Saturday, June 10, 2006

Friends I have.

Another wet gloomy rainy day today. Damn emo. Woke up with a heavy depressing feeling.

When I was over at Alex's place, I offered to vacuum his room after I had lunch.

There's something therapeutic about vacuuming, or sweeping the floor.
I like watching how everything gets sucked up into that vacuum cleaner, leaving the floor clean and spotless again. If only life was like that.

Funny how I offered to vacuum HIS room when I hardly ever do mine!

I plopped myself in front of his comp after vacuuming his room, ignoring the bunch of ppl sitting and talking merrily outside in the living room. That, in itself is a strange manifestation of my usually springy sunny demeanour.

I started chatting to Carmen on MSN.

In her bid to cheer me up,
she told me to get a cup,
go to the fridge,
scoop some ice-cream,
go to the cabinet right next to the stove,
look for cocoa,
sprinkle some on top of the ice-cream
and EAT!

Unfortch, I was too weighed down (emotionally! I'm not THAT fat) that I didn't even wanna do that. I told her that and continued chatting about other things.

A few minutes later...

Alex came in to check on me, bringing along with him a bowl of vanilla ice cream sprinkled with cocoa powder.

I knew it was Carmen's doing coz Alex can't possibly be that nice.

I was so touched!! Already damn emo before that.. and that gesture of care and concern moved me even more! My eyes were seriously welling up with tears.

It was such a sweet SWEET gesture. Especially sweet when you're down and emo-ing.

Thanks CARMEN dear!!!

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