Saturday, July 22, 2006

My last day of 10 days in Melbourne.


The past 10 days have been really memorable..

Newfound friends
Lame jokes

Thank you my friends, for making my Melbourne holiday one of the best ever!

Thank you YY, Krys and Mel for flying all the way to Australia.
Thank you Tina and ES for making the effort to plan things for us to do and accomodating us.
Thank you, my new friends, for spicing up my stay here in Melbourne.

Thank you guys!!

Its felt like a wonderful dream, and I hope never to get up. But reality calls. Unfortunately.

A step back to uni will be very difficult. It will feel like there are a thousand horses pulling me back from that first step.

I dont know if its the daunting idea that I'm going to start 2nd year, or the fact that its just uni which equals more work. Or maybe, its the idea that I'll have to leave my wonderful dream and friends for another half a year.

I hardly know how it feels like to be in Sydney anymore.

I woke up extra early this morning, the first to get up actually, which is a first! I think I subconsciously didn't wanna waste my last day here in Melbourne.

Man.. I hope they're really serious about the roadtrip up to gold coast in coming September! I'm gonna miss all of em here!


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