Monday, January 30, 2006

Boobs..part II

Its been drawn to my attention another celebrity who's possibly had a boob job.

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Yup, that's right..LINDSAY LOHAN

I'm sure everyone remembers her videoclip, 'RUMOURS', where she was walking through the club..I DID!

For those who don't remember/have never seen it

Anywayy...I'd like to say a few words on my opinion about the 'boob job' accusation.

Though there was, at one point, a time when her boobs were gargantuous, I dont think she's had a boob job. Why?

Simple! Cos she 'lost' her boobs when she lost weight. Anyone who's had gone for a boob job wouldn't lose their boob size that when they lose weight. Besides, she wasn't like really skinny when she had big bobs, was she? I thought it was beliievable to have boobs like that with her bod at that time. She did have big boobs, but she's probably 'lucky'(??) to have inherited good genes that.

So there! I miss her big lovely boobs though.

OK, I think I'm pretty sick of talking about boobs..

I'll be going for lecture soon..LATERZZZZZZZZ....


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