Monday, March 20, 2006


When you're in a foreign country, far far away from your family and friends..

What can beat learning on the same day that...

1) Your cousin sis gave birth to a baby girl..

And not JUST any baby girl.. but a baby girl who's gonna share the same name as one of your dearest girl friends???


2) Another cousin is gonna get married at the end of the year, if all things go well..

And not JUST any month at the end of the year..but the month that I'm gonna be back in Msia for my annual holiday!!!!

And this second news is a shock to me! A very pleasant surprise!!!


DAMN!! I'm SOOOO excited!!!



*hugs pillow to sleep, SMILING*

Ahhhh..what a WONDERFUL day!!

Are you sharing my joy??


If I were a superhero
I'd be..
(No, it doesn't involve the word 'shopping'.. -_-)

I've just saved Christina's baby pillow from the evil clutches of Pei Fei!

All just by seducing him over the phone!!

See, you didn't know that just the sound..
..could get a guy, who's so determined to kidnap Tina's baby pillow for the night, to give it up right??

HAH!! Beat that ppl!!

hhahahaaa... I still cant stop laughing from that!!!! GOSH!!

*rolls on floor laughing*

*tears streaming down my face*



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