Sunday, May 21, 2006

So PAINFUL!!!!!!!!

Been SOOOOO hectic the past couple of days!! Can die.. but I LIKE!! :P



Friday night was out with Winnie, Tracy, Dave and Andrew at Equilibrium.

RnB was REALLY slow that night! So we left after a couple of hours, at about 12, and headed to Maccas on George St. We sat and chatted for SO long, I got back at about 3.

I wore the top Tina and I bought at MNG! Remember that top, Tina???

hmm..I think it wise not to post pics up.



I fell asleep only about about 6.00am and was expected to be at the Village Green to meet up with the Msian crew for Dragon Boating at 10.00am!
...Which meant that I had to get up at.. 9.00am!
.........Which meant that I had just 3 hrs of sleep!

But I had LOTS of fun anyway!

Dragon Boating rocks my socks! (man, I'm getting cornier everyday!)

But now my ass-bone (Carmen corrected me and said 'pelvic bone' but I like 'ass-bone' better! :P) and upper back are so damn painful!

I think I need to fatten my ass up!
I always feel like I'm sitting on my bone instead of a cushioned seat!
Not a nice feeling, I tell you!

Ooo.. guess who won the competition?????!!??!!?!?!?!?!!!?!



That's the Sydney Uni Malaysian Society..
It was best out of 3..

First round went to UNSW,
Second round went to UTS.
Third round went to USyd.

So, we had the tie-breaker..

And USyd WON!!!!

Slow and steady wins the race indeed!!!!




I got back after dragon boating at around 6.30pm.
And was expected to go clubbing at Space with Alex, Pinky, John, Peter and Carmen.

We waited in line for damn bloody long..
I'm SO gonna be buddy buddy with Club Owners or Bouncers in the future!

Carmen is one helluva dancer.
Pinky is so sweet and pretty, guys at tables in Hungry Jacks stare as she walks.
Alex is so messed up emotionally.
Peter is horny!! (hhahaha.. he's so gonna kill me for writing that!)
John is undergoing a makeover which involves a haircut, piercing and contact lenses.

The night ended with a slumber party at Alex's.

Me : John, why're you wearing your glasses to sleep?
Pinky : So that he can see his dreams more clearly!


English Name

I had a theory that no one calls me back for employment when I apply for jobs coz they can't pronounce my name, 'Shuen'.

They probably take a look at my name, crack their heads for 10 mins trying to figure out how to pronounce my name and say, 'Ahhh.. Fuck it! NEXT!!!'

My wonderful friends decided to help me come up with some English names to go with my last name(surname).

Ahh Chiu
Candy Chiu
Watda Chiu
Georgina Chiu

Candy Chiu was Carmen's idea.
It's meant to be used like that..
(in a FOB-y accent)
Hiii, I'm Candy Chiuuuuu... what can I do for Chiuuuu?? *twirls hair with finger*

Georgina Chiu was Alex's brainstorm.
His reason?
I should have a guy's name since I'm one..
but out of consideration, he made it a tad bit girly..



at Cruise.. but all the stuff that I liked didn't have my size!!
It's a sign, says Carmen.
Well, I'm gonna try the other branch at Darling Harbour tomoro.. hopefully they have my sizes!

Bought a vest today for $30.00 off its original price of about $50.00, which I think is pretty good.. but since I dont really have many pieces to match it with, I might return it!

I love the refund policies here!!

I just returned this Portmans belt that I didn't like.. and got a full refund!

And just because I changed my mind and didn't like it anymore..

If only more things in life came with refunds!!


Pics will come up later as I have no time to do anything with them at the mo.. wait slowly, k? :)


At 10:12 AM, Blogger miss vanity said...

i remember the top! did we get it in the same colour tho? I want pictures! Hey does ur top make u look goth?

At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read »


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