Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another reason I don't like Havana.
Their chop stays on your skin no matter how hard you scrub it off with soap!!

CHAT TIL 6.30am

was what Alex and I did.

Alex is one hell of a funny guy to chat with in the wee hrs of the morning. He gave me a crash course in Modern Chinese History and international political relationships.

Quotes of the night:

-We were talking about the typical Asian stereotype in teen movies. Nerdy, small and puny.

'We (asians) were short and small. Then there was McDonald's.'

We're apparently getting taller and bigger.

-Then, we were talking about inter-racial relationships. And naturally, Russell Peters and his 'beige' joke came to mind.

'Its never gonna work. Coz generally, usually..
Asians stick with Asians,
Indians stick with Indians,
Blacks.. *ponders for a while*..yea, usually with Blacks.
Whites..OK, whites hump every other race.
OK, OK so it MIGHT work.'


Absolutely NO OFFENCE!!!

I mean, me of all ppl, least racist person on earth as evident from my, er, *cough* relationships.

He told me about his encounter with the prettiest cockroach he's ever seen.

' I was in Taiwan right, and I was going to bed.
Then suddenly, this cockroach came out from behind the bed.
It was the prettiest cockroach I've ever seen.
I don't think its an American cockroach, you know, like, the brown one.
It had yellow spots on it, and a red head.
It was the prettiest cockroach I've ever seen!
So I said to it, " I don't want to kill you coz you're so pretty. Just..go away.."
(At this point I was laughing so hard coz he sounded so gay!)
But then it flew on me.
And that was it.
I gave it a chance of life.
A chance to live.
But, no, it didn't appreciate it.
So, I took my shoe and squashed it.
It had like white stuff and all. Pure white. And, nothing else.
I delicately swept it up with much care and respect,
and flushed it down the toilet.'

Me : O_o Alex!!! Its just a freakin' cockroach!!!

'NO, it wasn't. It was a freaking PRETTY cockroach!'

It isn't even that funny reading it. You have to add the Alex hand gestures, as well as the Alex tone of voice.

We talked about relationships. Exchanged life stories. He told me 'bedtime stories'. He's just funny shit.

Oh, and he's SINGLE!!! So, girls who might be interested!! You can contact me!

We talked and talked til we made no sense anymore. Then we knew it was finally time to sleep.



is very important.

So, why don't they teach us stuff we actually should know??

Like, the Gulf War, Vietnam War etc etc and other international events that everyone else knows?

OK, maybe we did learn about them, I don't remember. But everything was in B.M., and all the names of events were in freakin B.M.

Not that B.M. is bad or anything!!!

But when ppl talk about a certain war or treaty, I have no idea what war or treaty it is til they tell me the geist of it.
Then it registers, and I'll be like, oh..that's the Perjanjian something something.
And to me, 'Perjanjian' always seemed like a 'promise' . I didnt know back then that it was a 'treaty'.

Wait, perjanjian IS treaty right?

Some of the things we learnt for SPM:

pendtadbiran yunani
perundangan yunani dan rom
sistem pendidikan yunani
zaman jahiliah
perjanjian hudaibiyah
wawasan 2020
maritim dan agraria
persekutuan 1948

And many many more.

I still never quite knew what 'Yunani' is. Were they the Greeks?And I don't know what 'Zaman Jahiliah' in English is. Or 'agraria' for that matter. And 'Persekutuan' (yes, even that, and I'm ashamed of it!).. and 'Hudaibiyah' .. and 'aqabah'..get the idea?

I'm terrible at translating B.M. history terms to English.

So, when Alex gave me the crash course about modern chinese history, it seemed so much more comprehendible. Coz it was in ENGLISH.

At least when I reproduce the same topic of conversation with someone else, they'll actually understand it, coz its in ENGLISH.

And so, I won't feel like a total idiot when friends delve into chats about history.

OK, I don't know if the above post just portrayed me a total bafoon who never learnt history well. But, this is, very well, my blog.



Met up with Manisha yesterday. Had heaps fun catching up and talking about nothing over 'Yum Cha' at Marigold, Chinatown.

The dim sums there were really good!!

YUm yum..

We were absolutely STUFFED after lunch!!

So we walked to the city and shopped.

Shopped I did.

Bought this BEAUTIFUL handbag!!
Image hosting by Photobucket

It looks much better up front.


At 4:03 PM, Blogger Kenny Sia said...

Yunani = Your Punani.

I think?

At 6:11 PM, Blogger miss vanity said...

hahahhaha. PUNANI ? isnt that indian for something naugthy??

At 10:11 PM, Blogger ~little princess~ said...


punani's jamaican for pussy, Tina dear.. :P

At 1:48 AM, Anonymous thinktank j said...

Persekutuan is "Confederation" i think?

At 2:11 AM, Blogger ~little princess~ said...

thinktank j : ahh, that makes sense doesnt it? i knew i could always count on you to be my bm-eng dictionary! hehe

At 2:25 AM, Anonymous Joel What said...

"Walk behind us girls instead of in front just so they have an eye on us"

That's why I walk behind girls ;)

At 3:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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