Thursday, April 27, 2006

Everyday, there're always stuff which makes me go..
'I'm SOOO gonna blog about this!!'
but when I get back and plop myself down in front of my laptop,
I look at the blank 'compose' screen in front of me,
and I can't think of ANYTHING to type!!

So much for making a mental notes to myself during the day!!!

MAC POWERBOOK for sale!!!

here are the specs...

- Powerbook G4 1.5GHz 17"
- 2GB DDR PC 2700 (MAXIMUM) original came with 512MB
- 80 GB
- Super Drive(DVD/CD-R Burner)

Bought the Powerbook on the 8/9/2004

Has the Extended Apple Care Protection Plan expiring on the 9/9/07

Seller will pop in a WACOM Intuos 2 Graphic Tablet (Never Used) but dont have the box

Looking to sell it off as close to AUD$2700

sigh.. i dont even know why i bother putting this up here..


Yesterday's was Math, and today I had Chemistry.

Thanks for all your 'Good Luck' wishes!! :) hehehe.. really appreciate it!

It went well!! :).. really glad about that!!

Another thing I'm really glad about is having Alex as my neighbour!
That guy was the reason I sat down and actually studied Chem!
If it wasn't for him, I'd be procrastinating even MORE, and I probably wouldn't have studied for Chem quiz at all!!
So there I was studying Chem from 8.00pm - 10.30pm..

I was really impressed with myself!!
If only I have the discipline to do that everyday!


Went for another lesson of capoeira!

I like the new master who came in today - Alfredo is his name (I think).
He's a pretty funny guy.. Brazillian.. can't speak English well, so we basically communicated through Portuguese translators!

He was very impressed with my phone!! Kept saying 'Wahhh..Beautiful'!!
Then went on to make my day by saying..
'Beautiful' *points at phone*
'Beautiful' *points at me*
(Yes, yes, as much as it might be a lie, it STILL made my day OK! Can see everyone puking dy!)

In class, I was put in the spot so many times, coz of my lack of coordination..
At one point, the master announced to the class that if I get the moves right the following round, I'll get a box of chocolates!!

Only to discover, after all my hard work, that he meant the BOX..without the chocs!!

Well, from today's lesson, I learnt one new fact about myself!!!
I seriously cant kick!!
I kick like a girl!!

It's so embarassing!!

After class, I went on to the gym (for gymnasts) with a few other guys who wanted to work on their acrobatic stuff. I wanted to work on my cartwheels.

I can't do cartwheels.

Never have!!

And I seriously sucked at it!!

Thanks Andrew, for being sooooo patient with me!!! Urging me all the way!!
Thanks Dave, for telling me what I was doing wrong and correcting me!!
Thanks the-other-guy, for telling me the one tip that made THE difference!!

I STILL cant do a cartwheel.. but I'm getting there!! Just more practises!! More practises!!


I tell you, if you want to crack your middle-upper back, you should try this move.

Lie on the ground.
Get someone to stand where your head is.
Put left hand on person's left feet and right hand on person's right feet.
Go into a bridge position.
Get the person to put arms around your torso and pull you in towards person's knees.

I tell you.. All the bones in my back which I can't crack myself, cracked!!!

Felt WONDERFUL, I tell you!!

Now my nagging backpain's temporarily gone!!!



For so long, I've been trying to look for a job that doesn't require a CV! Reason being, my CV would look really bad with NO PREVIOUS JOB EXPERIENCE!

So, today, when I was at Manning, the union building, I jumped right in to apply for a part-time position to work at this 'cafe' sorta thing.

I hope I get the job!!

*cross fingers*

I really wanna earn some money! Esp since I have SO MUCH TIME to spare this sem!!

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