Thursday, March 23, 2006

My favourite day, Thursday

has not been my favourite this week.

Why am I sitting at home, in front of my compuer, when I've been asked to :

(i) Go pub-crawling with the Frisbee peeps, which I've been looking forward to the whole week! (Dan)
(ii) Drink at Colitos with MESSY ppl (Alex)
(iii) Watch a movie and drink at Chris' apartment

Lemme tell you why..Its because...

Someone would rather me not come back late
lest I get kidnapped or raped.
Tho, honestly, who the hell would wanna kidnap/rape me??
Someone would rather me not get drunk
lest I make out with a random guy.
Someone would get mad
lest my phone battery dies when I'm out..AGAIN!
(hmm, i dont think the last sentence was grammatically correct, but I didn't wanna break my 'lest' sequence.. :P)
And that Someone is very important to me.

So, to make that Someone happy,
I've made a weighted, wise decision not to go.

But I guess my decision wasn't very wise after all,
Coz now that I'm not going,
That Someone feels bad.
Which defeats the whole purpose of making my Someone happy.



Funny how everything works!


Spent the whole enter day doing my physics assignment due tomoro..



What am I doing here studying Medical Science?
When I'm really more interested in Media/Communications/Design. But..

What if that's not what I'm supposed to do either?
What if I suck at it.
Because I dont have the talent for it.
Or because I'm just plain no good at it.
But I'll never know.

What am I good at then?
Most ppl have their talents/strong points.

Some ppl are good at writing fantastically awesome blogs.
Some ppl are good at designing.
Some ppl are good at talking their way into and out of anything.
Some ppl are good with numbers.
Some ppl are good with computers.
Some ppl are good at capturing the very essence of beauty in pictures.
Some ppl are good at piecing together the most random apparels and still look superbly fashionable.
Some ppl are good at telling an engaging story.
Some ppl are good at telling an engaging story through body movements and dance.
Some ppl are musically talented.
Some ppl are good at playing computer games.
Some ppl are good sportsmen/sportswomen.
Some ppl are good in their profession.
Some ppl are good socialisers (is there even such a word!) who make friends just like *snap* that

I am good at.....


Sigh..how depressing..cant help feeling ultra dejected


At 3:17 AM, Blogger Bren said...

Yanno Shuen I kinda understand what you meant with this post.. I feel that way all the time too.. Like I'm not brilliant at anything in particular. I guess it will just come to us later in life?

At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work » » »


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