Thursday, May 04, 2006


Yesterday, I was browsing through the HUGE pile of Newsweek stacked on the dining table. Zita, one of my housemates, subsribed to Newsweek and gets a copy every fortnight. I picked the one laying on the top of it all.

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George Bush's visit to..


Fats dont affect your health..


Best of International Shools.. Shanghai..


Best of..


'HEY!!!!! That looks familiar!!!!'

Is it??

*looks closely til nose almost touches the page*

OMG!!!! IT IS!!!!

OMG!! YOLANDA!!! LOOK!!! It's my OLD SCHOOL!!!! I couldn't resist sharing my excitement with Yolanda, my Singaporean housemate.

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It turns out that Cempaka's featured as Best of International Schools - Malaysia.

OK, I didn't study in Cempaka International, but I did study in the sort-of-original branch - Cempaka Damansara! Well, I couldn't help but feel proud of my school.

I still remember back in those days,
we'd talk about how 'bad' Cempaka is, always leeching off our parents' money,
always grumbling when a letter's sent out requesting us to pay for this and that,
critisizing the school for their forever increasing fees..

I'm actually glad now that all those money have actually been put to good use.
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Sure, OUR batch never got to enjoy the new features our school have NOW, but personally, seeing how the school's evolved for the better makes me feel alrite about it all..but, of course, it's my parents who forked out the money.. so I guess I've got no say in this!

I've been in Sri Cempaka all my life, from Kindie to Form 5. Now that I've graduated for a 2 and a half years from Cempaka, I realise that I wouldn't have hoped to study in any other school. Primary school's the most crucial part of a person's development, and upon reflecting back, I think that Cempaka's provided me with a good foundation.

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It used to be just Sri Cempaka Damansara. Then it expanded and we got Cempaka International School along with Cempaka Cheras. Now, it has opened yet another girls' residential school in Sepang, Cempaka Ladies' College.

Since I'm on this topic, I might as well come out of the closet and say that..
I actually enjoyed Datin Freida's assembly speeches!
There!! I said it!!!
I never said anything because everyone'd always grumble when she launches into her speeches.. but I really actually liked listening to them!!

Anyhow, seeing my old school scale new heights makes me proud to have been a Cempakan!

Cempaka Damansara sure holds lots of sweet and bitter memories.

(Gosh, I never knew I could sound so patriotic!!)


I finished my Phys assignment!!!! WHOOHOOOO!!! See!! I CAN do it!! :)

OK, its 4.45am now.. should probably go sleep!!! I think I'm starting to screw up my sleeping patterns again! Dammit!

Nocturnal peeps.. I say.. HELLO!!!And may I hope to never see you again!!


At 12:53 PM, Blogger miss vanity said...

Sri Cemoaka megah berdiri! Tahun 83 bulan januari!

Omg,i still remember the whole song - believe it or not. Truth be told i actually enjoyed monday morning assembly -not coz we get to skip class, Datin's words are sometimes words of wisdom. Her most memorable ones: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

I miss my Cempakan days.

At 12:54 PM, Blogger miss vanity said...

*omg.. i spelt Sri CEMPAKA wrongly! oppsss... hahahhha.. bt its one of THE best school. Will send my children there if i ever do have them :P

At 3:23 PM, Blogger ~little princess~ said...

yea!! i know!! i'd send my kids there too!! hahahha.. well, j wants to send his kids to international school.. and I wanna send mine to cempaka.. so together, we'll send them to CEMPAKA INTERNATIONAL!!! :P

OK, that's a bit too far ahead in the future!

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