Sunday, November 20, 2005

where's everyone?

no1's been bothered to blog??..why???whyyyy????tell me why????is it coz everyone's still having exams???is it coz i'm the only one now who's finished exams????..haha..alrite, i'll stop being so mean..or maybe not..maybe i should tell you wat i was up to yesterday..maybe i should tell you..

how beautiful the beach was at bondi..

how the girls were tanned and beautiful, sunbathing topless..

how i saw the most perfect ass ever in a g-string bikini..

how i looked delicious in a white bikini..especially after a dip in the cold sea water..

how sunny it was,yet the water was cool...cool as a cucumber(actually, was cooler than a cucumber)..

how amazing dinner at a teppanyaki place at double bay was where the chef performed for us(made us catch food in our bowls..i caught an egg in my bowl, but broke it:tried catching small pieces of fried egg with my mouth, but missed etc etc)..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
iron chef

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
iron chef in action!!*sizzles*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
iron chef wrote this upside down using salt

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
group photo!!!!i love the top i was wearing tho you cant really see it here!

how super delicious FRIED MARS BAR was!!!..it's one of the most amazing thing i've ever tasted!!they had a batter over the mars bar, deep fried it so the mars bar sorta melted inside..and put icing sugar on top of the batter..it was like eating krispy kreme with a melting mars bar in it!!AMAZING!!you guys HAVE to try it when you come here!!sighz, i now regret not taking photos of those things to put up here..to tease you guys(esp cy!!)!!hahaha..it was a beautiful lazy day yesterday..

it was funny gaining insight on how caucasians perceive asian tourists coming in tour groups to the beach garbed in suits and full-on clothes, just rolling up the bottom of the pants, and wading in the water, taking pictures, to show frens back home that they'd been to the beach and seen bondi..the convesation actually stemmed from watching a group(or rather, couple of groups, of jap tourists in business suits and full bodied clothes)..apparently, its utter crap..they did make a lot of sense..to them, going to the beach involves, lazing in the sun, getting a good warm sunshine on their body, sunning themselves tan..going for a swim in the sea, dipping under the cool waves, bobbing up and down when the waves come in..catching waves(body surfing)..that's what a visit to the beach is like for them..just a stroll along the beach and a few poses for pictures do not constitute to a 'visit to the beach'..

its funny how asian ppl wanna keep themselves away from the sun, buy various whitening products in attempt to have fair porcelain complexion whereas the caucasians, those with fair skin, go to all extent, like getting a self tan spray to spending the whole day under the sun at the beach to try and obtain a tanned complexion..isnt it just ironic?however, i must say that i AM generalising and i'm not saying that ALL asian ppl are like that, or ALL caucasians are either..personally, all i want is for my skin to be the same shade of colour..all over!..that's it..i dont really care if i'm fair or tanned..

btw, i learnt that swimming in a swimming pool and swimming in the sea are two entirely disconnected experience!!!i tried swimmin in the sea yesterday but ended up with a whole bucketful of salty seawater up my nasal cavity(trust me, its not the best feeling in the world-salt water stinging up the upper most cavity of your nose and you cant blow it out coz its already so deep up inside!!)..one tip andrew gave me..always ALWAYS take a gulpful of air just before you go down underwater and just as you get out of the water, even before you push the irritating seaweed-like hair out of your face and splutter, because there IS a chance to have 2 waves crash down on you consecutively..sighz...so many things to learn..so little time..

anywayz,..this is the little time i have to blog something coz i've been REALLY bz..gonna pack now..and then head off to jane's bday dinner at En Casa (a really good spanish restaurant on pitt street!)..cant wait!!

just in case i dont get to blog tomoro, i'm gonna be going for breakfast early morning at bronte and then going to the beach again to see the sculptures on the beach!!its the last day tomoro!!..will remember to take pics this time!!!


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