Monday, March 13, 2006

12 A's!!!!!!!!!!

That's what my smart wonderful brother, JIAN got for his SPM!!!

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My brother and I!!!

Results were out today, and the sweet young thing gave me a call all the way from school just to tell me that!!!

I'm sooo proud of him!!! KUDOS, Jian!!

You deserve it!!!

After working so hard, going thru with Phsyics though you absolutely hate it, staying up late nights, juggling studies with your gazillion extra curricular activities+responsibilities.. etc etc,

YOU DID IT!!! You did it!!!


JIAN works hard to get what he wants.
Even when we were younger,
He'd complete his homework,
when I didnt.
He'd study for his tests+exams,
when I didnt.
He'd practise his piano pieces,
when I didnt.

He's SO disciplined,
most of the time he seems to me the older sibling.
He grounds me,
reprimands me.

Mind you, everyone can scold me,
or tell me I shouldn't do this or that,
but he's the only one I really listen to.

If he disapproves,
I listen.
If he tells me to go study,
I listen.
If he tells me I shouldn't be that crazy/wild/naughty,
I listen.

And yet, through all that,
he supplies me with endless laughter
from his silly antics and timely blur-ness.

He's got really good strong shoulders+chest,
As well as toned abs.
Another example of how disciplined he is.
Many think he's cute/handsome/good-looking.
I think it just runs in the family.

Haha..I just HAD to add the last line!! Hehehe..

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The WTF look!!

I'm happy for you, Jian. No one deserved it more than you!

Hope you get that 18K!!! .. *wink* .. :D


and I'll tell you why..

I had a 2-hr break between lectures today, so Dan and I decided to go for a swim.

I am SO UNFIT I tell you!!

Just a few laps in the 50-meter pool drew huge struggling desperate gasps of air to fill my weak pathetic little lungs, which felt like they were on fire(not in a good way!!) !!


I should exercise more often!! After a year of not really exercising, my stamina's shit!

A couple of hrs after swimming, I met up with Alan to go rock-climbing for another couple of hrs.

Any guesses for how I'm gonna feel like tomorrow morning??

Why I should exercise more often..

It puts a smile on my face,
A little extra spring in my step,
A cheeky wink at that cute hottie,
A flirty glance at another,
Must be the endorphins!!


Yup, no cubicles.

No compartments.

No shields.

No nothing.

Just 6 shower heads in one big open space.
Where naked women shower in the presence of other naked women.
I've never seen so many boobies + privates in my life!

Being much of an exhibitionist myself on the beach, I was perfectly alright with the system.

But, there was still a tiny little thing that I was shy of.
Something unusual that I was born with.
Something that most ppl don't have.
A little bruise-like birthmark on my left butt cheek.

Alright, alright, now you guys know my greatest insecurity about my body!

Hope that wasn't too much info!



At 2:47 PM, Blogger Kenny Sia said...

Why no photos!


At 4:45 PM, Blogger ~little princess~ said...

haha..i was thinking of writing bout the lack of photos in my entry.. but then.. didnt think anyone would bother..

who knew..


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