Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Here, I would like to wish EVERYONE a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

I wish everyone good health, wealth and happiness.. and of course, lots of love and warmth from all your beloved.

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Here're some ang pows and mandarin oranges (printed on the red packet!kill two birds with one stone! muahahaha) for you!

This New Year is the year of the DOG..so everyone born in the year of the DOG, you're either 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72..!!! hehe..I know a lot of 24yo for some reason..so good luck to you all!! and MUMMY too!!! may the year ahead be a FANTASTIC yr filled with lots of bright colourful experiences!! HUGZZZZ...LOVE YOU ALL!!

To the TIGERS : Be kind to me. Shower me with lots of gifts and then you'll have a wonderful year ahead! Muahahha... Treat me bad/bully me and karma comes back to you!! hehe..

To the RABBITS : We're still young, unlike the TIGERS. SO lets go out an PART-AY!!! We dont care what nonsense the TIGERS say about us..87's ROCK!! :)..

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