Tuesday, July 25, 2006


It certainly hasn't taken me long to return back to my pre-hols routine of skipping classes and sleeping in.

I'm still suffering from post-hols blues.

Wait, come to think of it..I never in my life had post-hols blues. I still remember when I couldnt wait for school to start coz I had holiday blues!

I tried shifting back into my Sydney mode, but I still couldn't help :

..calling up UniMelb to ask about credit transfers
..dropping by IDP which happened to be opposite the clinic I went to today
..browsing through the prospectus wondering if I have good enough results for Medicine or Biomed

I think I really should stop thinking about Melbourne.





Alrite.. from now, no more mention of Melbourne in my blog! Though the same can't be said about everyday life! :P


Zebra No More!

Krys and YY have been calling me a giraffe/zebra thanks to my long graceful neck(ok, this is not why they call me giraffe but it'll do! ;P)
and my black and white striped scarf!

Today, I've officially managed to fuse those two together!

I've gone on to wear my ORANGE AND WHITE striped Stussy top!!



I've got MAIL!

Yestrday, Alex handed me my letters. Among them, there was only one particular one that fascinated me.

Its handwritten words stood out among the rest of the printed ones. I was immediately drawn to it.

Needless to say, it was the first letter I opened.

There greeting me was a note from Mellie!

How ironic it was that I'd receive a letter from her on the day she left Sydney!

She'd sent it long ago, back when she was still in Edinburgh. Thanks to the efficiency of POST Australia, the letter reached only on the 11th of this month.

Nevertheless, there was still that burning flame, warming my heart. You know, that feeling when you know you've receive a personal letter in your post, and that someone still cares about you?

I've kept that letter in a safe safe place, and is one of my most treasured possession now.



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