Sunday, April 30, 2006

I changed my blogskin!!! Going for the simple look. Look!! Now the words are HUGE, so easy to read!!! But then, cant write LONG posts anymore. Otherwise entry will seem too long! SO how? You like?You like? :)

Quick update:

- Cooked beef rendang yesterday.. mmmmm

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Doesn't it look so authentic??

-Watched 2 movies with John tonight.

Alex was off somewhere in Epping, meeting Keri probably ; Chris wanted to 'study' with his gf ; Peter+Carmen wanted to be alone study together. Why does everyone seem to be studying??!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Featuring my all time favourite person, Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Was not at all a let-down!

-Its getting cold.. time to take out turtlenecks and winter jackets!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Blue turtleneck!!!

Another one.. with different camera mode!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
haha..really just an excuse to camwhore!! ;P

Alrite, I'm off to take a shower. Told you it was a quick update! ;)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Everyday, there're always stuff which makes me go..
'I'm SOOO gonna blog about this!!'
but when I get back and plop myself down in front of my laptop,
I look at the blank 'compose' screen in front of me,
and I can't think of ANYTHING to type!!

So much for making a mental notes to myself during the day!!!

MAC POWERBOOK for sale!!!

here are the specs...

- Powerbook G4 1.5GHz 17"
- 2GB DDR PC 2700 (MAXIMUM) original came with 512MB
- 80 GB
- Super Drive(DVD/CD-R Burner)

Bought the Powerbook on the 8/9/2004

Has the Extended Apple Care Protection Plan expiring on the 9/9/07

Seller will pop in a WACOM Intuos 2 Graphic Tablet (Never Used) but dont have the box

Looking to sell it off as close to AUD$2700

sigh.. i dont even know why i bother putting this up here..


Yesterday's was Math, and today I had Chemistry.

Thanks for all your 'Good Luck' wishes!! :) hehehe.. really appreciate it!

It went well!! :).. really glad about that!!

Another thing I'm really glad about is having Alex as my neighbour!
That guy was the reason I sat down and actually studied Chem!
If it wasn't for him, I'd be procrastinating even MORE, and I probably wouldn't have studied for Chem quiz at all!!
So there I was studying Chem from 8.00pm - 10.30pm..

I was really impressed with myself!!
If only I have the discipline to do that everyday!


Went for another lesson of capoeira!

I like the new master who came in today - Alfredo is his name (I think).
He's a pretty funny guy.. Brazillian.. can't speak English well, so we basically communicated through Portuguese translators!

He was very impressed with my phone!! Kept saying 'Wahhh..Beautiful'!!
Then went on to make my day by saying..
'Beautiful' *points at phone*
'Beautiful' *points at me*
(Yes, yes, as much as it might be a lie, it STILL made my day OK! Can see everyone puking dy!)

In class, I was put in the spot so many times, coz of my lack of coordination..
At one point, the master announced to the class that if I get the moves right the following round, I'll get a box of chocolates!!

Only to discover, after all my hard work, that he meant the BOX..without the chocs!!

Well, from today's lesson, I learnt one new fact about myself!!!
I seriously cant kick!!
I kick like a girl!!

It's so embarassing!!

After class, I went on to the gym (for gymnasts) with a few other guys who wanted to work on their acrobatic stuff. I wanted to work on my cartwheels.

I can't do cartwheels.

Never have!!

And I seriously sucked at it!!

Thanks Andrew, for being sooooo patient with me!!! Urging me all the way!!
Thanks Dave, for telling me what I was doing wrong and correcting me!!
Thanks the-other-guy, for telling me the one tip that made THE difference!!

I STILL cant do a cartwheel.. but I'm getting there!! Just more practises!! More practises!!


I tell you, if you want to crack your middle-upper back, you should try this move.

Lie on the ground.
Get someone to stand where your head is.
Put left hand on person's left feet and right hand on person's right feet.
Go into a bridge position.
Get the person to put arms around your torso and pull you in towards person's knees.

I tell you.. All the bones in my back which I can't crack myself, cracked!!!

Felt WONDERFUL, I tell you!!

Now my nagging backpain's temporarily gone!!!



For so long, I've been trying to look for a job that doesn't require a CV! Reason being, my CV would look really bad with NO PREVIOUS JOB EXPERIENCE!

So, today, when I was at Manning, the union building, I jumped right in to apply for a part-time position to work at this 'cafe' sorta thing.

I hope I get the job!!

*cross fingers*

I really wanna earn some money! Esp since I have SO MUCH TIME to spare this sem!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I wrote an entry just now.. but everything got erase when blogspot shut down for some reason!!


Cant be arsed to write it again... will post something new instead!!!

A mistaken identity on MSN caused MAJOR stomach aches!!!! and stitches!!!

smalls says:
are ur exams coming up?
~shuen~ says:
i've got a math quiz tomoro and a chem quiz day after
~shuen~ says:
i dont get probability!
~shuen~ says:
smalls says:
i teach you
smalls says:
the full amount of probability is 1
smalls says:
which means 100% likely
smalls says:
so the probability that i love you is 1
smalls says:
the lower it is, the less likeliness
smalls says:
therefore, the probability you'll be nicer smelling than me is 0.1
smalls says:
gets gets? =)
~shuen~ says:
~shuen~ says:
i love your examples man!!!
smalls says:
smalls says:
im damn lame la
~shuen~ says:
~shuen~ says:
damn funny lar!

*after chatting for a while*

smalls says:
oh my god
smalls says:
smalls says:

smalls says:
i thought
~shuen~ says:
smalls says:
it was gavin who couldnt do probability
smalls says:
smalls says:
thats why typed all those
smalls says:
oh my god
smalls says:
smalls says:
dam,n shy'
~shuen~ says:
~shuen~ says:
eh, but i cant do probability for my quiz tomoro too!!
~shuen~ says:
hahhaa.. i was wondering why suddenly you love me so much
~shuen~ says:
was so happy for a while
~shuen~ says:
then after that you killed it for me..
smalls says:
aiyoohh..damn shy...no i dont think u stink..but i still love you.hahah
~shuen~ says:

hey, smalls.. sorry!!!!! i just had the urge to put this up!!! its tooo hilarious!!! hehehe..

ur one wacky girl!!! but that's why you're so ADORABLE!!!! hahaa... and FUNNY!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006


Exactly ONE year ago....

Image hosting by Photobucket
*Pic stolen off the thinktanks!!*

I'll never forget all the wonderful memories you gave me at school, out of school.. college..

You've been there for me when I was going thru problems,
Entertained me thru college breaks,
Checked out girls
together at college,
Sent me home a few times back in the days when I didnt have a license yet,
Tried to comfort me when I was bawling in your car on one particular ride home..
Cooked your special instant noodle for me..
Your sense of direction.. hahhaa..

I'll never forget your passion for comics,
How you treat each copy as lovingly as the next.
I'll never forget your passion for studying,
How you always have more self-discipline than me in hitting the books.
I'll never forget your passion for sports (soccer!) and all other fun things,
How you always play hard hard!

I wish you all the luck in the world in your love life, studies, career and family!!

Most of all, I wish you good health and many happy happy days!!!

Miss ya, WK!!!!




If I were a guy... I'd wanna be a DJ!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Uni starts TODAY!!!!



I sat down yesterday and tried to study. But I couldn't concentrate anymore past chapter 1 of MATHS! And I have a quiz on WEDNESDAY!!!

Followed by a CHEM QUIZ on THURSDAY!! ahhhhhh!!!!


Let me review what I've done during my Easter Break..

Watched the whole of 'Monster By Your Side' *click*
Watched the whole of 'It started with a Kiss'
Played mahjong
Played monopoly
Met up with Chee Yoong, Steph and Alex*click*
Did my laundry

Hmm.. is it you, or do I not see the words 'study' or 'books'??

Sigh.. My whole easter break gone like that *snap*!!

My upper back hurts!

My lip ulcer hurts!

I'm in desperate need of a masseuse!!


YAY!!! SCHUMACHER WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and I cant believe I missed the race!!!


Just when I thought he was getting old and running out of steam, he proved me wrong and went on to win the race!!!

Maybe I should say that more often, then he might win more!! teehehhee..

I wish I had a Ferrari shirt to wear today!! hehhe..

brings me back to memories of COLLEGE where guys wear soccer jerseys after their fav soccer team wins!
There'll be a sudden influx of reds or whites.. or watever else colour.. and you'll know who won the day before... MU/Arsenal/Liverpool etc..

Oh well, I guess I'll wear something RED today.. hmmm...a red bra perhaps? ^_-

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I got my NEW PHONE!!!! I got my NEW PHONE!!!!!!!!

Wheeeeeeeee....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

When I got an e-mail telling me to pick a mail up at the reception, my heart raced, the corners of my mouth magically stretched to my ears.

Never in my life have I experienced such anticipation.

I braved the cold in my super short shorts (they're like girl boxers) just to walk to the reception to collect my precioussss!!

Edit : The seller was in Melbourne so Tina helped me collect it and sent it to me. Seemed safer that way.

Image hosting by Photobucket
My wonderful parcel of joy!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

I wanted to rip the box open!! I couldn't wait!! Just moments away from my baby!!

But it was sealed sooooo tightly that I took 5 minutes alternating between cutting the tape up and trying to pull the lid free just to open it!!

Hard job, I tell you!! I was panting by the time the box was opened!
Image hosting by Photobucket
OOooo.. What's that?? A card???

Image hosting by Photobucket
By golly!! It IS a card from dearest Tina!!

Here's the sweet message :

Pg 1
"Congrats on your NEW phone :) & your first E-bay purchase."

Pg 2
"Hey Shuen!!

Just thought I'd congratulate you on your first EBAY purchase! :) Also its a celebration coz you are now in the Nokia 7370 Club, which includes my brother, Darren (yes, he got the phone too) & me! Anyways hope you enjoy the phone. Use it wisely, don't misplace it. As you can see am at the Post Office now and the pen's kinda crap + my handwriting is even crapper! :P Have fun with the remaining Easter break & make sure you get your ass in Melbourne in July. Can't wait to party & shop & hangout with you again! Take care & God bless!

Love lots,
Tina "

Such a sweet card for the occassion!!! What a darling!!! See!! Don't you wish you had a friend like Tina????

Oh, btw, Tina.. I didnt know Darren got the phone too! Hehe.. I dont know bout you, but I think he's cute! :P.. Yay! Same beautiful phone as a cute guy!

Thank you SOOO much for everything, TINA!!!!!!


Image hosting by Photobucket
My real treasure box!!!!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Tadadada!!!! Behold!! MY baby!! The NOKIA 7370!!!

Look at how it swivels!!
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Is that sexy or is that SEXY??!?!



(don't I sound so orgasmic?? :) hehe..)


from JAY!!

I still havent received a first message from anyone at this early point.. Anyone wants to message me?? You're still not too late!! :)

Pardon me while I go play with my precious baby, and give it some TLC..

Oh, btw, my parents dont know about my baby.. So, I'll have to find the right opportunity to break the wonderful news to them..

Thursday, April 20, 2006


My b-i-l, YY, never ever messages me on MSN. So, imagine my surprise when he did..

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
"Fuck me," he said.. I didn do anything Krys!! I SWEAR!! O_O

Image hosting by Photobucket

Since the print is kinda small, I'll reproduce it..

YYLIM- says:
-YYLIM- says:
was clearing my pc
~shuen~ says:
clearing your pc??
-YYLIM- says:
then i saw this video u sent to me the last time
-YYLIM- says:
just wanna say
-YYLIM- says:
u dam mou liu la
~shuen~ says:
~shuen~ says:
damn you lar
~shuen~ says:
which video?
-YYLIM- says:
-YYLIM- says:
y dam me
-YYLIM- says:
dun dam me la
~shuen~ says:
-YYLIM- says:
if u wan
-YYLIM- says:
fuck me
-YYLIM- says:
dun damn me
~shuen~ says:
you so bad..message me to say i'm so mo liu
-YYLIM- says:
but true wat
-YYLIM- says:
u know which video i m talking abt rite
~shuen~ says:
no, i dont..
~shuen~ says:
cant remember liao

Sigh... how wonderful of him to message me just to tell me I'm so mo liu..

Well, he sent me the video again since I didnt remember it.. I'll be nice and post it up for your entertainment..

Mind you, I'm posting this up even before I watch the video again..
So, I'm really nervous in case I made a fool out of myself!!! Eeekk!!!

*peeps through fingers*

Edit : OMG!!! I took it down.. its too embarassing!!! hahaha..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006




Consider yourself warned!!!

I've been glued to my seat til my ass is SERIOUSLY sore... eyes fixated on the laptop screen, hypnotised.. mouth munching on cookies/chips whenever I grab hold of any..

just coz of that stupid taiwanese tv series - 'er mo zhai shen pian' when directly translated, is 'Monster Beside You'..


who the hell watches anything with a TITLE like THAT?? Puh-leeezz...

The best part??
I dont even know HALF of the words they were saying!!!!!! The subtitles were in chinese!!

So, can anyone tell me why I've been sucked into lifelessness for 20 freakin' hrs???

Is it the..
CUTE lead actor+actress???
Or might it be the FAIRYTALE-like storyline that everyone's secretly a sucker for??
Because it sure can't be the over-dramatic scenes..
or unrealistic coincidences!



When you come to Sydney, that eatery is a MUST!!! Its a Jap-Californian fusion food which boasts lots of great-tasting dishes!! Combinations of eclectic ingredients combust in your mouth, whetting your appetite even more with each dish.
Note : A delight for cheese-lovers!

Yes, their dishes fill you up real quickly, so that's why I recommend going with a bunch of friends so that you can share a fair amount of dishes if you're one who prefers variety.

Ambience is great!!
Its prime location on King Street Wharf entitles you to unlimited waterfront views - water, boats, wooden pier and bridges.
Its dim lights and candle-lit tables add to the romantic atmosphere.
Clean architecture lines with Zen furnitures immediately spell class and sophistication.

I had the privilege of dining with Chee Yoong, Stephanie and Alex at that wonderful place today. Been craving Kobe Jones for a couple of days now.

Now, I'm full AND satisfied!




1st rule of a successful diet....

NEVER tell Chee Yoong that you're on a diet!!

He'll go out of his way to create more temptations than there normally is.

As it is, my diet-ing hasn't been successful even for 1 day, so I feel like a failure. Trust him to call me out to Kobe Jones and eat all the cheesy dishes when I've just decided TODAY to really put my mind to dieting!!!

Sighz.. :)

But I must say that its good catching up with him!!!! It's felt like YEARS since we've ever really caught up. I kinda missed him.

He STILL hasn't passed me my long overdue present from Wei Kit!! -_-

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Hehe.. I was the first!! YAY!! :D



Image hosting by Photobucket

I purchased my first ever item on EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've always wanted the nokia7370 when I saw Tina's!!!!

For the record, Tina's a trendsetter, whether or not she realises it. She's WAAAAYY ahead of fashion and she knows what looks good on her!!! You see her wear something and soon after that it's the next big thing! She's just ahead of our time, that babe!

Anywayzzzz.. Been trying to get that phone on a plan with Optus. But I still like the Vodafone rates much better than Optus. I've been sitting on my itchy ass for over a month now!

FINALLY!!! thanks to Samuel Loh who officially intro-ed me to Ebay.. I've purchased it at..


Well, it would've been $350.96 if not for the last other bidder who bidded at $380.05!! Sighz..

Oh, well, the prices for that model were more than $400.00 anyway, so I guess I got quite a good deal!!!! YAAAYYY!!!!!!

The retail price here is $590.00 and I got it for.... more than $200.00 bucks cheaper on Ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK, I shall not be too excited just yet..

I'm just hyperventilating..

I guess the thrill wasnt the fact that I bought something for the 1st time from Ebay,
or that I got it for 200++ less...

but the fact that Sam and I were sitting in front of my comp
refreshing the page over and over again..
counting down to the last second
to see if I actually won!

He was determined that I would not get such a good deal for that price!!.. I was apparently VERY LUCKY!

MAN, that guy's a pro Ebayer!!!! SO many tips I would never have known if I'd gone through the whole process myself!!!

Gonna reserve my 2 bottles of smirnoff double blacks in the fridge for celebrations when I actually get my package!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I love you.

the night when I'm down and troubled,
you were there.

You called me,
held on to the phone,
and listened to me patiently.

As any girl would tell you,
that's enough.

Listening itself is enough.

You talked to me,
insisting that I tell what's bothering me,
even when I didn't seem like I wanted to.

You knew there was something wrong,
you sensed it.
That's the first sign to show that you know me well enough,
that you care.

Never have I felt comfortable talking to you about matters of the heart.
I sometimes feel like you HEAR the words that I say,
But tonight,
you proved me wrong.

Tonight's the first night I told you something grave, serious.
I shared a part of me so intimate,
even more intimate than any physical intimacy goes.

You uttered me words that made my withering troubled heart swell again.
The truth?
I hope so.

You sounded so sincere,
I really hope the words that you said were not a fabrication of the truth.

Knowing the truth about what you thought about me, your baby, brought me to heights of joy & contentment.
The truth was all I wanted.

You shed light from another perspective,
a perspective too hidden from me to see when I'm down.

I've never known this side of you.
You've surprised me.

Maybe this is a tiny twinkle of a big bright star,
A small sign of many great things to come.

I love you, baby.

I love you.


Rain, Rain.. go away..

I walked back in the cold rain.

The rain brings mixed feelings.

If it rains on a lazy Sunday morning, I love it. I like pulling my blankie up and just curling myself up in bed.

Other times, esp when I'm out, it just makes me depressed.

Like today.

Such melancholy. Such depression. Such dullness.

Its even worse when its FRIGGIN cold!

I hate the rain.

I realise I should not say that lest there cometh a period of draught.

Alrite, I do not hate the rain.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Alone = Sad?????

Who the hell came up with that equation??

Today, I decided I'd treat myself to a chick flick after my Physics Progressive Test since I worked for it (albeit just a lil) and Tuesday = half-priced movie tix!

Thing is, I decided to watch it alone.

When I told Jonathan that, he went all ballistic and said..

'WHAT??? ALONE?? Don't pull my leg!! You MUST be joking!! Eh, c'mon la.. that's so sad man.. I'd NEVER EVER go watch movies alone! The last thing I'd do.. EVER!!! Please, that's just SO SAD!!!!! Why the hell are you even doing that??!!'

I was surprised at what an overwhelming reaction I got.
Honestly, I'd expected him to react less.. explosive??

Watching movies alone doesn't mean I've got no friends.
Watching movies alone doesn't mean I'm a loner.
Watching movies alone doesn't mean I'm socially challenged.
Watching movies alone doesn't mean I don't party.

I never considered watching movies alone, SAD.

Why should anyone who does anything alone be called a SAD person??
Heaps of ppl eat out alone in cafes and restaurants here.
Heaps of ppl walk alone on the streets, travel alone on buses.

Is single-dom really all that dreadful? Is being alone a growing disease of being seen by others as an outcast?

Suppose this totally hot, gorgeous girl you see around uni sets your heart a-flutter.
Would you go up to her if she's always surrounded by friends?
Or would you rather approach her if she's all alone?

I think its safe to say that the answer's the latter.

See, doing things alone isn't so bad. It's helping to create opportunities for you guys out there, nudging you to be bold and take chances.

Aliska, a girlfriend of mine I chatted with, upon learning that I was going to the movies alone, said..

'Wow, girl! You've got guts!! It takes a LOT of confidence and self-assuredness for someone to go watch a movie alone!'

See!! At least she understands!

I'm not a loner, and I think its safe to say that I'm not 'sad'.

I just feel comfortable spending time alone with myself. Its nice having to take a breathe away from everyone, pamper myself, indulge in being myself and enjoying my own company.

I'm sure even the most sociable person feels the same way too! This is just one of the many ways I spend time doing things I like to do.

By the way, Jonathan, the whole experience was fun. I loved the movie, though it was every bit cheesy + corny (c'mon! What is a chick flick without those ingredients!).

There were funny bits here and there too, and I actually laughed out loud by myself! Along with the rest of the very warm, receptive audience in Cinema 12.

Of course, there was that cute guy in the movie too, which made everything seem more worth while.. :)

Yes, I'm shallow. So?? Who isn't, to some degree?


After that movie, I watched 'Inside Man' with Alex, Jon and Joyce. Movie was REALLY GOOD!!!


Monday, April 10, 2006

Oh no!!

I totally forgot about my Physics Progressive Test tomorrow!!!

Studying, studying, studying...

Hmmm, I dont know if this is normal.. but studying makes me a wee tineee bit horny.. just a tiny bit..

It makes me hungry too!!

I'm going on a diet.. but so far, I think I've failed... Jonathan told me to write everything I eat+drink every single day and then pass the list to him after a week and he'll be my nutritionist/dietitian..

List for today :

1 cup of Milo
2 blueberry bagels (was a mistake! I honestly wanted to take just 1!!)
1 beef kebab
Heaven hazelnut choc ice-cream (about 6-7 tablespoonful)
1 cup orange juice
2 slices of toast with LOTS of peanut butter

Hmmmm, I don't think I'm very healthy..

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I've just watched yet another disc of Sex and the City. It is an abso-fucking-lutely great show!

They've converted me since the first disc of the first season.. and it only gets better!!!

I just finished disc 3 of Season 3.. and it had so many issues I could so relate to!!! ONE, in particular, struck me..

The whole Carrie-Mr. Big thing..

When Carrie and Miranda were fighting about Carrie meeting up with Big again, deja vu struck!

See, Carrie and Mr. Big have been together, on and off. He was a guy she was really serious with, whom she had lots of feelings for. But in the end, it was clear that he's bad for her. He's not necessarily bad, but just bad for HER. Yet, she still ran back to him again and again.

Now, I don't blame Carrie for that at all..

She didn't know why she did it..
She didn't know whe she allowed herself to get hurt over and over again..
She knew her friends wouldnt approve if she meets up with him yet again..
Yet.. she knew she had to.. wanted to..

It reminded me SO MUCH of a certain past I had.
I had MY Mr. Big.
He's not necessarily bad,
But he was bad for me,
yet I still ran in to him time and time again when he beckoned.
Young and innocent I was.

But that was a long while back,
Now I'm older,

I turn back and look at my past,
as though it was a tv show,
but instead of being the star in it,
I've climbed out of the tv set, (ooo, reminds me of 'The Ring')
and am now sitting on the couch, an audience,
watching history play itself on the screen as though it were a mere story.

with popcorn in my hand,
laughing at what a fool I was back then.
A masochist I was.

So much hurt and pain.
So much after-effects,
So much alteration to my personality.

No, I'll never get manipulated again.

Well, like Carrie in Sex and the City,
I had my girlfriends
who were there for me when I needed to talk,
or someone's shoulder to cry on.
You guys have stood by me,
and I hope to do the same too..
You guys made the road easier to travel,
Less alone, More love.

I love Sex and the City.

(ppl who know me, please dont make silly assumptions about who my Mr. Big was! :D)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---

Yesterday I tried something.
It turned out to be nothing.
All hyped up about nothing.
Maybe I didn't do it right.
Maybe the company wasnt right.
But I'd sure like to try it again properly with the right company!


omg, I'm crying..

ok, that sounded strange..
Well, I just had to type stuff to get my mind off crying like a baby..

I hate crying..

It gives you the worst headaches ever!
Even a hangover seems like a brilliant option at this point of time.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Have lots and lots of fun on this wonderful day!!! I'm sure you'll PARTAY hard in KL!!! :).. Don't drink and drive yea?!

Image hosting by Photobucket
I have a point in posting this pic.. My point is that..

Gav, as depicted in this pic, is a funny entertaining guy.. silly sometimes, yet extremely smart academically..

Not afraid of taking an occasianal poke at himself goes to show that this guy CLEARLY is comfortable in his own skin..

Something to be proud of, if you ask me.. :)

OK, OK, proper one!!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket Taken a long long time ago.. back in Taylor-ian years..

Gavin looks MUCH MUCH better in real life, trust me.. let not these photos fool you!

Man, Gav, I should have more NICE pix of you!!! Instead of silly ones!

If you want a nice pic of you up, send me one kays??? :)

For more pix and wishes for the bday boy.. go here..


Rohit doesn't know this blog exists.. hehehe.. but still... courtesy man.. Rohit is Jay's soccer coach.. Cool dude..

Double treat Jay and it'll make up for the 'compulsary treat' you owe me! ;)


Sorry, I forgot to wish you on 3rd April! Hope you had a wonderful, wonderful bday!!! Partying this weekend, huh..Enjoy yourself!

Phew, so many ppl's bday in April!!!!!

Wei Kit's will be soon.. at the end of the month.. 24th April..



I am SO inspired to study now
after watching LEGALLY BLOND!

I'm known to have my 'blond' moments.
Ask Dan/Alex/Tina.. they know what I mean..
So, to think that even ELLE WOODS can do it,
I dont see why I can't.

I am gonna be smart, ppl.

And, no, Dan, I'm NEVER gonna dye my hair blond!!

Oh, and I must say.. Jo (Andrew's gf) looks a LOT like Reese Witherspoon (when she was giving her speech at the graduation) .

Have fun at camp, Tina!

I'm gonna spend my weekend getting smart!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


So Colourful!!!

Nope, those are not colours of a MANGO.
Or so I thought.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Trust ALEX to put a mango for SO long in a fridge til it changes colour!!


At least its pretty.. :)



I swear I saw him today!!!
At the Union Store, when I was lining up to pay for my Manila Folder!

He was the younger sorta less-macho-but-better-looking BRAD PITT!


He's got this diamonte stud in his left ear.. A look that only SOME can pull off.. And he was wearing the white Sydney Uni hooded sweater..


I always had a thing for guys in white USyd hooded sweater and board shorts..


What an eye candy!

I was almost swept off my feet!!!
..AND Literally!!

The winds are SUPER STRONG today man!
I looked like a little twig,
trying not to roll down the pavement when the wind blew.
When you see this figure swaying from left to right,
hunched and wobbling,
tugging hard at the jacket,
you'll know its me..



I've been to EVERY SINGLE LECTURE + TUTE this week!



*looks around*

*pricks ears up*


Eh, clap a bit lah!

Hehee.. Its quite an accomplishment!!
The FIRST WEEK I've achieved this amazing feat!
Sighz.. I'm such a good girl..
Oh, wait... there's more!!!

When I had breaks, I actually went to the library to study!!!

Yup, I can see y'all go O_o' while looking at the sky to see if pigs are flying!!
Nope, no pigs..
Well, I figured that to achieve a Distinction (or hopefully High Distinction) average, I have to start bucking up and going for classes!!!

Yes, ppl, I'm a NERD!!


Yay!! Go NERDS!!!

Oh, and to top off the NERD look..
I wore glasses this week!
When I waved and said hi to my friends,
They stare at me blankly,
Wondering who the hell this stranger is.

After 3 seconds..
their expressions change..
from blank,
to puzzled,
to jaw-dropping astonishment,
before exclaiming in their highest possible pitch,

I couldn't recognise you!!!!!'

That was basically what I was greeted with the whole time.


How about a friendly smile and 'Hi' next time, huh?



Oooo.. I found 2 more pix from Gen's housewarming..

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket


I had a strange/weird/bad dream AGAIN!! Featuring my cousin, a pub, Kenny Sia (again!! WHY??), swimming pool, a MILF in a bikini who looks uncannily like Natalie Portman, 2 kids in the swimming pool, a beach house in Sydney..
it all had a negative vibe.. Very, VERY NEGATIVE!


I want Jay..
I want a huggie huggie..


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Image hosting by Photobucket
Poser shit!

Image hosting by Photobucket
For Sunnies Ad..

Image hosting by Photobucket
Heehehheeehehee *laughs like maniac while rolling head around*

Image hosting by Photobucket

FEATURING... MATRIX-STYLE SUNNIES!! - without the side thingie
Image hosting by Photobucket
See!! MAGIC!!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Matrix sunniess is useless without cool Matrix pose..

Man, I'm bored...


I Underestimated MY Persuasian Skills!

Gav, remember to go ask your parents k??!!!

To Justin+Ming Wei, Ron+Sofia..

Please kindly spare 3 weeks of your LOOONG summer holiday in JULY to come to AUSTRALIA!! to spend time with CY, ES, Mellie, Tina, WK, YYKrys and the fabulous ME!!!!! :) I don't care, WK, you HAVE TO COME!!!!! *pout*

Anyway.. back to J+MW, R+S..

You guys HAVE to come.. coz it'll be so much fun!!!


I never asked for anything from you guys b4..

And I've been such a good friend..

RIGHT?!!?!? *stares thru slit eyes*

I'll do anything...

ANYTHING...!!!! (maybe)

just..COME TO AUS!!

Or at least, gimme a chance to pitch my idea!!!

Justin and Ming Wei

Reason for coming :

Ming Wei, you'd want to visit Smalls and all your other DJ-ians who're in Melbourne right??
What better way than to go with us in a group?
Its always better to travel in a pack than travel alone!!!! :D

Justin, you don't want to risk the chance of Ming Wei getting picked up by other guys right?
Plus, its gonna be a 2nd/3rd/.... I-lost-count-th holiday with Ming Wei..add to the record!
I'm sure you love her and wanna be with her for 3 weeks of your summer hols!!!

Ron and Sof

Reason for coming :

Sof, aren't Sydney+Melbourne such beautiful cities?? Great opportunity to snap LOTS of pics, and practise your photoshoping skills!! :)..
And, it'll be your first hol away from Msia with Ron!!
Plus, it'll be easy to come in a group, with us, coz then you can tell your parents..you're going with a GROUP OF FRIENDS..!!!

Ron, since MW, JUSTIN and esp SOF are coming..you dont wanna be left out right? haha..
plus, I need a food tasting expert to travel far and wide with me in search of delicious food!! :)
Sydney is apparently filled with GOOD FOOD!!!
you can verify that with Chee Yoong!!!

Hmm.. I hope I didn't tersalah cakap anything in the reasons above..

I think I better put a disclaimer..just in case..

Disclaimer : Reasons were entirely out of good humour and positive intentions. Any grief + conflict caused is deeply regretted but not my fault!


Oh, Smalls!! don't feel left out k??.. I know I don't have to persuade you..coz you're gonne be in Melb already!!! :D

See you guys in JULY!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

*this entry is a day late as blogspot won't publish my entries yesterday..stupid blogspot!


I will now work on my goal towards being an F1 driver..

Yes, yes, snicker all you want now, but..

The day will come when I'll be on the podium,
with 'Negaraku' playing in the background..
then I can say,

Yes, that day will come!!

So long I've dreamt of that glorious wonderful moment..

...after sitting for hours in the car till my arse hurts, and my body seriously dehydrated, the moment I know I came FIRST will transcend all things else.

Yes, that day will come!!!

DAMMIT!!.. Jay just told me its impossible.. he says I should've started MUCH much younger.. coz I'll have to go through A3, A2..etc..etc.. before FINALLY reaching F1!


There goes my dreams... Flying away from my hands.. Further and further out of reach..

NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo..... Come baaackkkk!!!



Alonso's really good..

Button has no luck.. he probably should've pushed his car past the finish line..hahaha..though he probably won't get any points anyway! POor Button..

Schumacher is slacking.. Why??? Is he getting old?? I want to see him on the podium again!!!


I hopped over from my non-existant-telly apartment to the next telly-furnished apartment(that's Alex+Chris'apartment)..
just to watch F1.

My dad hopped over from my cousin's unfully furnished house to my aunt's fully furnished house..
just to watch F1.


And we didn't plan it..

My mom called and when I told her where I was, what I was doing..
She laughed..
And told me my dad did the EXACT same thing!


Sunday, April 02, 2006


In the morning, I got up, on the phone with Jay, when he said to me..

'Haven't you read the news/watched CNN?'
'No, why?' *types the CNN web page on the comp*
'A plane crashed into the White House!'
'Yeah!! Like, about 160+ ppl died'
'Damn! HEY!! wait! There isn't any BREAKING NEWS on CNN.. there's an article about what the Pope's last request was.'
I was very puzzled.






'April Fool's!!!!'


*bangs head on table!*

How gullible can I be?!!?!

Man, I really shouldn't be that gullible anymore!

Well, found out I wasnt the only one.. I 'spread' the prank on to Chris who in turn told Alex, since they were in the same apartment.. and voila.. they were both frantic as well!


I then went on a mission to send out April Fool's messages to my beloved friends..

To Tina & Mel :

OMG!!!!!!! Jay just flew IN to Sydney!!!! And he proposed!!!! Oh my gosh!!! What the hell should I do now??!! What should I do??!!! He just went to the toilet..and that's why I'm typing this msg now!

To Krys :

Krys!!! are you alrite?!?! I just saw on the news that a bomb went off in the city!!

Tina was the first to reply. She called and..

she fell for it!

I played along, speaking in hushed worried tones..

But after a while.. I caved in..

When we managed to compose ourselves, I told her about the prank I played on Krys and how it fell thru coz Krys is just too smart to know its April Fools even when she's half awake!

So, then, Tina decided that maybe she should try pranking Krys..

And there we schemed..

Tina told Krys that she got pissed drunk last night and woke up this morning next to a total stranger.. obviously, a guy..

One thing led to another..and then.. I got an sms from Krys

'Btw, can u call n check on tina?she sez she's in sum sort of trouble. She thinks sum1 spiked her drink last nite. She woke up sumwhere else now. Call her. K?'

I'll let Krys and Tina tell the rest of the story..

But, lemme tell you this..

BEWARE!!! Krys is a damn good deceiver!!!

I can't lie on for nuts! Not even over the phone!! But Krys does it like a pro man..

She called Tina's hse up, pretended to be *ahem* ME when talking to Pei Fei, who consequently blew our prank..


Yes, I screwed Pei Fei up for not being able to differentiate MY voice from Krys' ..

Hahaa..but it was all in the name of FUN!!!

Talked to Krys and Tina over the phone today.. Laughed soooo much til my sides hurt!!

April Fool's certainly creates a bond that brings us all closer!!!

Yeah??? :)



Saturday, April 01, 2006

Anal Sex works better on GUYS

Was out with one of my gay friends the other day. I love my gay friends. They are absolutely wonderful, and most of the time, gorgeous! I mean, yea, sure, that SHOULD be a pain considering the loss of one good-looking guy in the heterosexual pool.. But, still..Every girl should have at least ONE gay friend!

Anyway, one thing led to another and we were talking about sex.

I'd ask him if he's the one who fucks or gets fucked. Pretty crude, I know..haha..

Then he told me..OK, listen to this..

If done RIGHT, the guy recipient of anal sex CUMS WITHOUT HAVING TO PENETRATE!

OK, I don't know if most of you guys knew that, but.. I didnt!

Apparently, pressure of the dick on the prostate gland causes a guy to ejaculate.

The prostate gland is positione near the urinary bladder.. just a rough idea where it might be..

Go try it!!!! :)


Go try it..
Go try it..
Go try it..

I KNOW you want to.. :)

Image hosting by Photobucket
Up your arses, guys!

See, GIRLS should give GUYS anal sex instead of the other way round.

Coz girls ain't got no PROSTATE GLANDS, yo!


Is it SO HARD?

Culture dictates that Westerners, in general, are more open about their affections than us ppl in the East.

Or so I thought.

I've grown up very open about my feelings. I have no problems saying 'I love you' to my friends or my boyfriend.

I grew up giving my parents nightly hugs and kisses, even til now, at the age of 18. And I'm not ashamed.

Hell, I'm proud of it!

So, imagine my surprise when I found out that a caucasian Australian friend of mine has only said the words 'I love you' 2 or 3 times in his/her life.

He/she is very open about PDA (public display of affection) and is one who's generally very open-minded.

So that came as a SHOCK to me.

I can't count the number of times I've said 'I love you'. I've said it one too many times. And I've meant it every single time I've said it.

I think that those words are important in a relationship past a certain point. Yea, sure, I don't expect a guy I've been dating for a couple of weeks to tell me that.

But, surely, after a couple of months?

Anyway, it just goes to show that one really cannot generalise.

Like how seeing an Asian guy yank the hair of a girl walking in front of him does NOT mean that ALL Asian guys don't like their girlfriends walking in front of them. ;)

In fact, to show you how polite some of my guy friends are, please read this . Yes, yes, you Cempakan guys can gloat again. :)



I just saw a 'contoh' (examplary) photo of the Kuala Lumpur 98-XVI Commonwealth Games RM50 Commemorative Polymer Banknote the other day, and something clicked. It looked VERY MUCH like something familiar!

The Kuala Lumpur 98-XVI Commonwealth Games
RM50 Commemorative Polymer Banknote

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

What it looks like
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

..the AUD 50 note!

Dontcha think?

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