Thursday, April 06, 2006


So Colourful!!!

Nope, those are not colours of a MANGO.
Or so I thought.

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Trust ALEX to put a mango for SO long in a fridge til it changes colour!!


At least its pretty.. :)



I swear I saw him today!!!
At the Union Store, when I was lining up to pay for my Manila Folder!

He was the younger sorta less-macho-but-better-looking BRAD PITT!


He's got this diamonte stud in his left ear.. A look that only SOME can pull off.. And he was wearing the white Sydney Uni hooded sweater..


I always had a thing for guys in white USyd hooded sweater and board shorts..


What an eye candy!

I was almost swept off my feet!!!
..AND Literally!!

The winds are SUPER STRONG today man!
I looked like a little twig,
trying not to roll down the pavement when the wind blew.
When you see this figure swaying from left to right,
hunched and wobbling,
tugging hard at the jacket,
you'll know its me..



I've been to EVERY SINGLE LECTURE + TUTE this week!



*looks around*

*pricks ears up*


Eh, clap a bit lah!

Hehee.. Its quite an accomplishment!!
The FIRST WEEK I've achieved this amazing feat!
Sighz.. I'm such a good girl..
Oh, wait... there's more!!!

When I had breaks, I actually went to the library to study!!!

Yup, I can see y'all go O_o' while looking at the sky to see if pigs are flying!!
Nope, no pigs..
Well, I figured that to achieve a Distinction (or hopefully High Distinction) average, I have to start bucking up and going for classes!!!

Yes, ppl, I'm a NERD!!


Yay!! Go NERDS!!!

Oh, and to top off the NERD look..
I wore glasses this week!
When I waved and said hi to my friends,
They stare at me blankly,
Wondering who the hell this stranger is.

After 3 seconds..
their expressions change..
from blank,
to puzzled,
to jaw-dropping astonishment,
before exclaiming in their highest possible pitch,

I couldn't recognise you!!!!!'

That was basically what I was greeted with the whole time.


How about a friendly smile and 'Hi' next time, huh?



Oooo.. I found 2 more pix from Gen's housewarming..

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Image hosting by Photobucket


I had a strange/weird/bad dream AGAIN!! Featuring my cousin, a pub, Kenny Sia (again!! WHY??), swimming pool, a MILF in a bikini who looks uncannily like Natalie Portman, 2 kids in the swimming pool, a beach house in Sydney..
it all had a negative vibe.. Very, VERY NEGATIVE!


I want Jay..
I want a huggie huggie..



At 5:53 AM, Blogger Kenny Sia said...

I hope you weren't dreaming of me shagging that MILF inside that swimming pool or something.


At 4:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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