Monday, April 24, 2006


Exactly ONE year ago....

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*Pic stolen off the thinktanks!!*

I'll never forget all the wonderful memories you gave me at school, out of school.. college..

You've been there for me when I was going thru problems,
Entertained me thru college breaks,
Checked out girls
together at college,
Sent me home a few times back in the days when I didnt have a license yet,
Tried to comfort me when I was bawling in your car on one particular ride home..
Cooked your special instant noodle for me..
Your sense of direction.. hahhaa..

I'll never forget your passion for comics,
How you treat each copy as lovingly as the next.
I'll never forget your passion for studying,
How you always have more self-discipline than me in hitting the books.
I'll never forget your passion for sports (soccer!) and all other fun things,
How you always play hard hard!

I wish you all the luck in the world in your love life, studies, career and family!!

Most of all, I wish you good health and many happy happy days!!!

Miss ya, WK!!!!




If I were a guy... I'd wanna be a DJ!!!

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Uni starts TODAY!!!!



I sat down yesterday and tried to study. But I couldn't concentrate anymore past chapter 1 of MATHS! And I have a quiz on WEDNESDAY!!!

Followed by a CHEM QUIZ on THURSDAY!! ahhhhhh!!!!


Let me review what I've done during my Easter Break..

Watched the whole of 'Monster By Your Side' *click*
Watched the whole of 'It started with a Kiss'
Played mahjong
Played monopoly
Met up with Chee Yoong, Steph and Alex*click*
Did my laundry

Hmm.. is it you, or do I not see the words 'study' or 'books'??

Sigh.. My whole easter break gone like that *snap*!!

My upper back hurts!

My lip ulcer hurts!

I'm in desperate need of a masseuse!!


YAY!!! SCHUMACHER WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and I cant believe I missed the race!!!


Just when I thought he was getting old and running out of steam, he proved me wrong and went on to win the race!!!

Maybe I should say that more often, then he might win more!! teehehhee..

I wish I had a Ferrari shirt to wear today!! hehhe..

brings me back to memories of COLLEGE where guys wear soccer jerseys after their fav soccer team wins!
There'll be a sudden influx of reds or whites.. or watever else colour.. and you'll know who won the day before... MU/Arsenal/Liverpool etc..

Oh well, I guess I'll wear something RED today.. hmmm...a red bra perhaps? ^_-


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