Friday, June 16, 2006


Did you see Dwight Yorke get hit in his balls by the ball in last night's ball-game???

Must hurt SOOOO bad man..

I feel the pain.. although I might not necessarily know how it feels..

Man.. I just realised that all my posts had something to do with football..


Way to go, Shuen..


Things said about my physical appearance

1) During Phys replacement lab..

Girl 1 : So.. are you local?
Me : No, I'm from Malaysia.
Girl 2 : You're an international student?
Me : ...yyyeaahh..
Girl 1 : Did you like, grow up here though?
Me : No... *wondering where this conversation's going*
Girl 1 : But... you look like you grew up here!

Is there a 'look' for aussie bred asians? I had no idea!

2) While waiting for the bus with John, he bumped into some Korean friends.

John : Oh, they asked if you were Korean.
Me : O_o

3) From my wonderful frenemy.. He was talking about something characteristic of Chinese ppl, when I quipped that I didn't see that in me.. to which he replied..

Alex : You're not Chinese anymore..You don't look Chinese AT ALL!! You look.. Malay-Malaysian! Oh, wait.. or maybe Indonesian/Filipino.. you know..

Racist Colourist bugger! Just coz I'm tanned...

4) " You've got the most perfect breasts I've ever seen."

Yea, wtf right?

5) Woman : You've got a GORGEOUS figure darlinggg!!!!
Me : What? Oh.. *looks down* REALLY??? O_o
Woman : Yeahhh.. like you don't know that already.. *rolls eyes*

Said a few different times, usually when I'm trying on a stuff in boutiques/malls/shops etc. Might be their marketing ploy to get me to buy stuff.. but please just let me stay in that delusional world for a few minutes please...

6) "You look like Hilary Duff"

Talk about random-ness. I got this a fair bit back in college.

In conclusion.. I think I can pass of as anything other than Chinese to non-Southeast Asians..


At 12:18 PM, Blogger dannyFoo said...

I think you'll always look Asian but have the qualified characteristics of other races.

Maybe that what makes beautiful. :)

At 5:47 PM, Blogger Bren said...

Hehe.. I kind of get what you mean. I get Malay, Filipino, Hawaiian, Indonesian, etc constantly. Why is it so hard for people to believe that we're Chinese, just because of our tanned skin?

At 9:48 PM, Blogger ~little princess~ said...

dannyfoo : haha.. that's a nice way to put it..

bren : I know, right??!! just bcoz we live on the equator and get plenty of happy sunshine..

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