Sunday, June 04, 2006


Today marks the first day I actually felt like staying at home to STUDY instead of going out!


I never thought that day would ever come!

Well, I went out anyway.. I must say I didn't regret it at all coz it's ALWAYS fun hanging out with my buddies! Plus, I hadn seen Carmen for AGES before today..

I missed her..



Australian laws allow 5 ppl in a car - 2 in front, 3 behind.

We had 6 ppl coming back from dinner, trying to squeeze into Ron's S-Class (really nice car by the way)..

So I offered to get into the boot!

Which further fortified my reputation as a nutcase and a retard..

'QUICK! Close the boot Ron!! Before she tries to get in!!' said Carmen
After putting her bag in it..

I mean.. what's wrong with riding in the boot?

Chinatown to SUV isn't THAT far!!
Riding in the boot sounds fun!
Just as long as no car crashes into the back of his car!



I think I'm putting on weight.
But there's a good side to it!!!!!

I've got boobs now!




I missed the Guess' 50% sale..
coz I was busy partying at The Grand Opening of The Well..

Far out man!!!



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