Sunday, July 30, 2006


Zoe said something which brought me up to cloud 9 today.

'Shuen, I wanna 'keep fit' and achieve a body like yours!

oh, and the most important bit...

'You have my dream body!'

How not to kembang like that?!??!?!




Happy happy..

So I ate a huge choc sundae and had pasta buffet for dinner! -_-'



I have no idea what's wrong with my Ucard, which among others, functions as my key to my apartment building AND door.

I hope I don't have to pay $20 to replace it! Eeek!!



That's how I feel tonight.

So many things on my mind.
So many things I have to think about.
So many things worrying me.

Damn emo now.
And James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful' is on.
Extra emo.

You know what song is comforting though?

Strangely enough, Wang Lee Hom's 'Bu Yao Hai Pa'(Don't be afraid).

Oh, how wonderful!
Now its 'No Bravery'!

OK, let's talk about something.

Oh, I bumped into Andrew and Jo yesterday at the Sexpo!
Havent seen them in AGES!
I think it must've been at least 4-5 months!
Didn't feel like it though.
Felt like I just saw them yesterday.

They're still very much together,
very much looking good healthy and robust.

I still remembered the first time Andrew introduced Jo to us.
Manning Bar, after (or during) a MADSOC event.
I still remembered thinking what a lovely redhead she is!
She seriously reminds me of a much slimmer Reese Witherspoon.

Since they were there, I thought I'd give Tim a call too.
I almost hung up, thinking he won't answer his call.
But amazingly, he did!
Still sounded the same ol' Tim.

Damn, my throat's killing me!
Its SO sore and dry!
My voice is cracky, with even the tiniest mouth movement hurting my throat.

Funnily enough,the other day we learnt about Whooping Cough in lecture!

Ok, suddenly dont feel like writing much anymore.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as I walked through the gates and was greeted with a bare breasted promoter, I knew it wasn't for the faint-hearted.

Being a virgin to events such as these, I came out very much more educated.


Vibrators are NOT CHEAP!!!

They were averagely about AUD$60!!! And those were the prices after discount! I always thought they were like about 30 to 50 bucks.

.. I think that's basically where the lesson ended.. and experience started..

Stalls were selling everything and anything to do with sex. Its very much like the exhibitions in Mid-Valley, except this is much bigger.

I was highly entertained through the Male Amateur Strip Competition. It was HILARIOUS!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Line 10 guys up and ask them to strip down to their thongs, and you'll get all sorts of nonsense. From peekaboo dicks to body rolls to gyrating each other's hips Brokeback Style.. it was all very very amusing. I could hardly stop laughing!

Even my guy friends preferred the Male Competition compared to the Female Competition! There were just a measly 5 girls up on stage, and non quite so droolworthy save 1. Eventually, the MILF won the Female Strip Competition.

Of course, one of the main highlights was the performance by Miss Nude Australia, Arianna Starr.

She was HOT!!!

Man, what I'd give for her


Took pictures with topless girls from PLAYERS SHOWGIRLS.

The girls loved my openess and enthusiasm,
one of them placed my hands on her boobs,
making my 3 other guy friends green with envy.

As we were leaving, the photographer discreetly slipped this into my hand..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I dont know whether to be flattered or insulted.


Its a SEXPO. Of COURSE I had to get something!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A little red dress + pink fluffy handcuffs!!!


I wanted to get so much more, but I didnt bring enough cash. I didn't expect to spend that much!


I just finished tidying my room!
I can FINALLY see some of the grey floor carpet again!!!

The princess needs some sleep now!


Thursday, July 27, 2006


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Curls or Straight???

I wish I could do that voting thing.. but my computer skills not that good.. sigh..

P.S. Wai Hong thought of NEMO for my Orange+White saga!! :D.. I LIKE!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Xie Wenn!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
L-R : Krystle, Xie Wenn, Surene and Shuen

You still look as hot as ever, with your beauty and unique elegance that none can replicate. Take care girl and all the best in Melbourne!!! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun there!

Oh, yea.. was gonna wish you, but I didn't have your no. I told Tina to pass the message though..



Today was the 2nd day I didn't switch my heater off before I left for class. Grrr..

Came back to a super stuffy warm room!

Sigh, I can foresee a whole semester of unavailabillity on the phone from 2pm-4pm every Tuesday til Friday.

You know why??

Coz the lecture theatre doesn't have ANY phone connection! NO LINE! AT ALL!

I'm so used to smsing ppl when I'm bored sitting in lectures. Now, I have none of that luxury no more. :( Gonna have to sit through 2 hrs of lectures straight. How sad.

But its alrite, a few hot guys around, one particular hot Singaporean girl around.. so I guess its not all that bad.. *grin*

You know what turns me on? What turns me on is when a girl is hot AND smart. And I think that hot Singaporean girl fits the criteria ;) so she's my turn-on-ner

Anyway, I'm really starting to get back into life in Sydney. Meeting old friends, making new ones. Not too bad. Not too bad.

Almost missed my lab again!

It would've been bad if I really did coz I was supposed to go for this make-up lab after I've missed yesterday's lab. Labs are important. They're usually the only thing I attend since attendance counts.

Eshan beckoned me to go for the usual Wed night cheap drinks at The Well. I think I shall go and look around at all the new faces.

Gotta go get ready.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting A pic I took at Darling Harbour.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


It certainly hasn't taken me long to return back to my pre-hols routine of skipping classes and sleeping in.

I'm still suffering from post-hols blues.

Wait, come to think of it..I never in my life had post-hols blues. I still remember when I couldnt wait for school to start coz I had holiday blues!

I tried shifting back into my Sydney mode, but I still couldn't help :

..calling up UniMelb to ask about credit transfers
..dropping by IDP which happened to be opposite the clinic I went to today
..browsing through the prospectus wondering if I have good enough results for Medicine or Biomed

I think I really should stop thinking about Melbourne.





Alrite.. from now, no more mention of Melbourne in my blog! Though the same can't be said about everyday life! :P


Zebra No More!

Krys and YY have been calling me a giraffe/zebra thanks to my long graceful neck(ok, this is not why they call me giraffe but it'll do! ;P)
and my black and white striped scarf!

Today, I've officially managed to fuse those two together!

I've gone on to wear my ORANGE AND WHITE striped Stussy top!!



I've got MAIL!

Yestrday, Alex handed me my letters. Among them, there was only one particular one that fascinated me.

Its handwritten words stood out among the rest of the printed ones. I was immediately drawn to it.

Needless to say, it was the first letter I opened.

There greeting me was a note from Mellie!

How ironic it was that I'd receive a letter from her on the day she left Sydney!

She'd sent it long ago, back when she was still in Edinburgh. Thanks to the efficiency of POST Australia, the letter reached only on the 11th of this month.

Nevertheless, there was still that burning flame, warming my heart. You know, that feeling when you know you've receive a personal letter in your post, and that someone still cares about you?

I've kept that letter in a safe safe place, and is one of my most treasured possession now.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

My last day of 10 days in Melbourne.


The past 10 days have been really memorable..

Newfound friends
Lame jokes

Thank you my friends, for making my Melbourne holiday one of the best ever!

Thank you YY, Krys and Mel for flying all the way to Australia.
Thank you Tina and ES for making the effort to plan things for us to do and accomodating us.
Thank you, my new friends, for spicing up my stay here in Melbourne.

Thank you guys!!

Its felt like a wonderful dream, and I hope never to get up. But reality calls. Unfortunately.

A step back to uni will be very difficult. It will feel like there are a thousand horses pulling me back from that first step.

I dont know if its the daunting idea that I'm going to start 2nd year, or the fact that its just uni which equals more work. Or maybe, its the idea that I'll have to leave my wonderful dream and friends for another half a year.

I hardly know how it feels like to be in Sydney anymore.

I woke up extra early this morning, the first to get up actually, which is a first! I think I subconsciously didn't wanna waste my last day here in Melbourne.

Man.. I hope they're really serious about the roadtrip up to gold coast in coming September! I'm gonna miss all of em here!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


I never knew I'd feel this way for my room!

My friends have been here for a few days now and all I care about now is snuggling up into my comfortable bed I'm so used to all these months.

The beds at SUV are actually really good, by far, the best I've layed my back on. Of all homes, hotels and rooms and etc. this has been my favourite bed.

I felt bad getting off the car and walking away. But I knew that I missed my room and to a certain extent, my freedom of doing things. Life is different here than in Malaysia, and there are things I HAVE TO do.

Being so far away from my place for the past few days certainly has been refreshing, but there are still things to be done.

Chee Yoong's leaving tomorrow.

We tried looking for a bottle of Belvedere, but the search ended in vain. The closest thing we got to Belvedere was vodka(belvedere) lemon lime and a shot of Belvedere. Its actually not too bad, but I STILL don't see what's really so nice about it.


Maybe we should have vodka tasting like how they have wine tasting! :D



As much as I may LOOK deceiving, *stares at Chee Yoong* , I'm actually very honest and innocent. But Krys...??? hehehhehehhee..

1st incident
She called Pei Fei and pretended to be ME to dig up some information. Such a big CON!! haha!!

And I *still* can't get over the fact that Pei Fei couldn't differentiate our voices!

2nd incident
I called Smalls, and told her I was Shuen to which she replied.. 'NO!! You're KRYS!!' for a good whole 5 mins or so..

When asked if Krys always tricks her, she went..'YEAH!'

Smalls really still didn't blieve I was Shuen even though I've repeated it so many times!

It was me, Smalls! It was ME!! Me NO LIE!!!

I'm so innocent OK.. haha.. but damn funny lar..


Good FOOD,
Good WINE,

Since the arrival of Mel, Krys and YY, I've been SUPER bz, I haven't even had enough sleep to recuperate from the exam/world cup fever.

Went for a road trip up to Hunter Valley yesterday, and impulsively decided to stay a night there. It ended up to be a cold long night sleeping in the car. Probably the first and the last I'd like of THAT experience! Unless, of course, its a HUGER and MORE SPACIOUS car!

I didn't sleep a wink!
Alright, maybe I did.
Like, 40 winks.
So, yea.. I could probably be mistaken for a panda crossing the road if not for the fact that my skin's tanned instead of WHITE!

I have so many pics to put up, but they're all super big files thanks to YY's 6 mega pixel camera. Taken SO many pics in the last few days!!

Oh.. You know what??? You know what???
I never knew I was such a poser *looks down coyly* until these few days..

Most of the time, my poses really can't make it, but this time, I had so many different poses that at least one or two of them were alrite! Teeehehee!!! See.. when in doubt, just cover as much grounds as possible!!


I noticed that recently, I have this tendency to stay back and talk to random ppl even after my friends have left. So much so that if we need anyone to talk to ppl for us, my friends just naturally push me to go do any talking (like how Chee Yoong naturally assumes the job of taking photos for us).

And c'mon, they didn't even need to *push* me to do it since I was very happy and willing to do it myself.. I should learn how NOT to sell myself short.

Oops.. gotta go change now and get ready to go out yet again.. the prince and princesses have awaken..

But before I disappear....

I have to say this..

GO, FRANCE, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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