Friday, June 09, 2006

Mamak Night

Since we Malaysians over here are deprived of one of our very important Malaysian culture.. SUAMS decided to make a night for us all to feel at home again!

Introducing MAMAK NIGHT!

Since I packed my Punjabi suit all the way from Malaysia, I thought it wise to put it to SOME use! I had a Cheongsam too, but I can't possibly wear a thin piece of knee-length dress during winter to an outdoor event!

So Punjabi suit it is!

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On the way there, I told Alex I feel like a walking sun.

Punjabi suit was a present from J. So obviously, it holds very sentimental values. Wearing it tonight reminded me fondly of him. I miss him.

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Honestly, I tell you, when you mention the name 'Joana', EVERYONE in SUV knows who you're talking about! She's seriously THAT hawt! There are like a gazillion guys after her at the same time right now!!!

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Paul is Punjabi. I didn't know. When he saw me, he was like "Yeah! Punjabi suit rox!". I didn't think he said that BECOZ he's Punjabi. I thought it was a passing statement until we sat down and chatted after the event.

Yea, I'm quite the blur sometimes..

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Of course, how could I forget...picture of my food...

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I actually forgot to take a picture, til I was almost halfway through ie plate was messy with half-eaten food which does not equal a good picture!


Get out of the way! EMERGENCY!

It sucks when you need to go get 'emergency' props when you bump into your friends and housemate on the way out, especially when you're in just a singlet (or as the Americans call it, 'wife-beater').

Like C****.



Waiting for Alex to finish taking his shower so that we can go to The Well to grab lunch. I tell you, I'm over at their place so often, its not funny. At least once a day! And its not like just for 1 or 2 mins. It's hours at a time!

Signs that I'm over at their place too much..

1) Their housemates just resign to the fact that they have one extra housemate. When I see them around uni, etc, we even stop and chat, eventhough we're just on a hi-bye basis at home since they hardly come out of their rooms.

2) Seeing Chris and Alex in their boxers is a norm. Like, Alex just came out of the shower in his boxers to grab a call. It's sexy and its grey. *wink*

3) I find some of my cutlery here, and I totally forgot how they got here in the first place.

'Hey! One of your housemates has the same spoon that I lost! The one with the flowery handle! Oh wait.. is that MINE???!?!!'

4) The only person who ever uses the tv is ME!

5) I change toilet rolls for them.

6) I know where the condiments and food-stuff are.

Alrite, gotta run.. Alex is done.. gotta go have lunch! hungry shit!


At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Chris said...


I .... have no comment.

At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Chris said...

Whoever you saw on the way out also had a jacket on... i don't think he/she was only wearing a 'wife-beater'!


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