Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Sunshine came out to play today!!!

He prodded me while I was still lying in bed.

'Shuen! Get up! I wanna play with you! Quick!! Before mummy wants me home again!', he said.
'Hrrrmmphhh...Iwannasleep', I mumbled as I turned my head the other side.
'Get up! Get up! Come play with me in the park!'
'...ok..ok..I'll get up'

I opened one eye lazily.
He smiled.
I walked towards my window and gave him a BIG hug!
He beamed.
*I* smiled.

Ahhh the bliss of seeing my friend, Sunshine!

' I'm sorry I really can't go out to the park today. My exams are coming and I need to start studying,' I told him gently.
' But..I wanna play! I wanna play!' he retorted.
' I can't go to the park, but I'll study where you can see me. At least we can still enjoy each other's company!'
'Alrite, alrite.. But after exams, you promise to come out to play in the park with me?'

With that, he happily accompanied me for more than 2 hours.

2 hours of happiness for me.
2 hours of pure sunshine and joy.

Then he had to go home.

Leaving me to slave away all by my lonesome with my books while it rained.

gosh.. I think too much studying has made me a little cuckoo..



Jay called when I was writing about Sunshine.

'What you writing about?' he asked
'I'm writing about my friend who came out to play', I mumbled, distracted.
'..I'm writing about my friend who came out to play with me today!'
'Who's that?'
'My friend, Sunshine..who came out to play with me today!' I damn patient.. repeated myself so many times.. :)
'urhgajs.. Who's that la?' *thinks* Why havent I heard of this name before? *
'Who's tha... *pause*.. *quiet voice* ohhhhhhhhh.. ok..'

He seriously thought I had a friend called Sunshine! And asked me about Sunshine for a good minute or two!




See... I wrote about you OK! :P


At 8:39 PM, Blogger miss vanity said...

HAHAHAHA! I loved the sunshine post. Well, i did name myself Sunshine once to get myself a cup of coffee from starbucks!


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