Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My newfound fascination/hobby now robs me of time.

So many many things to blog about!
But no time at all!!

Now, I feel that a photo-less entry is such a waste!
Why fill whole spaces up with only words, when I can spruce things up with colours and pictures?

Oh, right, before I forget..please pardon this entry for being photoless.

I promise you I had something to write about. But due to my lack of time to photoshop the pix, I have decided to leave it for a later date to write about it. At which the content of my entry will probably be very outdated, therefore losing its 'Oooh' and 'Ahhhh' factor!

I also predict a LONG delay of any effort-ful posts (basically those that I really put my heart into composing) because I've gotta snap out of holiday mood! (hard when holidays have been sprinkled liberally in the past couple of weeks!)

And get my study engines running again!!

I've been calling everyone out to go to the movies with me.
And the responses I get?

'Sorry, I need to study tonight!'
'I'm tired. I wanna go for badminton later.' (wtf right? haha..obviously quoted from a nonsensical idiotic guy.. like ALEX!!)
'What movie you wanna watch? ohh, THAT one? er.. I think I've gotta study tonight.'
'I'll pass. Wanna stay home and watch OC.'

Those were responses from guy friends.

The last I checked, weren't guys meant to be more laidback and less studious?
Ok, OK, that's bad stereotyping.

But there I was left alone on a Tuesday night watching OC followed by Rove Live while snacking on Jack's crinkle cut potato chips and Nutella, straight from the tub, in Alex's apartment, when I could've been out enjoying movie at half the usual price!

On eating Nutelly straight out of the tub..

I'm supposed to be on a diet! And Mike just HAD to tell me that eating Nutella just like that is GOOD! Being a new Nutella fan, I had NO IDEA! Obviously I'd want to try it out!! Geezz..

Wonderful, I tell you. WONDERFUL!


Pep talk for myself

Tomorow, I shall skip my whole day of uni and hide in the library to study.

STUDY, shuen, STUDYYY!!!

Study Physics so you can attempt the assignment questions!

Wednesday - Maths & Phys
Thursday - Phys
Friday - Chem

You can do it, Shuen!!

Be that smartass you know you can be! Study hard! GO! GO! GO!


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At 4:19 AM, Anonymous gavin said...

Study study study shuen!! I need to study too.. Study study study gavin!! Skip the day, go to the library, open the book, check the chicks out.. ;) Weehee!!

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