Saturday, July 29, 2006


I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as I walked through the gates and was greeted with a bare breasted promoter, I knew it wasn't for the faint-hearted.

Being a virgin to events such as these, I came out very much more educated.


Vibrators are NOT CHEAP!!!

They were averagely about AUD$60!!! And those were the prices after discount! I always thought they were like about 30 to 50 bucks.

.. I think that's basically where the lesson ended.. and experience started..

Stalls were selling everything and anything to do with sex. Its very much like the exhibitions in Mid-Valley, except this is much bigger.

I was highly entertained through the Male Amateur Strip Competition. It was HILARIOUS!

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Line 10 guys up and ask them to strip down to their thongs, and you'll get all sorts of nonsense. From peekaboo dicks to body rolls to gyrating each other's hips Brokeback Style.. it was all very very amusing. I could hardly stop laughing!

Even my guy friends preferred the Male Competition compared to the Female Competition! There were just a measly 5 girls up on stage, and non quite so droolworthy save 1. Eventually, the MILF won the Female Strip Competition.

Of course, one of the main highlights was the performance by Miss Nude Australia, Arianna Starr.

She was HOT!!!

Man, what I'd give for her


Took pictures with topless girls from PLAYERS SHOWGIRLS.

The girls loved my openess and enthusiasm,
one of them placed my hands on her boobs,
making my 3 other guy friends green with envy.

As we were leaving, the photographer discreetly slipped this into my hand..
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I dont know whether to be flattered or insulted.


Its a SEXPO. Of COURSE I had to get something!

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A little red dress + pink fluffy handcuffs!!!


I wanted to get so much more, but I didnt bring enough cash. I didn't expect to spend that much!


I just finished tidying my room!
I can FINALLY see some of the grey floor carpet again!!!

The princess needs some sleep now!


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