Tuesday, April 04, 2006


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Poser shit!

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For Sunnies Ad..

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Heehehheeehehee *laughs like maniac while rolling head around*

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FEATURING... MATRIX-STYLE SUNNIES!! - without the side thingie
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See!! MAGIC!!!!

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Matrix sunniess is useless without cool Matrix pose..

Man, I'm bored...


I Underestimated MY Persuasian Skills!

Gav, remember to go ask your parents k??!!!

To Justin+Ming Wei, Ron+Sofia..

Please kindly spare 3 weeks of your LOOONG summer holiday in JULY to come to AUSTRALIA!! to spend time with CY, ES, Mellie, Tina, WK, YYKrys and the fabulous ME!!!!! :) I don't care, WK, you HAVE TO COME!!!!! *pout*

Anyway.. back to J+MW, R+S..

You guys HAVE to come.. coz it'll be so much fun!!!


I never asked for anything from you guys b4..

And I've been such a good friend..

RIGHT?!!?!? *stares thru slit eyes*

I'll do anything...

ANYTHING...!!!! (maybe)

just..COME TO AUS!!

Or at least, gimme a chance to pitch my idea!!!

Justin and Ming Wei

Reason for coming :

Ming Wei, you'd want to visit Smalls and all your other DJ-ians who're in Melbourne right??
What better way than to go with us in a group?
Its always better to travel in a pack than travel alone!!!! :D

Justin, you don't want to risk the chance of Ming Wei getting picked up by other guys right?
Plus, its gonna be a 2nd/3rd/.... I-lost-count-th holiday with Ming Wei..add to the record!
I'm sure you love her and wanna be with her for 3 weeks of your summer hols!!!

Ron and Sof

Reason for coming :

Sof, aren't Sydney+Melbourne such beautiful cities?? Great opportunity to snap LOTS of pics, and practise your photoshoping skills!! :)..
And, it'll be your first hol away from Msia with Ron!!
Plus, it'll be easy to come in a group, with us, coz then you can tell your parents..you're going with a GROUP OF FRIENDS..!!!

Ron, since MW, JUSTIN and esp SOF are coming..you dont wanna be left out right? haha..
plus, I need a food tasting expert to travel far and wide with me in search of delicious food!! :)
Sydney is apparently filled with GOOD FOOD!!!
you can verify that with Chee Yoong!!!

Hmm.. I hope I didn't tersalah cakap anything in the reasons above..

I think I better put a disclaimer..just in case..

Disclaimer : Reasons were entirely out of good humour and positive intentions. Any grief + conflict caused is deeply regretted but not my fault!


Oh, Smalls!! don't feel left out k??.. I know I don't have to persuade you..coz you're gonne be in Melb already!!! :D

See you guys in JULY!!!


At 9:58 PM, Anonymous thinktank j said...

this is one of the most connerism things i've heard so far..hahah..3 weeks? very long leh..and i'll probably have to work..and mwei's sister getting married..so i doubt she can run away for so long..heheh..

At 11:23 PM, Blogger miss vanity said...

then come for 2 weeks! 1 week in melbourne & 1 week in sydney! U can go skiing in MELBOURNE!

At 2:01 AM, Anonymous mingwei said...

hahha....so cute! as justin said 3 weeks is REALLY longg... sounds fun though!!

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »


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