Sunday, April 02, 2006


In the morning, I got up, on the phone with Jay, when he said to me..

'Haven't you read the news/watched CNN?'
'No, why?' *types the CNN web page on the comp*
'A plane crashed into the White House!'
'Yeah!! Like, about 160+ ppl died'
'Damn! HEY!! wait! There isn't any BREAKING NEWS on CNN.. there's an article about what the Pope's last request was.'
I was very puzzled.






'April Fool's!!!!'


*bangs head on table!*

How gullible can I be?!!?!

Man, I really shouldn't be that gullible anymore!

Well, found out I wasnt the only one.. I 'spread' the prank on to Chris who in turn told Alex, since they were in the same apartment.. and voila.. they were both frantic as well!


I then went on a mission to send out April Fool's messages to my beloved friends..

To Tina & Mel :

OMG!!!!!!! Jay just flew IN to Sydney!!!! And he proposed!!!! Oh my gosh!!! What the hell should I do now??!! What should I do??!!! He just went to the toilet..and that's why I'm typing this msg now!

To Krys :

Krys!!! are you alrite?!?! I just saw on the news that a bomb went off in the city!!

Tina was the first to reply. She called and..

she fell for it!

I played along, speaking in hushed worried tones..

But after a while.. I caved in..

When we managed to compose ourselves, I told her about the prank I played on Krys and how it fell thru coz Krys is just too smart to know its April Fools even when she's half awake!

So, then, Tina decided that maybe she should try pranking Krys..

And there we schemed..

Tina told Krys that she got pissed drunk last night and woke up this morning next to a total stranger.. obviously, a guy..

One thing led to another..and then.. I got an sms from Krys

'Btw, can u call n check on tina?she sez she's in sum sort of trouble. She thinks sum1 spiked her drink last nite. She woke up sumwhere else now. Call her. K?'

I'll let Krys and Tina tell the rest of the story..

But, lemme tell you this..

BEWARE!!! Krys is a damn good deceiver!!!

I can't lie on for nuts! Not even over the phone!! But Krys does it like a pro man..

She called Tina's hse up, pretended to be *ahem* ME when talking to Pei Fei, who consequently blew our prank..


Yes, I screwed Pei Fei up for not being able to differentiate MY voice from Krys' ..

Hahaa..but it was all in the name of FUN!!!

Talked to Krys and Tina over the phone today.. Laughed soooo much til my sides hurt!!

April Fool's certainly creates a bond that brings us all closer!!!

Yeah??? :)




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