Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blogging from UNI!!!!

Just when I decided to wake up super early (at 9.25am, mind you!!)
to go for a make-up Phys lab that I missed on Tuesday due to overpuffy eyes and dire distress...

The lab supervisor kicked me out!


He asked me to come for the next session at 2pm.

But.. but..
I've already planned out my whole day's schedule!
I'm a busy woman, and I need to accomplish a lot today!
I'm a VERY important person, with a lot of ppl waiting on my command!
I DEMAND that...

He waved me off!
'Tootle-too', he said,
With that grin, that EVIL grin of his!


So here I am, blogging to waste some time.

Its the first time ever that I've blogged from uni,
but then again, its not like I'm at uni most of the days anyway!



That addictive game kept me up the WHOLE NIGHT!!!!

I started playing that game on Alex's computer at 10.00pm
(after House, which I have to say is a FANTASTICALLY WONDERFULLY ECSTATICALLY tv show!!)
and before I knew it..
Jay called at 12.30am!!!!

I was so confused!

It was meant to be only 10.30pm!

Well, needless to say,
bf was angry..
Not a good time for bf to get angry
Especially these couple of days!
So I shall have to think of ways to redeem myself..

But only after I finish my minesweeper..
which turned out to be..

Alrite, in between there were sobs and sorries etc..
but thats only normal since I'm emotionally vulnerable these couple of days

Oh Dear!!

What have I done to myself???



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