Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Melissa Darling!!!!!

I know you're not gonna read this post coz you dont read blogs..

but I'm gonna write this anyway.. not necessarily for you, but for everyone to know what a wonderful person you are..

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A problem I had in Form 3 brought us together.
You lent me your ear,
your amazing patience and understanding,
to make sure that I'd see through everything alright.
You're still the same,
even through all these many years.
You are..

Still patient,
Still understanding,
Still helpful,
Still sympathetic,
Still compassionate.

And that's an understatement.

You've been to me
A confidante,
A playmate,
A study-mate.

College held sweet memories,
Thanks to you.

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blurry pic!! at cafe opposite taylors college!

I remember the Mango Lo from that ex-Tijuana place,
Honeydew Sago from the man who always calls us (and every other girl) 'leng lui',
Foosball at that building where we always park our car,
Ice lemon tea, nasi lemak, and kaya toast from that cafe,
Waiting for you in the car park when I don't see your car,
And then going up the lift together,
The corner mamak shop where we had breakfast together once.

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at chilli's 1-u

I remember the times that we ran everywhere,
Meeting up secretly,
to plan Krys' 18th bday party.
Remember how we made millions of trips to 1-U and MV,
Just to find the perfect dress for Krys?
We knew every single dress from every single store.
I still remembered how I could tell what almost every girl walking past was wearing,
thanks to the extensive research.
If we had an exsm on clothes of that season..
which shop sold them..
how much they cost..
We'd definitely ace it!

Remember how we got soaked in the rain,
looking for places to dine at in KL for that night?
We were drenched,
our clothes and feet specked with milllions of raindrops,
our dripping hair framed our faces,
No thanks to that stupid truck driver,
who 'puddled' us!!!
(You were wearing heels, poor you!)
We were positively sure that the ppl we talked to at rather fine restaurants,
were looking at us strangely,
some in disapproval,
some in humor.
I, for one, knew that WE found THAT funny!!

I remember how it was a joy for all of us,
that Krys' birthday and the few days before that,
was a success!
There was the 'picnic' and treasure hunt,
The party at your house,
while the set-up of rose petals, candles and flowers
took place in her room.
There was the actual day,
where Krys got her dress,
for her 'surprise' dinner at Scallini's,
and the after-party at Thai Club.

You were always one to give,
Never expecting ANYTHING in return.
it makes me feel really guilty,
when I don't feel like I've given back as much.

You've been there to listen to all my problems,
Always supportive,
always non-judgemental.
You'd be ever-ready to dish out useful advice,
or cheer me up when I was down.

You're always upbeat,
Always smiling,
I don't ever recall a day when you're not.

You're fun and funny,
with an extremely good sense of humour.
Sometimes I can't help but laugh at what you have to say.
We'd have fits of laughter,
that goes on,
and on,
and on..
til our sides split!
Those were times I've enjoyed tremendously!

You're one hell of a driver,
and I think I should stop at that phrase,
lest someone in your family reads this.

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OK, I was the one driving when we took this pic..and no we din crash when I looked at the camera while driving..

Rarely I meet someone,
who has BEAUTY both on the OUTSIDE and INSIDE!
You have both, my dear.
And I feel extremely lucky to know you!

Now that we're apart,
You in UK,
Me in Aus,
I'm missing you like mad.

You mean a lot to me,
and I always always want you to be happy.

Please promise me,
You'll always be

LOVE YA BABE!!!!!!!!



At 12:32 AM, Anonymous justin said...

why her eyes look the same whether they are closed or open?
=D kidding kidding...
happy birthday melissa lim if you're reading this!

At 4:44 AM, Anonymous ron said...

melissa lim!!!
she drives like a man = a very good driver indeed. just like shuen. (=

At 12:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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