Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Da Vinci Code

Watched Da Vinci Code today with Mike coz Carmen wanted to watch it with her friend in the afternoon instead. But I did bump into a whole bunch of Msian/Singaporean ppl, which was pretty good.

So many ppl've told me that it was crap, lowering my expectations.

In the end..
I thought it was alrite, coz my expectations were really low.
Mike thought it was alrite too, but in a bad way - he had higher expectations.

Mike told me before that he buys cheap umbrellas coz he knows he'll end up losing them anyway.
So.. this is the story of Mike's umbrella..

After dinner, I grabbed his umbrella for him.
Close call.
When he was going out of the theatre, he remembered his umbrella.
Close call.
When he went ot the toilet, holding his umbrealla as well as his friend's bucket of popcorn,
he came out only with the bucket of popcorn.
He realised it only when we were reaching home.

I thought that the French girl who acted as Sophie was not a really good actress..
but oh well..

Now I cant wait to go watch X-Men III!!!!



Man, I'm getting sooo fat!
Feeling so bloated!
I think I've grown like 2 kgs heavier or something
I think I should watch what I eat.

It was really cold today, I was freeeeezzing!


Funny Moments

Carmen was doing stuff on the computer while Alex was sleeping on his bed.
Suddenly, she heard him saying
'Just chuck it in..'

He was sleeptalking!!!!


And you know how he woke up?????

He 'felt' a cramp coming up in his leg,
leapt up from his bed,
banged into every single thing around him..
while holding one of his legs,


Alex is so retarded!!!

John wrote 'Yes' and 'No' on either side of his eraser, asked questions, and threw it to see what the answer was!

That started a whole game of asking silly questions before throwing the eraser!

Is Shuen/Alex/Carmen/John fat?
Should Shuen go home?
Should Carmen/Shuen get boob punching?
Is Shuen/Carmen retarded?

At one point, the eraser rolled onto Alex's upper thigh (he was sitting).
Carmen said, "It's not counted!!!"
"Coz it fell on your dick!!" I continued
Carmen then said, between laughs..
" NO!! His dick isn't that LONG!!"
"Ooops!! Sorry I overestimated your dick length, Alex!"
"My dick IS that long, but its just down the other side of my pants, not this leg.." says Alex.


Carmen started laughin in this really weird manner,
and started to snort while doing it too..
Just so retarded, man!!! hahahhaa

I just remembered laughing the whole time I was at Alex's place!
I love spending time with those ppl!!
They're the BEST!!!

I heart you, Carmen..Alex(eew!)..John(eew!!)

Hahaha..that so reminds me of 'boy-germs' back in primary school!! hahaa..


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