Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Alone = Sad?????

Who the hell came up with that equation??

Today, I decided I'd treat myself to a chick flick after my Physics Progressive Test since I worked for it (albeit just a lil) and Tuesday = half-priced movie tix!

Thing is, I decided to watch it alone.

When I told Jonathan that, he went all ballistic and said..

'WHAT??? ALONE?? Don't pull my leg!! You MUST be joking!! Eh, c'mon la.. that's so sad man.. I'd NEVER EVER go watch movies alone! The last thing I'd do.. EVER!!! Please, that's just SO SAD!!!!! Why the hell are you even doing that??!!'

I was surprised at what an overwhelming reaction I got.
Honestly, I'd expected him to react less.. explosive??

Watching movies alone doesn't mean I've got no friends.
Watching movies alone doesn't mean I'm a loner.
Watching movies alone doesn't mean I'm socially challenged.
Watching movies alone doesn't mean I don't party.

I never considered watching movies alone, SAD.

Why should anyone who does anything alone be called a SAD person??
Heaps of ppl eat out alone in cafes and restaurants here.
Heaps of ppl walk alone on the streets, travel alone on buses.

Is single-dom really all that dreadful? Is being alone a growing disease of being seen by others as an outcast?

Suppose this totally hot, gorgeous girl you see around uni sets your heart a-flutter.
Would you go up to her if she's always surrounded by friends?
Or would you rather approach her if she's all alone?

I think its safe to say that the answer's the latter.

See, doing things alone isn't so bad. It's helping to create opportunities for you guys out there, nudging you to be bold and take chances.

Aliska, a girlfriend of mine I chatted with, upon learning that I was going to the movies alone, said..

'Wow, girl! You've got guts!! It takes a LOT of confidence and self-assuredness for someone to go watch a movie alone!'

See!! At least she understands!

I'm not a loner, and I think its safe to say that I'm not 'sad'.

I just feel comfortable spending time alone with myself. Its nice having to take a breathe away from everyone, pamper myself, indulge in being myself and enjoying my own company.

I'm sure even the most sociable person feels the same way too! This is just one of the many ways I spend time doing things I like to do.

By the way, Jonathan, the whole experience was fun. I loved the movie, though it was every bit cheesy + corny (c'mon! What is a chick flick without those ingredients!).

There were funny bits here and there too, and I actually laughed out loud by myself! Along with the rest of the very warm, receptive audience in Cinema 12.

Of course, there was that cute guy in the movie too, which made everything seem more worth while.. :)

Yes, I'm shallow. So?? Who isn't, to some degree?


After that movie, I watched 'Inside Man' with Alex, Jon and Joyce. Movie was REALLY GOOD!!!



At 2:44 AM, Blogger Philip said...

nothing wrong wiv watching a movie alone. i always do that. becoz i prefer to. no distractions. haha.

At 5:23 PM, Blogger Sing Yee said...

were u at broadway cinema watching shes the man last night????

yeah i must agree with u tho... doing things alone for me aint considered as sad.

i think people who thinks doing stuff alone is real SAD!

and i do enjoy my own company!!! ")


At 10:58 PM, Blogger miss vanity said...

actually i ENJOY being alone. i went shopping alone yesterday for 3 hours +. the only reason i stopped was coz i had to get home to change for dinner. Nothing wrong with spending quality time with urself once in a while :)

At 3:25 AM, Blogger ~little princess~ said...

philip : I so know what you mean!!!!! no distractions whatsoever!!!

sing yee : haha..no not last night.. I caught the 4.00pm one!!! :).. was watching INSIDE MAN at 6.00pm!!

tina : hahhaa..why am I not surprised, tina?? hahhaha.. good on you!! *hugz*

At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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