Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I Wanna Lick You!!!!!

After dinner, I split ways with John, Alex and Pinky.
They headed home while I went to IGA.
On MY way back, while waiting at the traffic lights,
someone said these words into my ear :
'I wanna lick you!'

That guy walked on,
turning around a few times to look at me
only to be greeted with
Me happily licking my ice-cream.



Our Childhoods...

Tina wants to go watch DISNEY ON ICE in Melbourne!
I wanna go to the ZOO in Sydey!!

It makes you wonder what kind of childhood we had.. :P

On another note, I wanna watch STOMP in Sydney!!
Anyone up for it??



That's what I'm gonna be doing this Saturday at 11am!!
It's gonna be SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Kim Teck told me he got so many girls wet last year!
(hahhaa.. omg, i just realised what that sentence sounded like..)

Yea, so.. I guess I shouldn't be wearing white this Saturday!

hmmm.. this means that my possible shopping trip to Chatswood might be cancelled! noooo..



I promised Winnie that I'll go RnB-ing at Equilibrium this Friday.
I promised Sandy I'll go to the Messy Cruise,
but only because...I thought the Messy cruise was gonna be NEXT Friday!

Now they BOTH fall on the same day?


I could go for both since the Messy cruise thing says 7.30pm-10.30pm (yea right, like it's gonna end at 10.30pm!!).
So, after 10.30pm, I COULD hop over to Equilibrium to RnB with Winnie!

Sounds like a plan right???


I could just skip Messy cruise altogether.
It DOES cost $35.. which could get me an OK-looking top from somewhere!

I mean, at this point, shopping's more satisfying than booze or food!

And my rationale???

Shopping doesn't make you fat.
Booze and Food do.

Shopping requires energy (think trying out clothes, walking around, doing mental arithmetics..etc) thus aiding in weight loss/fitness.
Booze and Food just help you pile on your weight.

Shopping releases endorphins (conclusion based on the fact that I'm always happier after shopping)
Booze and Food just make you feel dull and drowsy.

See where I'm getting at??

Conclusion : Shopping's better than eating/drinking!



A while back, I was chatting to Alex about girls etc.
I've always wondered what kinda girls guys are really looking for.
In Alex and Chris, I found similar answers.
They've divided girls into 3 categories - CUTE, ELEGANT and HOT

I'd go for a girl who's ELEGANT or maybe CUTE.

Yea, I'd go for a girl who's ELEGANT.
What about the HOT one then?
Nah, she'd go off running to another guy in 5 mins. Hot girls are for flings.
Yeah, and I want an elegant one so that she carries herself well at dinner parties and stuff (this statement from one of em who's grown up going to all sorts of formal parties thanks to his dad's profession)
What IS elegant anyway? How do you define 'ELEGANT'?Gimme an example of someone who is.
Catherine Zeta-Jones.
One of the girls from Twins. Reanne's (a mutual friend) pretty elegant too, and this girl from TSA (Taiwanese Students' Association) is by far the most elegant I've seen here.

From all the examples given, it seems to me that Asian guys like soft, quiet girls.

Apart from Catherine Zeta-Jones,
the rest of the examples are quiet, gentle girls..
you know, that kind where you feel as though they'd crumble once you speak a little louder to them.

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I've always thought that ELEGANT ladies would be one who's like Julie Andrews (the queen in Princess Diaries) or a few of some other older women I know.

Nothing like the 'softies' the guys just illustrated.

Can I then just draw a general conclusion from these guys' opinions,
as well as other experiences by girls who 'lost' their guys to 'softer quieter more feminine' girls...
that Asian guys like softies as opposed to strong, opinionated ones?

Alex always complains about Asian girls gettin 'robbed' by 'other' guys.

Well, this I say..
since Asian guys like ELEGANT + CUTE girls,
the rest of the girls would definitely find someone ELSE who like them the way they are.

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I'm not one who has any racial preference when it comes to guys - I just haven't dated an Asian guy ('asian' here excludes south asians).
Yea, and Alex, you wonder why..

I don't think I'm all THAT ELEGANT or CUTE or HOT..
I'm probably not your usual female species anyway..
alrite, I'm just a really messed-up girl..(OMG, this sounds like something ALEX would say to me!)

Reasons I'm not your typical girl :

1) My friends here are 98% guys
2) I don't get jealous all that easily
3) I check out girls
4) I jump and run about
5) I sometimes think like a guy (in terms of relationships)

I dont think I'm REALLY CUTE,
I dont think I'm REALLY ELEGANT,
I dont think I'm REALLY HOT..

So, how do I find guys if I'm ever faced with THAT situation??

Disclaimer : Its not like I'm looking for anyone now! I'm perfectly happy now, but I just cant help wondering what will happen to me if I'm all alone and single and desperate for a guy?!

It was all so depressing!

J did tell me what he thought of me...
Of course, it might be flattering lies..

I think that when you're dressed up to go out and all, I think you're really ELEGANT and HOT. When you're dressed down in 'house clothes' you're CUTE.

but I shall leave it as that and continue to delve in my disillusionments! :P

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At 7:42 PM, Blogger Fashionasia said...

er...i always use the word elegant as a better word to express "old fashion"
eg. someone would ask me "do u like my dress"
I would answer..."oh it looks elegant on you"
in which i actually mean that...."oh you look like a 60year old rich men tai tai"
think sparkling velvet.

At 5:25 AM, Anonymous smalls said...

'i wanna lick you'

darn, thats one good pick up line girl. you should have followed him.hahah

At 6:29 AM, Anonymous mingwei said...

i'm clumsy and messy... oh noo.... justin better not leave me.. haha

At 4:24 PM, Blogger ~little princess~ said...

fashionasia : haha.. now that's comforting!!!

smalls : next time a guy says that to you, i'll watch you follow him k?? hahaha

ming wei : hahha.. clumsy and messy??? i NEVER knew!!! it must be one of your best kept secrets!

At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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