Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Monster ATTACK!!

I was up last night in vigilance for more than an hr and a half from 1.10am til 2.50am. Why? Because I spotted a HUGE brown creepy thing with feelers, and wings crawling up my wall!!

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It seems like my battle with cockroaches hasn't ended!

I immediately jumped up from my seat in front of my laptop. And quickly wore some clothes (I'd just had a shower, and I've grown accustomed to sleeping in just my undies, which explains my partial nudity) and jumped on the chair.
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It was near my bed (gosh!! I JUST took a glance up at my ceiling and I see another cockroach!!!bloody hell!!I HATE summer!!)

I went in search of a weapon. Any weapon to guard me against this monstrosity! Any weapon to KILL IT!!

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Ahh..the age old weapon that even our ancestors used during the stone ages. Hmmm, did they have sandals in the stone age? Does anyone know?

Anyway, I decided that the cockroach wasnt worth getting killed by such a beautiful sandal.

Er..and also because, erm, I'm too scared to kill a cockroach that way. *giggles sheepishly* . So...

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MORTEIN SPRAY!!! muahhaha..

The cockroach got on the curtain rail after a million and one gazillion years walking from one end of the room to the other!
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Once it got on the curtain rail, it started walking back and forth. back and forth. back and forth. back and...

Bloody hell!!

My neck was aching from looking up all the time, trying to keep that cockroach in sight! And there it was, walking back and forth, SLOWLY, along that short piece of railing!

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It hid behind the curtains. Decided to make my move!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

See my muscles??..hehe, I'm strong OK!!..=)..SUPERWOMAN!!Bright mis-matched colours due to urgency in dressing!

Then I chickened out. Waited for it to come peeking out from behind the curtain, when it was closer to the ground so that it wont fly!

*Psst Psst*

I sprayed timidly. It ran back up the curtain. I sighed, disappointed.

After waiting for the 'right' time for an hr and a half, I FAILED. Felt dejected. What if I have to stay up the WHOLE night? And consequently, what if I get BLACK RINGS under my eyes? What if I'm destined not to kill it? And LIVE WITH IT til morning? I shuddered thinking about it.

Then it happened!

The cockroach fell onto the ground and scurried under my desk!

I sprung into action!

*Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst Pssssssssssssssssst Psssssssssssssst*

It struggled. Scurrying about frantically. I was jumpy too! I couldnt really see it. Was afraid it'll run up my legs or something!

*pssssssssssssssst psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst psssssssssssssssst*

It was STILLL moving about!!! Sigh, this cockroach very cheong meng(long life). Wat a nuisance. A few more LONG hard sprays and...

it was DEAD!!!

PHEWW!!..a super long battle with that thing.. I was SOO freakd out! Thank goodness for MORTEIN!

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P.S. Yes, from the amount of pics taken, you can tell that I'm VERY bored here in Sydney!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Things to do when bored..

Wrote this entry for Krys' sake! She's bored to tears at *ahem*'s place and she has no idea what to do. Krys, you can try doing these..

1) Watch this with speakers FULL BLAST, and hope that your internet connection's fast! First step's to shake your body and release some knots here and there!

Note: You can also go to thinktanks(link available under 'cherished' site and watch their funny clip taken off derrick's site who got it off Marlyn(*phew* that's long). That video's really really funny.

2) For some mental stimulation, you can go here. I'm just almost a genius alrite! So proud of myself..hehe

3) Learn how to make perfect half boiled eggs. Then tell me what the perfect timing is! Want to make them, but dont know how!!

4) Lie down on a couch somewhere and fantasise bout me!..:)

5) Read my blog of course!!..hehe

Well, krys, i hope you're feeling much much better now in your grandma's hse! Oh, by the way, ppl who know krys..here's an ANNOUNCEMENT!!

Krystle doesnt have internet at her new place at the moment until further notice, so please forgive her for not being online!

Here's a pic of Krys because I miss seeing her pretty face.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Hope you're alright krys!!! HUGGZZZ..take care girl...

Boobs..part II

Its been drawn to my attention another celebrity who's possibly had a boob job.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yup, that's right..LINDSAY LOHAN

I'm sure everyone remembers her videoclip, 'RUMOURS', where she was walking through the club..I DID!

For those who don't remember/have never seen it

Anywayy...I'd like to say a few words on my opinion about the 'boob job' accusation.

Though there was, at one point, a time when her boobs were gargantuous, I dont think she's had a boob job. Why?

Simple! Cos she 'lost' her boobs when she lost weight. Anyone who's had gone for a boob job wouldn't lose their boob size that when they lose weight. Besides, she wasn't like really skinny when she had big bobs, was she? I thought it was beliievable to have boobs like that with her bod at that time. She did have big boobs, but she's probably 'lucky'(??) to have inherited good genes that.

So there! I miss her big lovely boobs though.

OK, I think I'm pretty sick of talking about boobs..

I'll be going for lecture soon..LATERZZZZZZZZ....

First day of CNY!!

Woke up this morning(er..or should I say, *cought cough* afternoon) to the sound of my phone ringing.

"..It's bananas..B-A-N-A-N-A-S! ITS BANANAS..B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!" (I seriously need to change my ring tone!!....Anywayyyy..)

Who IS it so early in the morning? *rubs eyes* I stretched out my left hand, started flailing it up and down my bed, looking for my phone, while still lying down flat on my belly, head turned to my right.. THERE! found my phone! put in a whole lot of effort to turn my head from right to left, opened my left eye lazily and read the caller ID..


I jolted up in bed, shook my head, cleared my throat a little, and put on my most energetic morning voice I can manage.

Me : "HIIII!! How're you doing?" I said sweetly, along with a HUGE SMILE, hoping it'll make a difference.

Mei Ling : "Hey! I just got off work. Er..Did I just wake you up?" *hint of disbelief in voice*

She knew! She knew I'd slept in til after 12! Someone send me for acting classes please! Or maybe start me off in voice characterization first! I suck at this! I'm destined never to deceive anyone! I cant even keep a good impression for goodness' sakes! :P

Anyway, that phone call started off my eventful day of the first day of Chinese New Year.

I was to be at Mortdale station by 5. I looked at the clock.



ok, I didnt swear as I am a very naive and innocent young girl who's not accustomed to foul language..REALLY!..but

That's like freakin 3 hrs to get ready!!! (1 hr's reserved for travelling)

How IS a girl supposed to brush up, take a shower, make breakfast, eat breakfast, get hair done, choose dinner clothes, get face made up, choose accessories, wear accessories, put on finishing touches, get money from ATM, return to room to put money in ang pows as instructed by my mother and walk to the bus stop.. in JUST 3 HOURS??!!!

Well, fret not ppl.. I, the pro at multi-tasking, managed it..

*Applause* *Applause*

Click here to skip process. :)

While brushing my teeth, I stripped myself naked. Stepped into the shower and scrubbed myself clean in the quickest time ever!! (17 mins)

NEXT. A pit stop in the kitchen, still wrapped in my towel, on the way back to my room, popping in 2 slices of bread into the toaster. (5 mins)

Spent 15 mins choosing what outfit to wear. Trying on top after top takes a while. Finally decided on my oriental looking red top and black slacks. (15 mins)

Rushes out of room after remembering that I made toast! Made myself breakfast and ate breakfast. Wisdom tooth coming out, HURTS!cant eat fast! (25 mins)

Goes back into room to check hair. Atrocious! Decides to pull hair up into a bun with a chopstick. doesnt look good! Lets it down. NAH. Pulls hair back in half-ponytail. Reasonable, but I still dont think so. Pins hair up and decides to come back to it later. (10 mins)

Now the face. Ahhh..Must take a bit more time to beautify the already beautiful sculpture. Slaps on moisturiser. Sunblock. Concealer (good for hiding the fact that I slept at 6am!). Blusher. Tries to decide on eye-shadow. This is tricky. I never wear eye-shadow. Hmm..should probably stick to earth/skin colour tones. Applies brown-ish eyeshadow. Eyeliner. Lip balm. Decides I'm too pale today to wear just lip balm. Chooses a colour for lips from lip palette. YUCK! Blots out with tissue paper.Tries more colour til a reasonable shade of colour is found. (50 mins)

Now, back to my hair. Lets hair down. Looks up to sky and thinks, Why, oh, WHY did I perm my hair?!!. Grunts. Plays with different hairstyles for a long time a while. Finally decides on a hairstyle I STILL dont like. Declares it an official bad hair day! (20 mins)

Wears black heels, looks in the full-length mirror and admires how long and slim my legs look in black slack + heels (TIP for girls who want to achieve the illusion of LONGER SLIMMER LEGS!!hehehe...),purposely bringing attention AWAY from my hair. (5 mins)

Walks down to convenience store. Enjoys small talk with the guy and requests, sweetly, to change my $20 notes to $10 notes. Cashes out money from atm. Decides to buy snacks, but dont know which one. Spends time looking at every shelf from left to right so that I'll be able to make a well-informed decision. Finally chooses RED ROCK DELI sweet chilli & sour cream. :) (15 mins)

Quickly walks back to room, puts money in ang pows and writes short greetings behind ang pows. (10 mins)

Walks to bus stop. (5 mins)

Add all those minutes up and you get a grand total of.....*drum roll*

177 mins = 2 hrs and 57 mins!!!

I made it in time and STILL had 3 mins to spare!!! mUahhahAHaha!

See, told you I'm good! :)..But, in the first place, if I didnt make it, I wouldnt even blog about it! hehe.. So you still wont think any worse of me! hehhee.. *taps fingers together*.. I LOVE the power of total creative control!!

So, I made it to Mortdale train station and met Mei Ling there. She looked great in her shorts, white top and sunnies with white sides. A 'sporty' look well done!

Oh, btw, Mei Ling's my cousin who grew up here in Sydney. Havent had the privilege to spend that much time together, thus explaining the want to keep a good impression.

I had dinner that night with Aunty Joyce, Uncle Paul, Matthew, Luke(O'Gorman), Helen, Luke(O'Sullivan) and Mei Ling. Had Peking duck, which is actually like the Roast Piglet we have back in Msia, complete with the wrap. Dinner was really good. Enjoyed it tremendously! Maybe good company DOES make a difference to your food!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Some of the dishes we had at dinner. YES! I'm aware of that jug of yellow liquid in the middle of the table!

Fancy beer with chinese dinner..anyone?? hehe

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mei Ling and bf, Luke O'Sullivan. She looked ravishing in her red cheongsam and well applied light make-up

That photo wasnt that good coz the sunlight was really glaring. Anyone knows how to photoshop???

Image hosting by Photobucket
All the 8 happy faces at dinner..Back row from left-Luke, Helen, Mei Ling and Luke. Sitting from left-Me, Aunty Joyce, Uncle Paul and Matthew

There! Doesn't everyone look happy?

I was! Though I think my hair could've looked nicer and my make up more flattering..but, oh well..

This is the first time I've spent CNY away from family back home, and I really miss

-the atmosphere!
-The crowd
-huge, and I mean, HUUUUUUUUUUGE family gatherings
-CNY cookies
-so many, many ang pows
-house visiting
-annoying CNY songs (yes, i miss that too, for some sad reason)
-delicious food
-laughter and loud banters
-relatives you havent seen in AGES saying "WOW! you've grown taller/prettier/uglier/slimmer/fatter" .
-cards . both greeting and playing cards
-splashes of bright red everywhere...

and the list goes on..

However, I do NOT miss one thing though.

Putting on damn lotta weight and feeling bloated during Chinese New Year!!


While all you guys back in Msia grow fatter and more bloated get to enjoy things I've missed, I hope that you'll still think of me..

..and remember to collect ang pows for me as well, whenever you get one.. and KEEP them for me, not USE them(as CY suggested)!!!OK, you can use them, but only to buy stuff for me kays??.. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Here, I would like to wish EVERYONE a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

I wish everyone good health, wealth and happiness.. and of course, lots of love and warmth from all your beloved.

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Here're some ang pows and mandarin oranges (printed on the red packet!kill two birds with one stone! muahahaha) for you!

This New Year is the year of the DOG..so everyone born in the year of the DOG, you're either 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72..!!! hehe..I know a lot of 24yo for some reason..so good luck to you all!! and MUMMY too!!! may the year ahead be a FANTASTIC yr filled with lots of bright colourful experiences!! HUGZZZZ...LOVE YOU ALL!!

To the TIGERS : Be kind to me. Shower me with lots of gifts and then you'll have a wonderful year ahead! Muahahha... Treat me bad/bully me and karma comes back to you!! hehe..

To the RABBITS : We're still young, unlike the TIGERS. SO lets go out an PART-AY!!! We dont care what nonsense the TIGERS say about us..87's ROCK!! :)..

Boobs..part I

Alrite, everyone cant help but look when a hot girl walks past..this includes fellow females as well. I, for one, appreciate hot girls in all shapes and sizes. I came across this site, and managed to chance(NOTE : chance) upon this video..

OK, this HOT GIRL did this strip video for her bf, gf and bf broke up, bf proceeds to post this video online..blah blah blah..well, thing is, this girl is SUPER HOT! overall, she'd be 9/10(just coz no one's perfect!)on my list..

Why she's hot!
1) Toned body.
2) Killer legs
3) Perky, shapely ass
4) Beautiful features
5) Slender, proportionate body!
6) Dances pretty well
though I can probably find better dancers in Zouk or that Baby *something* (forgot her name) who won this 'dance competition' in some club in Penang..she was really hot too by the way.. still remember her fitting black outfit with that tatoo on the small of her back, and a belt which sits just where her hip sways seductively, very pretty, definitely knows the shuffle, though she didnt use it for her rnb songs.. was dancing to 'naughty girl' and I felt a flush creep to my cheeks watching her sway n move like a snake! no one should be allowed to move like that! all the guys there were probably giving "3 thumbs up!" (quote from kenny sia)
7) Round, perky BREASTS!

her boobs were so perfect that i cant help but wonder if its been surgically done. I'm not saying that a girl cant naturally have beautiful boobs, but nowadays, you just dont know anymore if someone's had their boobs done. More girls are going under their knife for more 'ideal' boobs..

Thing is, how DO you tell if someone's had a boob job?

Is there any difference in touch? Would boob implants feel firmer? harder?(got this impression from watching 'mean girls'..queen bee's mom had her boobs done, which were apparently as hard as rocks!)

Is there any difference in sight? Would implanted boobs look rounder? perkier? would it,(ok, this is silly) glow in the dark?? Hehe.. I always sorta had the impression that under UV light, silicone would glow..haha.. Imagine being at a party, relatively dark, and you see this two round/oval things bouncing up and down, absolutely luminiscent!! I'd have the urge to grab it and throw it around like a stress ball(ok, i know you're supposed to squeeze..but..!!) if I didnt know better!

I have absolutely nothing against girls with fake boobs except the fact that i hate them for making me feel so inadequate! I just wanna know how you actually tell the fake from the real. I'm sure a lot of other girls think that too.. RIGHT GIRLS?? *whispers*i could do with some support here. If anyone would care to enlighten me.. feel free to write to ocean_breeze@playful.com!

Anyway, got this off cleo mag! they did a poll and asked guys which they preferred, before or after..

Image hosting by Photobucket


Most guys preferred Carmen Electra, Tori Spelling and Danii Minogue AFTER their boob jobs.

Most guys preferred Tara Reid and Pamela Anderson BEFORE their boob jobs.

Alrite, so most girls I know do not have boobs so big, but who cares? I think that the most important thing, is to feel comfortable in your own breasts body. Hey, I know girls with big/small/medium sized boobs, and yet they're still as HOT as they are. As with anyone, I think the key to sexiness is actually CONFIDENCE. No surprise there eh?

There's always a certain attraction about a girl who walks into a room head held high, sauntering graciously in on super high heels!

A girl who knows exactly where she's heading to, who's not afraid to chat up a person she likes with a subtle hint of sexiness.

A girl who feels comfortable enough in her own skin to flirt, tease and use her body and brains as weapons because she knows she can. Because she knows that with the right tone of voice, words and body language, she can control any man, or lady, that she wants.

She treats herself with respect and takes care of herself well. She knows what clothes work on her, she knows how to move and dance to music(I, personally, find this extremely sexy!!). She knows how to have fun and laugh at herself.

And guess what??its the same for guys!

Through secondary school, college and even now when I'm in uni, I still get guys who ask me how to chat up a girl. And I get guys who TRY chatting me up. Note to guys: You DONT need to look like Brad Pitt though it probably wouldnt hurt and you dont need the body of a CK model to 'get' a girl.

Just freakin have some self-confidence man! Speak boldly! Dont be afraid of your own voice. Dont keep looking down at your feet/hands/behind her etc., look at her in her eyes. Move slowly. Fast movements make you look like a possible klutz. You're allowed to start with a simple line, dont have to be anything too fancy. Flirt just a lil bit. Witty NOT corny lines welcomed. Dont just pay attention to the girl you like, work the crowd she's with too. Look like you're having fun = Fun person! = Enjoyable company! = She'd want to spend time with you! = BINGO!!!

If all else fails, get some chips (WAIT! on 2nd thoughts, maybe not..it wont do anything to help your waistline!), watch "HITCH" and learn whatever you can!

Or you could read "THE GAME" by Neil Strauss.

Review by AMAZON :

Are you just another AFC ("average frustrated chump") trying to meet an HB ("hot babe")? How would you like to "full-close" with a Penthouse Pet of the Year? The answers, my friend, are in Neil Strauss's entertaining book The Game. Strauss was a self-described chick repellant--complete with large, bumpy nose, small, beady eyes, glasses, balding head, and, worst of all, painful shyness around women. He felt like "half a man." That is, until a book editor asked him to investigate the community of pickup artists. Strauss's life was transformed. He spent two years bedding some fine chiquitas and studying with some of the North America's most suave gents--including the best of them all, the God of the pickup "community," a man named Mystery.
Mystery is an aspiring Toronto magician who charges $2,250 for a weekend pickup workshop. He is not much to look at: a cross between a vampire and a computer geek. But by using high-powered marketing techniques he's turned seduction into an effortless craft--even inventing his own vocabulary. His technique sounds like a car salesman's tip sheet: his main rule is FMAC--find, meet, attract, close. He employs the "three-second rule"--always approach a woman within three seconds of first seeing her in order to avoid getting shy. Other tricks: Intrigue a beautiful woman by pretending to be unaffected by her charm; also, never hit on a woman right away. Start with a disarming, innocent remark, like "Do you think magic spells work?" or "Oh my god, did you see those two girls fighting outside?" And finally, the most important characteristic of the pickup artist--smile.

After two years, Strauss ends up becoming almost as successful as Mystery, but he comes to an important realization. His techniques were actually off-putting to the woman he ended up falling in love with. And they never prepared him for actually having a relationship. After a while, he ran out of one-liners and had to have a real conversation. Still, The Game is a great read that may help some AFCs come out of their shells. --Alex Roslin

Go read it, you AFC!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy belated bday, baby JONATHAN!

He's the smallest cutest bundle that I've seen. Mischievous, naughty, a typical boy. Ever since he's come into this world in Jan 2003, he's been the apple of the eye of all his aunts, uncles, grandaunts, granduncles...anyone who knows him.

When I left for Aus in July, he wasnt talking that much yet. When i spoke to him 4 months later, he said to me, 'I love you, Aunty Shuen!!' over the phone. Those words, so innocently said, touched my heart. It always will be imprinted in my heart. No one can say anything like that to me with the same weight ever.

I thought that being away for a few months of his essential growing-up stage would result in him forgetting me, or worse, thinking that I was a stranger. My fears were all flushed down the drain when I visited him on the first night I touched down in Msia. He went into a giggling fit! He seemed really happy to see me! and that just made me soo happy.

Through the next 6 weeks, we forged a bond so close. He felt comfortable being with me all the time(he's very picky about who he goes around with).When I was sad, he sat there on my lap. When I was feeling lonely, he was there sitting on my lap. Taking care of him made me lose myself to the world. There was nothing to worry about, nothing to think about, just him. There wasnt any second guesses as to how he feels. He laughs when he's happy. He cries when he's sad/hurt. He's so innocent and carefree. Just like a child.

Yes, he's no doubt naughty as well. Mischievous. Smart. Very smart. And he knows cars like the back of his hand! His long term interest in cars really shows through. His favourite car happens to be a Merc. and not a new BMW 5 series. He can name cars from Toyota Vios, Sentra, Unser, Proton Wira, Aeroback etc..the list goes on and on. He's the car genius, and at this rate, he's probably gonna know more cars than I do!His idea of reading a magazine is going through the Toyota newsletter-mag, asking about all the different cars, eventually memorising all the models. Is that AMAZING or wat?!

I miss him..

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY JON!! You're all of 3 years old!! Gimme a hug and kiss when I'm back k? LOVE YA!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

my most recent pic with him on 2nd Jan at KLIA airport..isnt he just soo cute?

Friday, January 27, 2006

My RoOm!!

Ok, when I came back to aus, I was bored and had absolutely NOTHING TO DO. So I turned to my ARTISTIC side and started doing a layout of pictures on my notice board. My magnificent artistic outlet resulted in this!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

My workstation. I'm a really neat person..as Mellie and Krys can tell you, i'm SURE!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

My board close up

Image hosting by Photobucket

My board looking so good, I couldnt help taking a photo with it!:)

anyone wants me to do your board? or pose with your board?:)

Confidence Booster!

A real confidence booster comes when you get hit on 3 times or in a night at random places eg

-while waiting in line at mcd's
-while walking along the streets

just a thought!

Australia Day!!

26th January. The day the first fleet of ship arrived in Australia. Australia's national day. So what do they do to celebrate?

1. Wear the Australian flag as a cape. The blue and red looks uncannily like a certain superhero.

2. Go to the pub and drink beer.

3. Beer. Beer. Beer.

4. And guess wat?? MORE beer!

How wonderful! That was basically what I did, went to Jackson's for beer with Uly, Karina, Tim and Andrew. And I adamantly refused to don the Aus flag! I AM, after all, Malaysian! Uly presently got his Union Jack after Tim ripped out 3 quarter of the Aus flag. He was a happy man, waving that plastic thing around, singing.. God save the queen... Though he smarted up and decided that it wasnt a good idea doing that in a pub overflowing with aussies. Karina observantly pointed out that I'm probably about the only Asian person in the whole place.

I must admit that I liked the whole atmosphere though - the open air, with lots of banter and laughters all around, everyone so carefree and friendly (probably coz they were half drunk already, but who cares?), groups of strangers acknowledging other strangers who were spotting the aussie flag. And as much as I HATE beer, I love the Belgium and especially the German beer (starts with 'l' and ends with 'g'..cant remember wat it says..). My frens were trying to Australia-fy me.

The Idiot's Guide to Being True Blue Aussie

-We celebrate anything and everything by going to pubs and drinking beer.
-We dont eat hot dogs; we eat sangers / sausage sizzles.
-We dont say 'surf the net'; we say 'on the net'. Surf is a verb reservd only for
the actual sport done on waves.
-Everyone's a 'mate' or 'dude'.
-Did we mention Beeer?

Then we had a game of things NOT to say in different scenarios. outcome was hilarious. These were a tiny fraction of things said.

Things NOT to say at an interview

-You mean, I need a REAL degree? I just put that in my resume coz the job ad said so.
-Wow! This room is sooo much bigger than my cell!
-Want some coke(coccaine)?
-You look very much like the last person I murdered.
-Does everyone who work here end up looking like you? I mean, I dont wanna be ugly!

Things NOT to say at a Funeral

-Today's the happiest day of my life
-To the husband of a dead wife : AWESOME! Now we can go pick-up together!
-Now that he's stiff, I wonder if sex will be better
-She's been a pain in the ass for the past 10 years. I'm glad she's gone.

There were also, things not to say

-on your first day of work
-at a wedding
-on your first date

Feel free to drop more lines and ideas on the 'tagboard' at the moment. will work on coming up with a 'comments' tag.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

self-tan spray

I had a bottle of self tan spray lying around since last year. Thought of putting it to good use and coat myself a golden brown. Results were good. At least I'm tanned ALL-ROUND, if you know what I mean..hehe.. benefits of having a self-tan spray??

-I look yummy in whites!!! wheee...
-I look so healthy and fit
-It also masks unsightly bulges, giving me a more toned appearance. Apparently.
According to Cleo mag. :)

For girls who want to look slimmer in an instant, try 'Garnier Ambre Solaire No-Streaks Bronzer Self-Tanning Spray'..highly recommended. Don't really know if you can get it in Msia though. I couldnt seem to find any there.

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