Monday, June 05, 2006


Its been raining everyday and its making me seriously depressed.

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I want a hug, a real hug.

Arms that wrap around me, warm me, comfort me.. bringing me away from this cold real world just for that moment. An embrace which allows my head to bury deep into the warmth of another human body, a resting place for that moment, away from all the stress and emotions of this world. A place where I can feel safe and protected..safe and protected from everyone and everything else that might harm me.

I look strong. I look tough. I seem mature for my age. But really, I'm just a little girl, longing not for all the burden entrusted upon me.

I'm a little girl who wants to live in a world of sunshine, not rain.. a world of butterflies, not maggots.. a world of rainbows, not rain.. I want to live in a world of innocence, without jealousy, rage, malice, jeopardy, lies and deceit. I want to go back to days of being a small girl with pigtails, who cares naught of anything else but playing in the fields with her friends.

A child's love is pure.
A child's smile is genuine.
A child's hug is honest.
Why can't I be a child again?

I want a hug, a real hug.


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