Wednesday, November 16, 2005

so much for beach days..

checked the weather report..this is wat it says..

PM Showers
High: 27°Low: 14°

Partly Cloudy
High: 22°Low: 16°

Partly Cloudy
High: 23°Low: 15°

Partly Cloudy
High: 26°Low: 16°

PM Thunderstorms
High: 26°Low: 18°

notice it has one of these words : 'cloudy/showers/thunderstorms'..

freaking weather!!!cant go to the beach in this weather can i??..sighz..this sux..hmmm, i wonder if it was a curse cy put on me!!a kind of spell or something, maybe?i guess i gotta stay at home and pack my stuff all day, anyone with any ideas of wat i can do indoors?or on cloudy, windy days?will really appreciate party ideas for my post exam celebrations!


At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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