Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Birthday CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!

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Dikes on Mikes

I'm now working with DOM.


'... who would like to gain valuable work experience in the entertainment industry..if you are studying event management, communications or advertising then this could be your opportunity to gain valuable work experience'

That's a snippet of the job ad in the weekly uni magazine.

I'd expected not to get paid coz it IS work experience, so I was in for a surprise when Yvonne offered me $12.00 per hour (cash). That's without the ridiculous 30-40% tax which applies normally, so I guess its pretty good.

Its been very flexible. I've been working whenever I want to since its basically work from home, like sending out e-mails, contacting ppl, etc etc.. Getting paid working from home at my own pace is pretty darn good!

I'm pleased.

The only thing that Jay's not happy about is that I'm promoting a lesbian event.

He knew there HAD to be a catch!

I'm in it for the experience more than anything, and it just HAPPENED to be a lesbian event!

Its not everyday I come across a job opportunity like that which isn't a 9-5 job or anything.

Its hard to find casual work of this nature here.

So YEA!!

I'm enjoying myself AND getting paid. I'm not complaining!


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