Friday, January 27, 2006

Australia Day!!

26th January. The day the first fleet of ship arrived in Australia. Australia's national day. So what do they do to celebrate?

1. Wear the Australian flag as a cape. The blue and red looks uncannily like a certain superhero.

2. Go to the pub and drink beer.

3. Beer. Beer. Beer.

4. And guess wat?? MORE beer!

How wonderful! That was basically what I did, went to Jackson's for beer with Uly, Karina, Tim and Andrew. And I adamantly refused to don the Aus flag! I AM, after all, Malaysian! Uly presently got his Union Jack after Tim ripped out 3 quarter of the Aus flag. He was a happy man, waving that plastic thing around, singing.. God save the queen... Though he smarted up and decided that it wasnt a good idea doing that in a pub overflowing with aussies. Karina observantly pointed out that I'm probably about the only Asian person in the whole place.

I must admit that I liked the whole atmosphere though - the open air, with lots of banter and laughters all around, everyone so carefree and friendly (probably coz they were half drunk already, but who cares?), groups of strangers acknowledging other strangers who were spotting the aussie flag. And as much as I HATE beer, I love the Belgium and especially the German beer (starts with 'l' and ends with 'g'..cant remember wat it says..). My frens were trying to Australia-fy me.

The Idiot's Guide to Being True Blue Aussie

-We celebrate anything and everything by going to pubs and drinking beer.
-We dont eat hot dogs; we eat sangers / sausage sizzles.
-We dont say 'surf the net'; we say 'on the net'. Surf is a verb reservd only for
the actual sport done on waves.
-Everyone's a 'mate' or 'dude'.
-Did we mention Beeer?

Then we had a game of things NOT to say in different scenarios. outcome was hilarious. These were a tiny fraction of things said.

Things NOT to say at an interview

-You mean, I need a REAL degree? I just put that in my resume coz the job ad said so.
-Wow! This room is sooo much bigger than my cell!
-Want some coke(coccaine)?
-You look very much like the last person I murdered.
-Does everyone who work here end up looking like you? I mean, I dont wanna be ugly!

Things NOT to say at a Funeral

-Today's the happiest day of my life
-To the husband of a dead wife : AWESOME! Now we can go pick-up together!
-Now that he's stiff, I wonder if sex will be better
-She's been a pain in the ass for the past 10 years. I'm glad she's gone.

There were also, things not to say

-on your first day of work
-at a wedding
-on your first date

Feel free to drop more lines and ideas on the 'tagboard' at the moment. will work on coming up with a 'comments' tag.


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