Wednesday, April 19, 2006




Consider yourself warned!!!

I've been glued to my seat til my ass is SERIOUSLY sore... eyes fixated on the laptop screen, hypnotised.. mouth munching on cookies/chips whenever I grab hold of any..

just coz of that stupid taiwanese tv series - 'er mo zhai shen pian' when directly translated, is 'Monster Beside You'..


who the hell watches anything with a TITLE like THAT?? Puh-leeezz...

The best part??
I dont even know HALF of the words they were saying!!!!!! The subtitles were in chinese!!

So, can anyone tell me why I've been sucked into lifelessness for 20 freakin' hrs???

Is it the..
CUTE lead actor+actress???
Or might it be the FAIRYTALE-like storyline that everyone's secretly a sucker for??
Because it sure can't be the over-dramatic scenes..
or unrealistic coincidences!



When you come to Sydney, that eatery is a MUST!!! Its a Jap-Californian fusion food which boasts lots of great-tasting dishes!! Combinations of eclectic ingredients combust in your mouth, whetting your appetite even more with each dish.
Note : A delight for cheese-lovers!

Yes, their dishes fill you up real quickly, so that's why I recommend going with a bunch of friends so that you can share a fair amount of dishes if you're one who prefers variety.

Ambience is great!!
Its prime location on King Street Wharf entitles you to unlimited waterfront views - water, boats, wooden pier and bridges.
Its dim lights and candle-lit tables add to the romantic atmosphere.
Clean architecture lines with Zen furnitures immediately spell class and sophistication.

I had the privilege of dining with Chee Yoong, Stephanie and Alex at that wonderful place today. Been craving Kobe Jones for a couple of days now.

Now, I'm full AND satisfied!




1st rule of a successful diet....

NEVER tell Chee Yoong that you're on a diet!!

He'll go out of his way to create more temptations than there normally is.

As it is, my diet-ing hasn't been successful even for 1 day, so I feel like a failure. Trust him to call me out to Kobe Jones and eat all the cheesy dishes when I've just decided TODAY to really put my mind to dieting!!!

Sighz.. :)

But I must say that its good catching up with him!!!! It's felt like YEARS since we've ever really caught up. I kinda missed him.

He STILL hasn't passed me my long overdue present from Wei Kit!! -_-

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