Monday, May 01, 2006

'You're a more manly man than I am!!'
-by Alex-

He claims that 'Make Love To You' by Boyz II Men is a song for making love.

'Like, duh! from the title!!'

I, however, beg to differ!!!!

HElloooo????A ballad?? While making love????

Yes, it sounds alrite when you read it.

But think about it.

It makes no sense to me!!! Have you ever heard that song? Have you ever heard 'Make Love TO You' by Boyz II Men?

Its a sweet melodious song a guy would serenade a girl from below the streets while she's by her window. With different lyrics of course, if she still lives with her parents. Guys, you probably never want to make the mistake of telling a girl how much you wanna make love to her while her parents are around! Oh No, No, No!!!

Anyway, my point is..its a SLOW SONG!!!!



Nothing like a soft song to make me 'soft'! If you know what I mean! And I think you really want me 'hard', not soft, if you wanna make love to me!

Alrite, I'll give you a rough idea if you still don't get it!

Romantic song for a romantic evening?

Slow sweet song for a cuddling session?

Soft song for an apology?

Ballad for a hot steamy passionate love session?

If I ever wanted a song to make love to, I'd probably choose something like 'Salt Shaker' or 'Get Low'!!! Just so the guy could follow the beat - hard and fast!



'Yea, and then it'd be over in like 2 seconds!!' retorts Alex, snickering.

'Wellll..then..that guy has no stamina and doesn't deserve to make love to me or any girl for that matter!'

Alrite, I didn't say that. But I just cant ever imagine making love to a BALLAD!!!!

Alex's conclusion??

'You're obviously not a romantic person! You're such a man! You're even more of a manly man than I am!!'

I AM a romantic, kay!!!! I just cant help it if I need something more red blooded to get me pumping! Its not my fault that I get off on something saucier.. steamier.. racier!



At 7:20 AM, Anonymous alex k said...

hawt!@songs ;)

you should camwhore more :p


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