Monday, November 21, 2005

cockroach 1 : shuen 0

packing is such a pain in the arse!i spent the whole night last night packing every single thing in my room coz i'm required to. darn. its a LOT of work. and i never knew i had THIS many stuff in my room!!i guess i underestimated my shopping power..oops??sorry mom! *sheepish grin*..

i ended up sleeping for about 3 hrs last night. you know why? coz its going into summer here and that's when bloody cockroaches come crawling running out from wherever they hibernate during the winter. i hate cockroaches.


one stupid cockroach flew onto my leg when i was checking my mail at the desk.

a cockroach that crawls is at least tolerable(for me) coz i can still run away from it. but flying cockroaches??!! they come with no warning and they zap in before you know it!!sneaky sneaky!!how dare they!

another stupid-er cockroach clampered onto my bed.

i dont squash bugs (its too icky!!) and i dont have an insect spray in my room. i did a 3 second meditation to gather my whole self in an attempt to provide with the best possible situation for the both of us (me and the cockroach) - get the cockroach onto a piece of cardboard so i can chuck it out of the window. but NOOOOO..it wouldnt get on the cardboard. and where did it go instead?? to my BED!into my doona!the very bed that i sleep in!my comfy comfy bed!it showed its appreciation for ALL the bravery i mustered to get near to it in attempt of NOT killing it.. by sleeping on MY comfy bed!

'biting the hand that feeds you' hath no better example than this, surely!

i refused to get into bed. i attempted to write blogs and tamper with it to occupy myself in attempt to keep me awake. but i couldn tahan when it was 4am..

so i reluctantly climbed into bed. but made sure that the doona was on the FAR edge of the bed, so that it maximises the distance between me and the cockroach which was possibly in there.

i curled up, like a prawn, as how my dad used to say, and slept curled up like that, without my dooona..and it was FRICKING cold yesterday!raining summor!i was there, hugging myself and shivering like mad!and smartass me packed and sealed the heater up just a couple of hours before i went to bed so i couldn get it out. *smacks head*

i left the lights on, coz i was afraid that the dark might just lure the cockroach out. i think of the lights as the cockraoch's kryptonite (teehehehehe)..i dont know if thats true..anyway, there i was with the lights on and my laptop playing songs on really really low volume(thought music might scare the cockroach into not coming out!)

needless to say, with the terrible weather, lights and music switched on, i hardly had a wink of sleep last night. so much for 'take good rest before travelling'.

i HATE cockroaches


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