Friday, June 30, 2006

You know you really need sleep when you take off your eyeliner at night, and still keep going coz you thought that your dark circles were traces of stubborn eyeliner!


Yesterday was probably one of the most eventful day I've had in AGES!!!!!!!!!

1. Sing Yee..!!!!

I FINALLY got to meet Sing Yee!!!!! How cool is that?? This is the first time EVER that I've met someone from blogging!

She looks so much like Min Li, I seriously mistook her for Min Li at first when I saw her in the dark at Space.

But when I went closer.. we both started freaking out, and I was like..
'YUP! Definitely the crazy Sing Yee'

Meeting her like that in a club was a bit of a shame. Couldn't really talk to her coz I felt bad ditching Carmen,Zia Wen and Howie for periods at a time.

Eh, girl! When you come back.. make sure you gimme a holler k?? We'll go for a drink!

2. Anan Anwar

Yea, you guys are asking, who the hell is this???

He, is a friend. And HE is a Thai pop star.

Last night, I introduced Carmen and Zia Wen to some of guy friends. When we were talking about each other's ethnicities, we figured out almost everyone's.. and then it came to Anan. I could never figure out what ethnicity he is.

'Scottish + Indonesian', he said.
I know, like how did THAT come about, right?? Anyway.. Carmen asked him if he knew how to speak Bahasa Indonesia/Malay.
'Nope! I can only speak English, Thai..'
'*choke* THAI???!!! How? Why?' she replied.
You see.. Carmen spent a couple of years growing up in Thailand, and has a thing for Thai guys. So.. back to the story..
'I was born and raised in Thailand, that's why,' he said.

They started walking off ahead of us in a world of their own, and I just overheard the words 'where' and 'school'.

In less than a minute, the whole bunch of us behind them thought the both of them had gone mad when they jumped up and down like MANIACS!!

*I* was freaked out.

I'd TOTALLY understand if it was just Carmen jumping about like a maniac, but both Carmen AND Anan??? That just looked really weird..

Anyway, turns out they went to the same school.

Right after that, while waiting for the lights to turn green, she asked him..

'Hey, did you know that Anan Anwar's studying here in Sydney???!!?'

He looked at her, smiled and said..

'You haven't got my name, have you.'

Carmen ABSOLUTELY FREAKED OUT (again)!!! Like.. RIGHT OUT OF HER MIND!! She screamed and jumped like a total lunatic!

Zia Wen and I were lost. We had no idea what the hell just happened.

It was only after a while that we got the plot.

Anan Anwar was this pop star back in Thailand and he used to go to her school. She couldn't recognise him coz he used to be this small at that time. She still vividly remembers his music video..

And his guy pals didn't help the situation by singing and dancing to his hit songs that they found on youtube. They actually memorised that Thai song from totally no background Thai knowledge.
Wonders of the brain huh.
What a shame..if only they'd put it to good use..

So yea.. those were the highlights of my night. It was just hilarious when Carmen asked Anan himself if he knew that HE was in Sydney. And I still cant get over the fact that I finally met a total stranger from bloggin!!

Come! Quick! Someone come up to me and ask me if I know SHUEN was in Sydney!! Make me feel like a star for once!! :D



'Scuze bee..

Got a cold from running around below 10 degrees in just basically a white tank top and jeans. Smart ppl decided to walk to Unilodge from the city too.


This morning, I got up with a cold, and a TERRIBLE SORE THROAT!!!

Now its a cold, a terrible sore throat and a HEADACHE!!


How absolutely MARVELOUS!!!



I think I've lost my ability to dance. I've noticed that the past few times I went out clubbing, I hadn't danced like how I used to.

I've lost my flo' yo!

I can't dance anymore... :( ... *sob*..


Shopping Diary

You know how some ppl on diet keep a Food Diary?? Well, I'm gonna have a shopping diary..

Things I bought from shopping yesterday:

1) Sass and Bide - dark denim jeans
2) Nine West - heels (on sale ok! was SOO lucky to get the second last pair!! Lucky one of them was my size too!!)
3) Cotton On - Ugg boots, hole-y black long sleeved top and black and grey stripe mid-thigh turtleneck jumper.
4) Accesorize - Belt
5) Havaiannas sandals
6) Black with gold rim belt from *omgiforgotthenameoftheshop*
7) Purple jacket from SES ( was seriously cheap!)

I still want my True Religion Joey and Johnny jeans!!But they cost HEAPS!!!

Anyone feeling really generous???


At 1:53 AM, Blogger Sing Yee said...

Hahaha holla sexy lady!

iam glad to meet u there

and that anan anwar Was damn cute...
he must be very handsome now!!!!

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