Saturday, April 22, 2006

I got my NEW PHONE!!!! I got my NEW PHONE!!!!!!!!

Wheeeeeeeee....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

When I got an e-mail telling me to pick a mail up at the reception, my heart raced, the corners of my mouth magically stretched to my ears.

Never in my life have I experienced such anticipation.

I braved the cold in my super short shorts (they're like girl boxers) just to walk to the reception to collect my precioussss!!

Edit : The seller was in Melbourne so Tina helped me collect it and sent it to me. Seemed safer that way.

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My wonderful parcel of joy!!!

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I wanted to rip the box open!! I couldn't wait!! Just moments away from my baby!!

But it was sealed sooooo tightly that I took 5 minutes alternating between cutting the tape up and trying to pull the lid free just to open it!!

Hard job, I tell you!! I was panting by the time the box was opened!
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OOooo.. What's that?? A card???

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By golly!! It IS a card from dearest Tina!!

Here's the sweet message :

Pg 1
"Congrats on your NEW phone :) & your first E-bay purchase."

Pg 2
"Hey Shuen!!

Just thought I'd congratulate you on your first EBAY purchase! :) Also its a celebration coz you are now in the Nokia 7370 Club, which includes my brother, Darren (yes, he got the phone too) & me! Anyways hope you enjoy the phone. Use it wisely, don't misplace it. As you can see am at the Post Office now and the pen's kinda crap + my handwriting is even crapper! :P Have fun with the remaining Easter break & make sure you get your ass in Melbourne in July. Can't wait to party & shop & hangout with you again! Take care & God bless!

Love lots,
Tina "

Such a sweet card for the occassion!!! What a darling!!! See!! Don't you wish you had a friend like Tina????

Oh, btw, Tina.. I didnt know Darren got the phone too! Hehe.. I dont know bout you, but I think he's cute! :P.. Yay! Same beautiful phone as a cute guy!

Thank you SOOO much for everything, TINA!!!!!!


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My real treasure box!!!!!!

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Tadadada!!!! Behold!! MY baby!! The NOKIA 7370!!!

Look at how it swivels!!
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Image hosting by Photobucket

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Is that sexy or is that SEXY??!?!



(don't I sound so orgasmic?? :) hehe..)


from JAY!!

I still havent received a first message from anyone at this early point.. Anyone wants to message me?? You're still not too late!! :)

Pardon me while I go play with my precious baby, and give it some TLC..

Oh, btw, my parents dont know about my baby.. So, I'll have to find the right opportunity to break the wonderful news to them..


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