Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Sometimes i think that its good what comes out of thigns so that you know what comes ou t of things. i think i dont know what i'm talking about and thus and writing crap. i'm allowing my hands to type freestyle without thinking if sentences make sense. that's how i am with doodling. doodle is my free-time past time. i write down the first word i hear or think right after the next word is done. it doesnt make sense most of the time, but amuses alex, carmen and chris a lot. i wonder if that's any hint of creativity i have. who am i to kid? i'm taking increasingly long showers as it gets colder. its a solace for me from the cold weather. its probably not good since hot water dehydrates my skin and makes me crazy. zoe just screamed. i think korea must've scored another goal. i'll go check whats happening and will not come back to blog. it was good to take the dump out on you. i dont think you really read what i wrote anyway. if you did, then you know that you're really bored and have nothing to do. loser. man, wats up with me today? alrite i should go now. tarahhhhhh.

Edit : Man, i just reread what I wrote and realised I make no sense whatsoever.


At 2:09 AM, Anonymous yay said...

yay~ korea won 2:1


At 11:32 AM, Blogger miss vanity said...

i actually read what u wrote... and im suppose to be studying for my exam tomorrow. procrastination away!

o btw, u made sense by not making any sense!


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