Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Day!

Wanted to watch the Da Vinci Code and started messaging Alex, Carmen, Chris, John, Mike, Peter and Ziv.

Alex decided that its more worth it spending his time with Pinky, and so, ditched us.
Chris never replied.
Peter had to work on an assignment. So did Ziv.

In the end, it was just Carmen, John, Mike and I.

Carmen was going to King's Street to get a top that she really wanted.
Only, she was 2 weeks late..
The top was so popular, it was SOLD OUT!

I reckon that should never ever ever happen to something you like so much!

Anyway, since she had reserved cash for shopping, we decided to get something anyway and headed on down the street.

We saw shoes.
It was 2 pairs for $49!

"Shuen! Remember! You've gotta save for the Melbourne Trip!! No shopping! NO SHOPPING, Shuen!!" I told myself.

But the lure of the shoes were strong,
the temptation... the hypnosis...
I am strong
..but the (temptation of the) shoes were stronger!

And so.. I ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

When Carmen saw this pair, she immediately pointed it out to me and said that's 'so ME'.
When I proudly showed off my goods to Yolanda, my housemate, when I came back, she immediately said, "That shoe is very YOU!"



Da Vinci Code was SOLD OUT!!!

Never would I have imagined that there would be SOLD OUT tickets to a movie in AUSTRALIA!!! NO ONE ever watches movies here!!!

I was all hyped up for nothing!How upsetting..

But the night turned out to be good anyway!
We went to Badde Manors on Glebe Point Road for 'dinner'.
I tell you, random bonding chats with friends are the best!

Ohhh, and I've gotta say this..

Badde Manors serves one of the BEST Choc Mud Cake I've ever eaten!! Didn't take any pics of the Mud Cake, unfortunately.

I'd expected nostalgic memories to pop up as I walk down Glebe Point Road, but I was fine.
I was fine.
I guess that meant that I've gotten over everything and am happy with this phase of my life right now.

People who were there at Badde Manors.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Mike is very proud that he knows Malaysia's home of the Petronas Twin Towers're AND that we have a high-tech chip in our IC, which also known as MyKad.


Sometimes I wonder..

what goes on in my head!

A few random conversations I had today:

With Carmen..

Those pink shoes look REALLY nice!
Yea! It does right?? But.. but.. it looks so BIMBOTIC!!!
*in best comforting voice* No, its NOT!!! Its alright!!
But.. but.. its even more perfect if its bimbotic! Then it'll be.. bimbo shoes for a Bimbo!! :P *kekeke*
O_o SHUEN!!!!!! *smack* :D

While chatting after dinner..

Alex said,
Yea, its like a handful of sugar!

and I immediately burst out proudly singing,
A handful of sugar makes the medicine go down, makes the medicine go down, makes the medicine go down..

Everyone at the table,

What?? Isn't that the Mary Poppins song?
Shuen.. its a SPOONFUL of sugar! Not a HANDFUL! You know how much a handful is? A HANDFUL of sugar doesn't make the medicine go down!
Oops.. Hehehhehe... :D


At 1:16 PM, Blogger miss vanity said...

now u can wear your bimbo shoes on BIMBO DAY! We havent decided a day yet! o n i watched Da Vinci Code yesterday :P

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous sof said...

WAHHH Christina has a Bimbo Day? I ALSO WANT!! Hehehe. The shoe are pretty babe! I loike. I loike vewy much.

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous sof said...


Ohmegosh my English.

At 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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