethics, but yea, its against my principles to make a move on any guy who has a girlfriend.

Wait, come to think of it, I probably wouldn't even make a move on any other guy.

Well, except maybe.. Dean! :P

And Wentworth Miller.

But my lab partner?

Thanks but no thanks.

Lab Partner's Girlfriend, you're really hot and you have him all yourself, don't you worry!


Persuading Skills

Anyone has any?

Care to share some tips?

I went for this Singaporean Satay BBQ thingie this arvo and we're all given 1 serving of roti prata (canai) served with curry chicken and 3 sticks of satay with satay sauce.

I tried to get myself just a measly one more piece of roti prata with curry chicken, but to no avail.

I even asked my friend, Yandi, who happened to be the President of the club, but sigh.. I didn't get it.

I can't bargain.. I never could! How unlike my brother!

He got himself a personal gym trainer for half the price.. something like from RM1000++ to about RM 500. Talk about negotiating skills!

How am I going to make business deals and negotiate in future?


But anyway, let's look at the optimistic side in today's rejection!

I was stopped from adding a gazillion calories to myself!




Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I'm so proud of myself!

I cooked fish!

I bought fish for the first time in Australia yesterday. Given my repulse for handling raw fish, I got the pre-packed frozen fish fillets.

I was afraid that they'd have that fishy smell even when they're cooked, so I doused my fillet with soy sauce till the plate was flooded, added heaps of pepper, chilli powder, minced garlic and sliced ginger, and topped it off with oregano.

The fish turned out to be too salty.

But at least it was bursting with flavour!


And not a single bit fish-y!

Sigh, how I wish my camera was still working. I'd want to capture that 'First Fish I cooked' moment!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Home Bar

Last night was the last for Darren and Faisal.

I had a blast during the holidays, thanks to Darren and crew.

We were at Darling Harbour last night, and decided to play with the camera. Faisal's into photography! So he snapped snapped snapped..

The sky was an amazing background canvas for us. The clouds, moon, shadow.. together they created an intense mysterious feel.

..still waiting for him to come back from dinner to continue sending me more pics..

Fuzzy, fuzzier.. fuzziest!

Go camou pants! :)

Miss you guys already!



Its amazing how time flies!

Just exactly a year ago, I was at Darling Harbour for the Latin Fiesta with Winnie, Tracy, Bobby, Andrew.. etc..

I still remember that it was the day Bee Ling taught me how to make porridge coz I was sick, puking and stuff.

Yesterday, walking along Darling Harbour was nostalgic.



Back to earth!

Uni's starting again on Tues.

Need to start nerding again. Sigh. With the hols over, everything suddenly seems so empty.

Loneliness is creeping in.

I wanna go home.

And I miss my girlfriends.


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