Monday, May 22, 2006

Perv Alert!

Today was a very satisfying day! :D

No prizes for who can guess why!!

I think I've reached a point where I should catalogue every single item I have in my wardrobe so that I wont ever sing the 'I-have-nothing-to-wear' blues (which I so often do, and then use that as an excuse to go out shopping.. *tsk tsk*)

I pity my future husband.. *looks at ceiling*

When I was on the bus,
I realised that the guy sitting next to me was checking out this other girl who was standing up.
She's undeniably gorgeous!
(I cant say the same for a lot of girls who also have a pimple here and there on a make-up free face..)
I was pretty sure that almost all the guys in the bus were checking her out..
even I checked her out, and was mesmerized..
but the guy next to me was so openly ogling at her, staring at her..
Even when she got off the bus, his eyes followed her..
When the bus passed her, he turned around to look at her as long as he could..
I bet he thought he could get away with it coz he wore sunnies..
But he probably forgot they were only half-tinted!

Made me feel as though I was sitting next to a sleazy pervert!


That was really disturbing!

I have no problems with guys checking girls out and vice versa,
but at least have some tact and discretion!

And besides, staring is rude!!

That's what my Mummy taught me!


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