Sunday, April 16, 2006


Hehe.. I was the first!! YAY!! :D



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I purchased my first ever item on EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've always wanted the nokia7370 when I saw Tina's!!!!

For the record, Tina's a trendsetter, whether or not she realises it. She's WAAAAYY ahead of fashion and she knows what looks good on her!!! You see her wear something and soon after that it's the next big thing! She's just ahead of our time, that babe!

Anywayzzzz.. Been trying to get that phone on a plan with Optus. But I still like the Vodafone rates much better than Optus. I've been sitting on my itchy ass for over a month now!

FINALLY!!! thanks to Samuel Loh who officially intro-ed me to Ebay.. I've purchased it at..


Well, it would've been $350.96 if not for the last other bidder who bidded at $380.05!! Sighz..

Oh, well, the prices for that model were more than $400.00 anyway, so I guess I got quite a good deal!!!! YAAAYYY!!!!!!

The retail price here is $590.00 and I got it for.... more than $200.00 bucks cheaper on Ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK, I shall not be too excited just yet..

I'm just hyperventilating..

I guess the thrill wasnt the fact that I bought something for the 1st time from Ebay,
or that I got it for 200++ less...

but the fact that Sam and I were sitting in front of my comp
refreshing the page over and over again..
counting down to the last second
to see if I actually won!

He was determined that I would not get such a good deal for that price!!.. I was apparently VERY LUCKY!

MAN, that guy's a pro Ebayer!!!! SO many tips I would never have known if I'd gone through the whole process myself!!!

Gonna reserve my 2 bottles of smirnoff double blacks in the fridge for celebrations when I actually get my package!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............


At 4:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goh...nou dat vink nou lief :)
Dave feliciteren alvast....thnx zegt tie. Oke jullie lopen voor, maar nooit geweten dat dit 8 maand zou zijn..Maakt ook niet uit...tis goed bedoeld :)

Liefs en groetjes,
Dave en Newilé



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