Monday, April 03, 2006

*this entry is a day late as blogspot won't publish my entries yesterday..stupid blogspot!


I will now work on my goal towards being an F1 driver..

Yes, yes, snicker all you want now, but..

The day will come when I'll be on the podium,
with 'Negaraku' playing in the background..
then I can say,

Yes, that day will come!!

So long I've dreamt of that glorious wonderful moment..

...after sitting for hours in the car till my arse hurts, and my body seriously dehydrated, the moment I know I came FIRST will transcend all things else.

Yes, that day will come!!!

DAMMIT!!.. Jay just told me its impossible.. he says I should've started MUCH much younger.. coz I'll have to go through A3, A2..etc..etc.. before FINALLY reaching F1!


There goes my dreams... Flying away from my hands.. Further and further out of reach..

NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo..... Come baaackkkk!!!



Alonso's really good..

Button has no luck.. he probably should've pushed his car past the finish line..hahaha..though he probably won't get any points anyway! POor Button..

Schumacher is slacking.. Why??? Is he getting old?? I want to see him on the podium again!!!


I hopped over from my non-existant-telly apartment to the next telly-furnished apartment(that's Alex+Chris'apartment)..
just to watch F1.

My dad hopped over from my cousin's unfully furnished house to my aunt's fully furnished house..
just to watch F1.


And we didn't plan it..

My mom called and when I told her where I was, what I was doing..
She laughed..
And told me my dad did the EXACT same thing!


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