Tuesday, June 13, 2006

AUSTRALIA KICKS ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3-1 Baby!!!!!!!!

1st Half
Chris came full on with a yellow sweatshirt, and when he couldn't find anything green to wear, he took Alex's GREEN sleeping bag to hold on to. Talk about being CUCKOOO!

Chris and Alex were full on criticising the Japanese players. Every fall they took was a fake. Swear words were thrown about liberally. They were FULL ON cheering for Australia.

Carmen and I supported Japan for fun just to piss Chris off.

2nd Half
Chris' morale was low..
Carmen still on with her random remarks..
Alex was dissing the Japanese players..
I was falling zzzzzzzzz.....

"Man, if they win this match.. I'm gonna go out and buy the Socceroos shirt tomorow!" said I.

They went on to stun me in the last 10 mins of the game!
Pretty good shit, man!

Looks like I'm going shopping tomoro!!!

Cars are still blaring their honks on the streets now!
Ahh..never have honks sounded so melodious to my ears...


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