Tuesday, November 15, 2005


i'm sitting in my room, hungry and lonely..waiting for my next paper to come..after that, its party party party!!you'll bump into me if you go to the beach, or my fren's parties..

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i'll be laughing in chee yoong's face, rubbing it in that i've finished my exams just coz he's been so mean to me.. :)..i'll get a tan..and you'll see me not fair, but tanned..proud to have my olive asian skin ppl!my room's so messy now!all papers everywhere!!..but its all gonna be over soon..i'm gonna be back for my bday!!(yay and no yay)..and i'm gonna be able to see all my dear beloved frens again!!muakz muakz muakz muakz muakz muakz muakz!!..7 kisses, 1 for each one of you!..i cant wait!!!!!eeeeee!!!!!!!!


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