Thursday, June 08, 2006

Quote of the day!
You're like.. school in July - NO CLASS!!!
-ever.so.wacky.Carmen Lee

Lesson of the day!
Never paint nails before doing the laundry (even if its 2 hrs before!) because it'll get chipped anyway!

Discovery of the day!
The new addition of 24 hangers to my rapidly growing family is not sufficient.


Batteries dead.

Its 4.13 am and I'm still awake. I came back from doing my laundry about half an hour ago. Weird time to do laundry, but it's much cheaper actually.. so yea! Besides, a couple of hours spent with the ever-so-wacky-Carmen and Mike seem like just a fleeting second.

Carmen's now recharging her batteries in the sleeping bag on the floor right next to my bed.

For some reason, I can't sleep.. I know I should be taking my shower now to get ready for bed.. but I can't quite bring myself to it..

Many reasons for that, but I still don't feel comfortable writing about personal feelings in my blog.

I wish I had an outlet for everything.
I should immerse myself in my hobby..

Sorry, but I don't think shopping qualifies as a hobby!
I can almost you say!



When I went to Melbourne, I happened to chance upon this gorgeous long-sleeved V-neck black top with emblazoned diamontes spelling the word 'Guess' over it.

I didn't buy it coz it was my first day there, and I didn't wanna spend $99 already!

I took a really bad pic (was on the phone with J) of it for remembrance.
I had a feeling I was gonna forget all about it/never gonna buy it.. but I forgot about the picture ANYWAYZ... so what's the point right?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A couple of months after that, I was doing my grocery shopping in Coles when I was distracted by this tall GORGEOUS girl..

'Lo and behold.. she was wearing THE Guess top!!!

She made it look SOOOOO good, with her extremely toned body + proportionate figure..
I was glad I never bought that top! Else I'd be so jealous over how good she looks in it that I'll go home and rip mine apart!


Bus Drivers

I sometimes question the license-ship of bus drivers here in Sydney.

Just today..

I was walking back from uni (against the flow of traffic) and saw that a bus driver was glancing my way.
Oh well, he could just very well be looking at the magnificent sandstone building behind me!
But as I walked on, he continued glancing my way, slowly turning his head 90 degrees from the direction he's supposed to be concentrating on!


Last I remembered, birds had panaromic vision, not HUMANS!!!!!

Anyway, thinking that just ONE bus driver didn't exactly represent the WHOLE bus drivers' community, I looked at the bus right behind it..

And what was the bus driver doing??

Any guesses??

He was reading his newspaper..while driving!
His newspaper was like beside him, so he had to turn a good way to look at it!


Well, I didn't hear any crash, so I assume that everything was alright..

Hahaha.. imagine if they did, though..
then I'd be the face that launched a thousand crashes crash!!

Hmmm..maybe bus drivers here have X-Men powers where they have eyes that can look everywhere!
Now everyone say this with me 'OOOOoooooooooooooo....'

Oh, right! how could I forget??
X-men super vision PLUS another very important super power which most guys dont have..




Fuzzy wuzzy feeling

Don't you ever get that sometimes, when you receive long e-mails from acquaintances and friends?

I do!

Just got one today from my cousin, telling me about her wedding plans etc..
Can't wait to go back in Nov for her wedding!!!

Its like a SUPERLONG foreplay of about 5 months before climaxing on the 17th of December!!!


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